Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sun Day again :)

I just finished updating my Alert List.
Had 5 new folks to add since last time I checked, which is a good thing :)

Do you realize that tomorrow will be exactly 4 months since I sent out an Alert?
OK, so what does that mean?
It means I'm getting picky in my old age and only send an Alert when it's noteworthy, lol

Also note the Alert sent on 1/24 was for NextGenMarket. And you know what? That program lasted almost 100 days and paid us 6% daily the entire time. Pretty darn good I'd say.

Keep in mind that I did speak to the Admin for NGM on occasion, but was not as involved as I would like to have been.

So why am I telling you all this?

Well because I am going to be doing a new Alert tomorrow or the next day for Team Ca$h Cow.

Why do I want to do that?

Well because I AM involved with the Team, Pete (the admin) and all the members. We have a Team chat set-up on Skype and it really feels like I'm in the beginning of something that will help to pay my bills in months to come. Isn't that what we're all here for? To make a little extra money (or needed money) on the net?

So what's the purpose of an ALERT?

I don't think everyone who joined my Alert list reads my blog daily or even weekly. So I set up the Alert to keep them informed when I see something that I truly believe will work for myself and others.

So those of you who DO read my blog, let's just say I'm giving you a heads-up here before sending an actual Alert out to everyone.

Since joining Team Ca$h Cow (and Traffic Rascal) a week ago today, I've already got my 3 needed referrals, and a couple more that have helped others in the Team. You only need 3 referrals in Traffic Rascal to make it work. And of course they need 3 and they need 3 etc, so that is what the Team Build is here to help with.

If you've got $15 in your Alert Pay account, you may want to check out Team Ca$h Cow and decide if it's right for you. We have made some changes to it recently so I think you'll find it more "user friendly" than it was before.

As always, gimme a holler if you have questions.
Else look for an ALERT from me in the next day or so.
And if you're NOT on my ALERT list yet ... why not? The link to join is right under my picture up there. OK?

Have a great night :)

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