Friday, May 7, 2010

Off Day

I'm having an "off" day. Or was that yesterday?
Or maybe the day before? Shoot I don't know.
Everyday seems like an off day to me.
And I don't mean a "day off" .. I mean an off day.
Well maybe just cause I'm off, haha!


Hydro-Funds ... already 18 days old, which means first spends are expiring. Kev send an email to members offering a 3% bonus to those who buy a new upgrade (to replace the expired one) for the same amount or more than your first upgrade. Well I don't wanna biff the explanation so it's posted here.

Oh and I got paid from Hydro today also. Thanks Kev!


I have 3 downline now in My11K but I think they're spillover from my Sponsor. So I thank him for that and hope this thing keeps going. I feel like it's a little unorganized right now. I hope I'm wrong.


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