Friday, April 30, 2010

The Prosperity Game and more ...

Just read a really good update from The Prosperity Game that I'd like to share with you. Here's an excerpt from a general update to the Team:

"Well yesterdays 4 hour meeting with William went very well.
Mostly we reviewed the boards for all of us and went over the strategy that we are using in placing members. We are at the top in the US.
What is happening now is that our group is passing other groups which gives us the advantage of utilizing the other groups new members on our board.

Kimberly: So for example when I only needed two peeps to cash out sdbiz, that is because international members were on her board and helped us push her through. So, we are on the right track, once we
move Shirley and Irene we should really see movement.

The second part of our meeting was about the $40.00 auto supply. I was very surprised to see members move off the $40.00 onto the $75.00 without us doing any work. William has mixed us into the international team. So those members are pushing us through. I am waiting to hear from Ania to see when we can have access to the server, she is suppose to contact me. That will be great because I will be able to take snapshots of all the boards for us and send them to you at your request.

In conclusion, we are right where we need to be in order to push to the higher boards. We will continue to advertise our group and our blog for this very strong team and opportunity. The higher boards are international and have much higher payouts. We have a lot to look forward to in the coming months!"

Thanks to Susan and Kimberly for putting the above details together for us :)

Well I'm sure looking forward to my money making more money!
And without really lifting a finger. (big smile)


OK so what else is good today?

- Got paid from Hydro-Funds and bought myself a new position there also! Kev's doing a wonderful job and he's sure fun in the MMG forum thread. You should visit sometime and check it out. (PS, he didn't want me to call him "Al", even though I found that cool Paul Simon song for him) LOL

- Have all 6 of my "givers" now in LifeProsperityClub. Gord (my first referral) wrote to me today to let me know that I'm helping to fill his matrix with my readers. How cool is that? Hey, we're one big team here as far as I'm concerned. Anyone who joins from my link will be placed under someone below me, in our group. Thumbs Up!

- One of my positions expired in NextGenMarket soooooo I bought a replacement for it. Noticed a little whining in the forum today from folks waiting on payments. Well you know, the guy is running two sites now so if it takes him 24-48 hours or more to send our payment, no big deal. That's just my feeling of course.

- Ahhhh the weekend is upon us, which means no daily profits at NextGenProfits again until Monday. That's OK. It'll give me 2 days to decide about compounding vs. cash out for the upcoming week.


Almost forgot .. someone invited me to LOL I don't think so. I vaguely remember Roger Miller's past programs. I'll definitely pass on this one too.


XanaduRiches is having some kind of 6$ give-away for Active members tomorrow. Well, I'll still be active tomorrow until I cash out that is. But I've gotta wonder, what's behind this sudden act of kindness? Yeah, I'll think about it and am sure you will too.
**Nevermind. Just got an email that said they changed the 'rules' around it after telling us what it would be. Not very impressed with that.


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Funeral for a Friend

more at the bottom.


- Still having fun with the Gifting Program and trying to sort things out. Link on the right for Life Prosperity Club if you're interested. I've gotten 5 of my 6 needed payments (downline) so far. Once I receive the 6th, then it's on to Round 2. Ding ding ding.

- Hydro-Funds is doing great. Will be requesting another withdraw later today.

- The two NextGen's (market and profits) are running perfect, as normal :)
I heard NextGenMarket has reached 2,000 members. Kudos!

- Got paid yesterday from XanaduRiches, but I'm not banking on this one. You know why.

- Pete's working hard for us to bring Team Cash Cow up to where she should be. And once she starts producing milk, well you know. Milk does the body good ;)


It makes me sad to tell you this, but I need to.
When I got up this morning, saw a little skunk in the middle of my yard. The sun was up and he was just laying there. I knew right away it was the little guy I've seen during the past week barely walking (more like crawling) to find food and water. He was either hurt, sick or maybe just old... I don't really know. But as I watched the Animal Control lady wrap him up and take him away, of course I had a lump in my throat.
RIP to one of my Little Friends.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Guns N' Roses - You'll Figure It Out

There is still a lot of confusion surrounding the Life Prosperity Club gifting program. There is a conference call for it tonight, so hopefully there will be answers to our questions. Stay tuned.
Here ya go if you'd like to listen in:
Monday, April 26, 2010 @ 8:00 PM EST, 7:00 PM CST
(218) 486-1600, Pin 668705#
And please *6 after you introduce yourself (to mute your line) .. or just try to refrain from flushing the toilet during the call, LOL



- NextGenMarket continues its winning streak of 6% daily returns for 93 days now!! Not sure how many times I can say wow, but ... WOW! lol

- NextGenProfits: Received a note from Witold (the Admin) telling me that the sponsor info has been added to the registration page. For example:
Your Upline: Judy Morrison (blondie)
Very cool ;) Maybe now I won't lose anyone who wanted to join under me. Thanks Wit!

