Monday, May 17, 2010

Rock Solid is Back on Track

RockSolidFund is back and beautiful today! Checked my account and only noticed one problem with a missing referral. I wrote to Tony and am sure he'll fix it as soon as he can. Noticed I have funds in my account also but I'm not withdrawing today. Poor guy will be busy enough as it is.


Just had my lawn power raked, raked, aerated and fertilized. Took 2 guys only 45 mins to do it, so I hope my grass will look a little greener this year. This hard clay soil really sucks, you know?


It's late now and I need to kick back.
Check this out, it's really beautiful.

Thanks for sending it to me Robert :)
Definitely worth sharing.



Myrna said...

Colors - yes that is a beautiful site to watch and listen to. Thank you for sharing it.

blondie said...

Thanks Myrna, glad you enjoyed it too :)