Friday, May 21, 2010

In A Nut Shell

I need to NOT be here today.
Spent 47 bucks on flowering plants yesterday then didn't even have the ambition to plant them when I got home. So I guess I really should do that today, along with some seeds and a tomato plant in the garden (after I clean out the weeds that is). Maybe once my front yard is colorful, I'll feel better.

Nothing exciting to write about anyway.

- You know Hydro-Funds is gone and Kevan paid out everything he had left to members 'not in profit'.
- Xanadu Riches is asking for patience while they restructure.
- The NextGen's are silent and not paying.
- My11K is stuck and I doubt I'll ever see any money from it.
- Bunny Bump Game is slow (to say the least).
- Prosperity Game .. just takes time.

The only things that are putting money in my pocket right now are RockSolidFund and TeamCashCow.

- Rock Solid is back on track and is kicking out payments fast to members.
- Team Cash Cow's "Traffic Rascal" is brand new this week so we just need to get out there and get the Team going. It's kind of the same concept as the cash gifting program, but much more organized and helpful. I've set up a solo ad for it that should get some hits... or even better, new members. Hope it works :)

So that's all for now.
Feeling kinda blah today but like I said, maybe once I do something productive, I'll feel better.
Have a Happy Friday!


Randy V said...

Good oldie Judy. Remember it well. I have Friday on my mind too!

Have a good weekend! Hope you got everything planted.

blondie said...

So were ya head boppin Randy? :D

The front yard is done, and I got a few left for the back. Glad about that cause I did NOT need to spend any more money.

Later :)