Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuesday Already? and Will Today be the Day?

Had a good day yesterday :)

Sent out an ALERT for Team Ca$h Cow which I think brought in a few new members. Thanks to all who joined because of that Alert.

Remember we're just getting started and this is our Own team build. No big dog promoters skimming everything off the top, LOL

We have our own Team Chat Room in Skype where we can bounce ideas off of each other daily. Our members area shows exactly where everyone is placed in the "Team List".
And the cost to join is only $15 total one time via Alert Pay. So you don't need to get a 2nd mortgage on the house or anything like that.

Being in the Team Build (for Traffic Rascal via the Cow), you don't have to promote to earn ... but it sure will help if you can!
I noticed Pete added a "Your First Day" link to our members area. It gives you instructions and 4 links to Traffic Exchanges to get you started. Pretty easy for when you have a few minutes to spare :)

As for me... I have this blog, my alert list, I've started threads in forums and am trying to keep them active. Plus letting it roll through a couple of surf sites.
I did send out a Solo Ad through a traffic exchanger but unfortunately didn't get any hits from it. But that's ok, I have some other plans that may work out for us.

Now I personally am in Level 2 and have my 3 needed referrals, which means I am already In Profit. But levels 1, 2, 3 etc are just the beginning. If we as a Team continue to bring in new members, we'll all profit from it. So Yes I AM still promoting, and any new members that I can grab will be placed under another Team Member who still needs their 3. You see the Big Picture here?

PS, in Traffic Rascal ... will today be the day? Good Luck!!

Current member count: 98

Every 100th member (excluding 500th increments)
$75 to the referrer/$25 to the joining member

Every 500th member
$400 to the referrer/$100 to the joining member

Bonuses will not be handed out or awarded until 48 hours after the member count reaches the mark. This will allow time for admin to remove any unpaid members from the mix. The count will only include full paid in members.


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