- Team Cash Cow: As hard as we're trying, I don't see a lot of action here yet. Makes me wonder how folks can drop $1K or more into a program where no one even knows who the Admin really is.
And here we have Pete; hard working, easy to contact, always helpful, trying to build this Team for us, yet people shy away. Why is that anyway? Maybe folks just like the thrill of gambling (and losing) more than a safer bet. Well, I'm rooting for The Cow! Hope to see things pick up here soon.


Maybe a Gun:

- Xanadu Riches: there is something about this one that's making me nervous. Is it because the site is not always available for us? Is it because the "daily" payouts are not open on weekends? Is it because of all the monitors on board? Or maybe it's just because of the very high referral commissions they're handing out. Now I love RC as much as the next guy .. but those percentages are just too much. If the big promoters (aka referral hounds) are earning that and NOT putting it back in, you know what will happen right?
Maybe just a gut feeling but I'm being very cautious, starting right now.

- Still haven't seen hide nor hair of HYIFunds either.


Back to Roses:

Is this a cool banner or what?

Patrick (an MMG forum member) created that banner for his own 'signature' there. Pretty nice huh?

- Hydro-Funds continues to get great support from members and the Admin Kevan is always around willing to help when needed. I got my first cashout from there early yesterday. If I had more money to "play with" right now .. this would definitely be at the top of my list.


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sun on a Sun day

Yes, the rain and snow is gone and we're back to sunshine :)
I'll be out this afternoon (if anyone tries to reach me, but can't).
Look for me again tomorrow, OK?


Was just helping a couple of folks get set-up in the gifting program I wrote about yesterday. If something is unclear, give me a holler and we can chat about it sometime tomorrow.


Was paid my first payout request from Hydro-Funds while I slept. Always fun to wake up to money :)


Made 2 withdrawal requests from XanaduRiches today also. I'll let you know when those come through.
**Paid about 2 hours after request :)


And I am pretty sure HYIFunds is toast. No payments have been made since they ran their cycler on the 21st. What a dumb way to go out. Oh well, it lasted longer than most, so farewell. Banner removed. RIP. blah blah blah


Saturday, April 24, 2010

I Waited Too Long

I waited too long to write here today, and now I can't seem to put a sentence together that makes any sense, lol

The Gifting Program I tried to tell you about is finally starting to take shape now. I do have my own site where I can login and check my records of upline and downline, and promote my own link. Now I already have the necessary 2 referrals so anyone else coming in through my link should be sent to a downline member of our team.

I'm running out of time fast today so let me show you the program and we can chat about it later. There's also a team chat in skype for this one. Once you're in, I'll definitely invite you to the group.

To make a long story short, the name of this program is
Life Prosperity Club or DebtFreeLifeStyle (same thing).

It is a gifting program and for a one-time 3$ admin fee, you will get your own replicated site. Then all you do is pay your two upline members (6$ each) and promote a little to get your two downline.
Alert Pay is our preferred pay processor. Don't worry about the PayPal link on the site.

In any case, instead of me trying to explain it all to you, go ahead and read the site. It's pretty straight forward and hopefully makes sense to you.
Oh and you don't need to worry about that Monthly Auto-ship link. They will be removing that shortly.


Friday, April 23, 2010

TGIF and ...............

HYIFunds: hope you guys have been cashing out all along.
They ran a cycler 2 days ago, and since then hardly anyone's been paid. I myself have 3 pendings now. So I won't say it's over yet, but this is not normal for them. Don't put any money in right now.


Out With The Old and In With The New ...

Do you remember me showing you Hydro-Funds a few days ago?
Ummm maybe not. I joined it late in the day and perhaps you had already been here and gone. In any case, it sure is getting a LOT of support from the MMG members who have know Kevan (Alzander) for a long time & some of them are already maxed out! That says a lot, ya know?

