Thursday, May 6, 2010

NextGenMarket / Profits Update

Here's the Update for NextGenMarket and NextGenProfits, and my comments below.

From start I would like to congratulate you for being with NextGen Market in the latest 103 days. It's a long and profitable period for our members and I am proud to manage NextGen LTD.

I was contacted by several members who have big amounts invested in NextGen Market, who asked me to transfer their active deposits in our Investment Program : . Based on these many request, I decided to keep NextGen Market mainly focused on marketing services, leaving the investments only for NextGen Profits.
Since NextGen Market will operate in Marketing Niche, the Investor plan will be suspended (since all investors will focus on NextGen Profits) , and the compounding option will be as well removed ( In NextGen Profits you can auto compound your earnings by setting a percent daily ).

All cashouts requested will be transfered as new investments in NextGen Profits, and if you were a member on NextGen Market at the time when NextGen Profits opened public, you are already a member there and you can login using your NextGen Market username & password. If you joined NextGen Market lately, you will have to create a new account by signing up here : .

I am sure that all members noticed already my good intentions from the way I managed NextGen Market in the latest 103 days. There are many members who made some good profits with us, and I hope they will continue to show their support for NextGen Profits.

If you have questions, don't hesitate to create a support ticket as I will be here to assist you.

NextGen LTD

OK back to me.
Witold has done a wonderful job keeping NGMarket very profitable for it's members. He's always been upfront and honest with us and that's hard to find these days.

I have no problem with my cash outs from NGM going over to NGProfits as a new investment. I mean seriously, for over 90 days we earned 6% daily at NGM and got paid on every single request. We all knew this couldn't go on forever, right? Hell I'm surprised it lasted as long as it did, lol

What was NOT clear to me is the future of NextGenMarket. He did say it will be "mainly focused on marketing services". So what does that mean exactly?

I'll bet you dollars to donuts he's getting slammed with questions now, so maybe he'll jot them down along with the answers and send us another update? Would be nice huh?

So as I learn more I'll share with you here.
In the meantime I'm off to surf, do a cash out request, then will look for it to be added to my NextGenProfits account. (that IS how it's going to work, right?)


- Just received a small payment from NextGenProfits that I requested yesterday.

- Also just made my 6th Upgrade at Hydro-Funds. Looks like I got 2 more days for my first one to expire. That 18 day term has gone faster than I thought it would. YaY!!



naphtali said...

Hi Judy, first of all Happy Mother's day to you this weekend! Hope your grandpuppies get you something real nice.
It pleases me that Witold is keeping this going. Kudos to him.
2 questions though:
did you get any commission when he moved my withdrawal request to nextgenprofits? because that was my first w/d from NGM and I was going to put it in nextgenprofits.
How do you compound earnings in Nextgenprofits? thanks

blondie said...

Hi Greg,
Thanks for the Mothers Day wishes :)

No, no RC received from that. Which kinda makes sense since it was NOT a new spend, but a payout that was transferred.

To Compound your earnings, on the right side of the member page, click on "Your Deposits".
You'll see them listed there along with a column that says 'Compounding Percent'.
Click on (change), that's where you can enter from 0 to 100.

Good to hear from you.
Don't be a stranger :)