Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Something wonderful is coming.


If you missed the 20% bonus, you can still get 10%

Rock Solid Funds

10% Matching Bonus for the next 100
All the 20% Bonuses have been snapped up,due to it's success we have decided to offer the next 100 to invest in any plan a 10% in the 4% for 30 days plan.
May-11-2010 01:36:59 AM

Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money and Alert Pay accepted.
I'll be requesting my first cash out later today :)


OK I have to get to the grocery store before it snows.
You heard me. Check the weather cam later, you'll see.
Bye for now :)



Profit Hub said...

Ok Blondie. You now have me intrigued as to what the "wonderful" thing is, LOL.

blondie said...

Well you'll just have to check back to find out.
Glad you noticed the note ;)