To refresh your memory:

- 7% daily for 18 days (no surfing)
- Daily payments
- 5% referral bonus (active members only)
- Min spend 3$ / max 500$
- Pay processors: STP, SP and LR

I just had the opportunity to "chat" with Kevan also. What a nice guy! From what he said, and from what I read on the site, he's sure got the right ideas here to keep this one going. I would run it the same way if it were mine, lol

I am # 117 in the program if you decide to join. If some other number shows, please clear your browsers cookies then try it again. Much appreciated :))


It's raining raining raining here. Rained all day yesterday, will rain all day today, will turn to SNOW tonight, and will rain again tomorrow. Looks like the next time I'll see the Sunshine will be Sunday. Fine with me. The grass is growing now and could really use the good soaking. Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain.


Speaking of clearing browser cookies ... I just checked NextGenProfits and noticed the referrer's name is still not available when you Register. Witold said he'd get that added, and I'm sure he will. But I still can't figure out how one of my friends got misdirected when he joined.. since my page was the only one he viewed. Sounds fishy, doesn't it? Not the Admin's fault at all, he likes me ;) I'm thinking deeper than that.


OK back to Hydro-Funds: Kevan aka Alzander, hard to remember.

How about we just call him Al ?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Top to Bottom

Guess it's time for updates so I'll do em top to bottom so it doesn't look like I'm playing favorites :)

--- Hydro-Funds .. open for 2 days now and stats are lookin good. New members are coming in as soon as they hear about it. Always better that way rather than all at once, you know? And the Admin is very active in MMG so if you have questions, you can always check there for answers. I just need to remember that the 'daily earnings' will post the same time each day that I made my spend.
Oh and there's a paid-to-click area there too. You can earn an extra .01 for each AD you click on or you can place a banner for as little as $1. Yep, this one feels good :)

--- No problems getting into XanaduRiches today. Just surfed and made a withdrawal request. Got paid from them yesterday also. And this one is now 3 days running.

--- HEY where did my Cash Cow go?
I better go out and try to find her before she gets into trouble! lol

Pete has left a new comment on your post:
"Guess I left the gate open, but I found your cow and brought it back to you. Seems something screwy with my script settings caused the banners to shut off....very weird. Sorry :-) "

OK my Cow is home, safe and sound and pretty as ever!
Looks like she's gained a few pounds since I last saw her though. So for you MMG fans out there, don't forget that we've started a thread for this in the MMG Forum. Pete will drop by to answer questions, as well as myself and probably Gord too. Let's work at getting those chubby cow legs moving again in the right direction.

--- The Prosperity Game .. well it's a slow one due to the fact that it's a board game. So once you "buy your ticket", it takes awhile to see any results. Once it gets going though, should be lots of fun.

--- I know I said I wasn't gonna play favorites, but I am.

NextGenProfits that launched earlier this month is going great and am seeing my 2% added daily. Been compounding profits so no payouts to report. But I see that everyone IS getting paid!

NextGenMarket continues it's 6% daily return for 89 or 90 days straight now! That's just unheard of in this business! So whatever Witold is doing, he's doing it right and deserves a Medal :)

--- HYIFunds launched a cycler yesterday (that I never received the email about, so didn't play). Probably a good thing. Looks like it was one of those "quickies" which I'm prone to lose at. In the meantime they've gotten a little later than usual on their HYIF payouts. That's OK. I'll just wait it out and not question it. I'm sure they had their hands full with this cycler. (yawn)

--- GrandBankClub ... might ask Gord about removing the banner. Poor guy is just working on payouts right now. Good thing business is picking up for him so that he can keep his word to us.

--- Just removed the Chocolate Recipe banner. Since I joined (forever ago), I spent 5 bucks and made 5 bucks. Not worth the space it's taking up in my blog. OK bye bye baby.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Took the Day Off :)

Uncommon for me, but I had some errands to run then noticed how awful my flower bed looked. So I figured it was time to tackle that before the next rain.

Just a note on XanaduRiches .. if the .com site doesn't load for you, try .net at the end. Worked like a charm for me. (Thanks Pete for cluing me in :)

Everything's doing good here and I'll share details with you tomorrow.

