Thursday, May 13, 2010


Regarding the log in problems at RockSolidFund, seems it was the programmer causing all the headaches. Tony is on top of it and will get it fixed soon. Here's his last note in case you did NOT receive it in email.
Man, if you can't trust your programmer, who can you trust? Ouch!

I have at last identified the culprit who is trying to mess things up, it was our programmer and I can tell you he stole a lot of money, if you can't log in to your account it is likely been deleted by him so I want you to send me a mail to and I will give the steps need to get it back. All LR payments yesterday were redirected to one of his many LR accounts so I want to ask you what account number you paid to, the fraudulent address is U3094735, I will honour them all up till the time I sent out a mailing and posted on the site but after that I will not be able to, This part of the script we will have to re do as he also changed the passwords. UNTIL I TELL YOU PLEASE DO NOT UPGRADE WITH lr OR pm, Alertpay payments will continue because they are more secure and he does not want his details disclosing.
I promise you that no one will lose out and I will continue with payments as usual, please understand that this has been beyond my control and has nothing to do with the team just the programmer. We will now have to pay another more reputable programmer to fix things which will take some time yet.
Thank you all for being patient and as always I will not let you down.

OK one more Update from Tony HERE.
(rather than making this post longer).

But DO keep reading that thread if you have time.
Oh and stay away from "fasthourly" if you got their spam today like I did. Bad news, ok?


Speaking of Ouch and being forgetful lately ... just realized I forgot to wish my friend Paul a Happy Birthday (which was on May 4th) Dang! Talk about belated :(


Hope you had a wonderful day swimming with the dolphins (or maybe it's still too cold in them Hawaiian waters?)
Sorry it took me so long to remember.
Happy Happy and Many More !!!
(ps, this year Paul is the same age as the last 2 digits of his year of birth. hehe)


Kev who runs Hydro-Funds will be making some changes with regards to cash outs, and I don't blame him. Some people are being just plain stupid when requesting cash outs and as this grows, he needs to put a stop to it. Read what he wrote HERE in case you did not receive his email. (I didn't receive it either).


Hey Kids ... Know what time it is? It's banner removal time!

My11K ... got 3 spillover referrals and need 9 more to cycle. What are the chances of that happening? Hey, just cause I lost 22 bucks doesn't mean you should.

NextGenMarket ... don't see it coming back, sorry :(

NextGenProfits ... well they probably go hand in hand. If I'm wrong, I'll be the first one to admit it, OK?
Witold did a wonderful job running these, but am pretty sure what's done is done. Hope to get an email from him soon about what's really been happening.


Oh and remember ...

Something wonderful is coming :)


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