Wednesday, May 26, 2010

No More Bunny Bumping

The Bunny Bump Game has been closed.

Well I could write a speech about it, but I'm not going to. Let's just say I lost money in it like a lot of others did, and am sorry if you're one of them. (Although he did mention returning funds so ... )
Here's Trevor's note:

I am writing you to inform you that because we have not had any spots purchased in well over a month now I have no other choice but to close BBG down. I will work on returning funds in the future as funds come in from other ventures I am in. The main source of those funds will be from company spots in The Prosperity Game.

My main focus now is to work on The Prosperity Game and get us all where we need to be.

Thank you for understanding,

PS, if you set up a subscription through Alert Pay for the Monthly Membership Fee, be sure to Cancel it. Trevor might from his end but ... better safe than sorry.


On the flip side, am enjoying Team Ca$h Cow a Lot. We got 2 new members either last night or this morning and the Bonus Bucks from "Traffic Rascal" are so close you can taste it, LOL. Hope one of our team members win .. that would be cool. I'll let you know when I know :)


RockSolidFund ... got a small payment yesterday from Tony.

GrandBankClub ... got a small payment from Gord last Saturday. The program is closed but wanted to thank him in public.

XanaduRiches ... not sure if they're ever coming back to life. The site is there and I surf every day but Clay's one week restructure has already taken over two weeks and still nothing :(

DebtFreeLifeStyle: gifting program ... well I originally thought it might work, but seems to have petered out also, at least from where I'm sitting. Too hard to keep track of, Admins support replies take days, they don't update our member area even after we send proof of payments, blah blah blah. I'm not very happy about it, can ya tell?


I'm pooped. Mowed the back lawn today, watered it, watered the front, planted some seeds, did the laundry, washed the dishes, and now I need to start dinner. Maybe that's why I'm so crabby today. Oh well, tomorrow's another day right?

Later (wave)


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