Night (wave)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Where Did It Go?!?

Just went to check XanaduRiches and it's a parked site?!?
Holy crap! Where did it go?
Well either the Admin is having a problem with it or it was a fast cash grab from the get go. I'll try again later and see if it comes back. Can I cuss now or should I wait a while?

OK it seems to be a problem on my end / their end / somebodies end, LOL. Just read that it could be blocking certain IPs and someone was able to get in using a proxy. Well I'll try it again and see what happens.

** Several hours later (after getting frustrated and having my friend surf for me) ... it's back!!! Was able to load the site, log in, check my stuff .. the whole 9 yards! And I just got PAID from yesterdays request too. Yippee!


I'm slow today. Been here since early but my laptop keeps locking up. So I'm going to leave my skype off while I do my regular surfing and stuff. Look for me there a little later.


Our Gifting Program should go Live later this afternoon or this evening. They're trying to complete their list of members and will supply us with our own ID's for promoting and sponsoring. I don't have my own ID yet either so don't feel left out. We will hopefully be receiving a Welcome email from the company soon.
If not, we can write to them with our information and they'll get us listed.


@Seaguy: thought I've seen you in MMG Forum. No? Then maybe I'm confused. (sorry, I don't post comments with all those program names in there)


Forgot why I came back here, LOL

- Oh yeah, got paid today from HYIFunds ... again!

- Nice surfing at NextGenMarket which is still paying 6% daily!

- Good member growth over at NextGenProfits too. I'm still compounding so no payouts for awhile.


Alrighty then ... Hydro-Funds. New banner on the right :)
Guess it's that time of year for things to pick up again, TG!
Happened to be catching up on my blog reading and noticed this one. Run by a guy named Kevan who is better know to me as "Alzander" in the MMG forum. He's always been real helpful and polite to me, and has been a member (in mmg) for a really long time. So I do trust that he'll give us "his all" for the new program.

It is a HYIP
7% x 18 days - Min spend 3$
Only 1 plan to choose from, no decisions other than how much to invest
Your 7% earning will appear each 24 hours after purchase
You can cash out when you have 1$ min
You can cash out 3 times per day total
Pay processors are STP, LR and SP
5% referral comm's for those who like to share
Currently a $500 limit max upgrade per account

OK if I missed anything important, you can probably find it in the FAQs.
Happy Non-Surfing :))


Monday, April 19, 2010

"Things To Do Today" List

I seem to have a really long list of Things to do Today.
So I'm going to tackle them one by one and share as I check them off, OK?


Just set up a new thread in MMG for Team Cash Cow.
Pete and I discussed it before and he's decided it's time. I told him I'll keep my paddle handy for those who get out of line, LOL, but I'm sure it won't be necessary. Check it out if you like.


Need to go do my own stuff right now.
Been in emails and chat rooms all morning.

- Forgot to mention I was paid from NextGenMarket yesterday!
Sure has been like Old Faithful all this time.

- Off to check my stats in NextGenProfits also. They're both looking good from where I sit, and Witold is doing a superb job with these.


Received a few emails about the Gifting Program I've been telling you about. I'm pretty sure it's a GO so I've sent out more info to those who asked to be in. And I'm also helping my referrals get referrals via our Team Build. Cool?

Just got word to stop promoting again :(
Seems the entire team needs to fill some gaps before any more are placed. Kinda reminds of Jimmy Durante ... should I stay or should I go? over and over and over!!!!!
So I'm not saying another word until this is all settled.
Hopefully things will be happier in the next day or two. sheesh!


To hold me over during my waiting period ... decided to spend some money elsewhere, lol

Just joined Xanadu Riches (new banner over on the right).
My sponsor did a great job writing this one up, and it's late, and I'm tired, and my back hurts, so will borrow from him. (thanks Gord, you ole Canuck you :)

"A new hybrid program - Advertising / Investment program!

Choose between a SURF or NON SURFING plans!

Plan A: 18.33% daily x 6 days -
110% total (surf 6 per day, cash out on exp).

Plan B: 9.76% daily x 13 days -
127% total (surf 6 per day, cash out daily)

Plan C: 3% daily
(until you cash out - no surfing - max 360 days)

Ref Comm: 13%, 2 Levels (11% & 2%)

Accepting: AP, STP, LR, SP, PM

Seems the Admin is know to some and a Canuck like me..
Clay Jason.

