Saturday, May 22, 2010

Team Ca$h Cow

Just a quick update today since I'm going to be out this afternoon.

Received my 3rd referral in Team Ca$h Cow last night which completes my Level 1 in Traffic Rascal. I am officially In Profit now and have upgraded to Level 2. Any additional folks signing up from my link will be given to another Team member when joining Rascal (the fun of a team build :)

We have started threads in 2 forums for TeamCashCow. If you visit MMG or MLMDivas, you can check it out while you're there. We also have a Skype Chat Group for team members to get questions answered and keep in touch.

OK, that's all for now.
My brain is on other things.
Later (wave)


Gord said...

Hi Judy,

Congratualtions on your "milking" the got into profit quick there. I had a good laugh at the pic on your May 19th article entitled Moooooo. Have a nice weekend


blondie said...

Hi Gord,
I see you need one more in the Cow and you'll be in profit too :)
Glad you enjoyed Maxine.
She's such a crack up :D