Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cash Cows, Babies, Hydro-Funds Announcement and Maxine

Team Ca$h Cows team build for Traffic Rascal is officially OPEN. I just started a new thread for it in MMG if you'd like to read all about it there. Plus we know it's Pete who's in control of this. Not some unknown Admin that can't keep anything straight, lol. I think this will work ... I really do :)

PS *** LifeProsperityClub link is down! All the more reason to join the above. Pete ain't goin nowhere.


Got word last night that my good friend Randy is a Grandpa again! Congrats Randy!

Landen decided not to wait until tomorrow. He arrived today at 2:14, weighing 7 lbs, 6 oz with a head full of hair. He is very healthy and such a blessing. I'm really proud of my kids and its great to see my baby now being a father.
You will know how this feels soon. Its a great, great feeling.
Talk to you soon.


Got paid today in about two blinks from RockSolidFund. YaY!


Still waiting for News about the restructure plan at XanaduRiches. Geez, I hope they weren't just biding time to get the hell otta Dodge! No no, bite my tongue. Am waiting patiently ... and wondering.


Hydro-Funds: Here is a very sad and honest update from the Admin Kevan. Well what can I say? I was not the cause of this and played the game with no greed and am currently not in profit.
I personally want to thank Kev (Alzander) for a doing a wonderful job here for the past 30 days. Wish things would have worked out better though. Yeah .. I'm sad.


OK so what do you do with a cat that won't go home?
Remind me tomorrow to share a story and some pics, OK?
I'm tired. You?



HermitJim said...

Cats that force themselves on you are hard to deal with! Best thing to do is give them a name, tell them the house rules...then volunteer to keep the pups for a weekend for the kids!

Maybe the sight of those two big ol' fur balls will hasten the departure!

blondie said...

Good ideas Jim ;)
The biggest problem is ... he's really lovable and knows how to cuddle. Just wish the neighbors would feed him. He's always starving.
Thanks for the chuckle,