Friday, May 28, 2010

TGIF and a Holiday Weekend

Holiday Weekend here in the USA.
Lots of folks will be going on their first camping trip for the season. I hear they're still moving snow off the mountain roads so that they can open those higher roads for travel. I miss the snow already .. supposed to be in the 90's F today. (sweat)


Just got an email from Valerie Underhill of

"PyraBang is now offline...gone, poofers.
According to LiquidWeb hosting:
'We haven't been paid on that account for 4 months'
The reality is, he did not even pay for his hosting the last several months before he went to jail.
If you are still on the monthly subscription, you need to either go into paypal and cancel it or call your credit card company and cancel it. You have proof the site no longer exists."


Here's a really good forum post from Pete of Team Ca$h Cow:

"You know what I like about building Traffic Rascal - NO MONTHLIES!

Simply pay a combined $15 ONE-TIME ($5+$10) and that's it. Kind of takes some of the pressure off not having to worry or keep track of when that next payment is coming out of your online PP.

Everyone is on the same page and working together to get people to our own website where they can learn more about how it works.

And everyone has their own methods of promoting. So we get the best of all worlds as some like to surf, some like the text ad exchanges and others are into the social networking. A good mix to have.

I just started a new ad campaign today over and above my usual promoting, which should bring some positive results. peace.gif

Even if you are brand new to online marketing, there is a place for you on our team... smile.gif "

Back to me: On a personal note about the Team ... one of my 3 downline got his 3 DL and paid his Level 2 upgrade (using his profit in Traffic Rascal) which goes directly to his upline (me) giving me another $10. And remember folks, we're just getting started here. Lots of room to build and party! Whoo Hooo!


RockSolidFund minimum withdraw for the next 7 days will be 5$ while Tony is on vacation. And I don't blame him one bit. Who wants to spend all that time doing payouts for .05 cent requests? Ridiculous.


My day never seems complete without a little song.

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