So.this is the first day, the optimum time to invest and
like Jackie Gleason used to say.."and...away we go!""

And I'm off and running to Xanadu :)))


Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Gifting Program

If all goes as planned, this should be a lot better than I first expected.

In the upcoming gifting program, I have one referral so far directly under me. I need one more personal, then will start placing referrals under them OR our Team will. Either way, you should do well with this.

It is a one time $15 out of pocket cost via Alert Pay.
Then as you receive money, you send money.
Our team is keeping track of all of it, so there are no holes here.

If you'd like more info about the program and how to get started, send an email to: and I'll show you the website and send instructions if you wish to get started ahead of time (like I did).


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Cold and Rainy Saturday

Very quiet here today too.

Regarding the "G" program I mentioned yesterday ...
The website should be up and running by Monday, so I'm holding off doing anything until things are clear and concise and we can see more of what's happening. So once again, stay tuned :)


Got paid again from HYIFunds while I was messing around with this video.


Someone just mentioned to me, being "in cognito". And since I have this new pair of reading glasses that I bought at Walgreens from their "clearance" shelf ... made me think of this song. Hey if nothing else, the video is good for a laugh. I mean Holy Cow! Look at this guys pants, LOL

NO Don't take my glasses! I just bought them!
And I need to see what I'm doing here! Sheesh!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Happy Friday !!

Joined a Gifting program last night. Trying to figure out what to do next since it doesn't seem to be automated at all. So when my sponsor comes around, and I get myself moving, I'll tell you about it then.
UPDATE: Looks like the program will be automated soon. That'll make life a lot easier for us. Stay tuned.


You guys remember Bux-Matrix?
I wrote to them to delete my account cause I was tired of all the 'solo-ads', but couldn't remember my password. James was nice enough to write back and tell me that I had some funds in my account. Really? How cool is that? So I asked him how to "cash-out" and the next thing I know, I got 9 bucks in my Alert Pay!! How's that for honesty?


Got Paid Today from HYIFunds :)

Requested payments from both the NextGen programs.
- Mid afternoon, got paid to AP from NextGenProfits.
- An hour later, got paid to STP from NextGenProfits.
We're on a roll, LOL


Today's my "off" day.
I'm really tired but need to go out.
C'ya in a bit (wave)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Today's The Day

If you live in the good ole U.S. of A., today is your final tax filing day.

So are you done?
Are you getting a refund?
Or are you still trying to pull a rabbit out of your hat?

Well good luck to you all.
Mine is done and filed. Whew!


Was thinking about something just now. Those of you who are 'playing' in HYIFunds and enjoying that 1+% daily return, really ought to take a look at NextGenProfits. It's return is a set 2%, 2.5% or 3% daily (business days), and although your spend does mature after 100 days, each spend (even compounded ones) are treated separately. The way I'm looking at it, if you play your cards right, (compound a little, then cash out a little), this could be a really good investment for the long run. So take another peek at it, if you haven't already.
PS, let me know if you join. The "referred by" has not been added yet and I'd hate to lose anyone because of that. Thanks :)
PPS, if you're already a member of NextGenMarket, you can just sign into NGProfits using the same ID and password. Also meaning, you can't have 2 different sponsors. (Not my favorite feature, but oh well).


While I was out grocery shopping on Tuesday, I saw someone that I hadn't seen in almost 30 years. No not an old lover or anything juicy like that, LOL. Just a guy who always worked on Sundays at the grocery store I used to shop at.

My first thought when I saw him was "wow, you got old". Then had to laugh at myself because I'm old now too. Hey you either accept the extra pounds and the lighter hair color, or you don't. You know?
In any case, he recognized me too and said Hello to me like I was an old friend ... so I guess I haven't changed that much either!

Anyway, here's a funky mix of "old friends" and "still crazy" I found just now. You may recognize some of these folks, or all of them if you're as old as me :) Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

April 14th and Counting

OK, so this was a giggle all the way through.
But I really liked the end ...
"Know Your Luxury"


NextGenProfits: I questioned something yesterday and asked the Admin:

Q: Once our initial spend "matures" at 100 days, what happens to the 'compounded' portion of it?
Does it keep running each day, until each days worth also reaches 100 days?

A: Blondie,
each deposit is active for 100 days. Every compounded portion is counted as a new deposit, and it also last 100 days.

Well that's good to know! I like it :)


Just bought a new share in NextGenMarket using my available cash balance. Remember that counts as a cashout now, and you can only have 3 cashouts per 7 day period. Just be prepared for that so there's no surprises.
And just got paid from there too :) Took 2 days since request but so what? He's no superman!


A member in our BunnyBumpGame created a splash page for it. It's really good and you can see it here. Thanks Linda :) Just remember to keep the advertising to those you know, ok?
Also just received payment from another of my positions in Phase 1 cycling through. YaY! Then bought a new spot in the game. Let's keep it moving :)


Received another payment from HYIFunds today also. I've lost count of the payments, which I guess is a good thing. So I've decided to just cash out for awhile now since I've built it up to a pretty good investment balance. Just realized I've been in this one for 4 months now. Nice.


I'm too pooped to participate any longer today.
Got plenty of sleep but not sure it was sound sleep.
Oh well, there's always tomorrow. See ya :)


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happy Tuesday

Happy Tuesday
Happy Gilmore
Tuesdays Gone
and my taxes are filed !!!


The Bunny Bump Game has added more incentive for us purchasing new positions.

Here is the new incentive:

Buy 5 spots get 1 free spot
Buy 10 spots get 2 free spots
Buy 15 spots get 3 free spots
Buy 20 spots get 4 free spots

Here is the current incentive:

Purchase 10 spots at one time & receive 10 entries into the Bunny Bump Drawing.

The new prize:
The winner of the Bunny Bump Drawing each month will receive....
$50 cash to Alertpay and 10 new spots in the bunny bump game.
This incentive / prize will be in effect until further notice.

Thanks to Trevor and the Team :)


NextGenMarket is at 80 days now and still paying 6% daily! There are a couple of changes as of today and I'll just let Witold tell you about them:

First of all I would like to say that NextGen Profits it's a real success, having a great start way over our expectation and we like to thank you for this. I want to remind you that you can login there by using the same details you use on NextGen Market.

Lately we received a lot of requests for switching investments from NGM to our newest investment program, NextGen Profits. This option is available and you may contact us using the support desk to transfer your upgrade

We want to keep NextGen Market on it's niche, being an revenue share traffic exchange program where marketers can sell their products better or to get traffic to their blogs, websites or affiliate links. If you do not have an website or you focus only on investments then NextGen Profits is for you.
This being said, I will remove Investor subscription because it's scope was to ease the earning procedure and since NextGen Market will be a marketing tool, there is not any reason to keep it.

I noticed there were many members who upgraded using a processor, and requested cashouts everytime in a different processor. On NextGen Profits we have an Internal Exchange system with low fees (which will cover our exchange fees) where members can exchange their e-currencies. Here on NextGen Market, you will have to request a cashout only in the same processor you mostly used to upgrade with. Please use Account Edit feature to change the payment processor details.

Also you should notice that from now on any compound is counted as cashout. On NextGen Profits compounding is available without any limitations.

Regarding payments, I want to let you know that we finished processing Friday 9 payments and started to process payments requested over the weekend. If you received a payment please take the time to vote on monitors and post on forums.

All sounds good to me.


I made another new spend in NextGenProfits today also. Wanted to check something out first hand just to be sure I understand how easy this all is, LOL


Monday, April 12, 2010

Spamming in Blog Comments

That is one of the reasons I monitor and have to approve comments here. I don't allow spamming in my blog. Even if someone introduces themselves first, so what? There are better ways to advertise than to spam blogs. Don't you agree?

The reason I brought this up is because our BunnyBumpGame blog site got spammed. What kind of fool would do something like that? Anyway I told Trevor about it and there are NO comments allowed there now. If you guys have questions about BBG, ask me, ask your sponsor, we will get your answers. OK?

Also I got PAID this morning from BBG for my 3rd position in phase one. Once paid, I went ahead and bought a new spot in the game to keep it moving. Nice way to start a Monday :)


Speaking of payments, I requested one today from NextGenMarket . This will be my 18th payment from them and it's still kicking out that 6% daily. Just amazing!

Don't forget about NextGenProfits also. It just launched a few days ago and pays between 2% - 3% daily (business days only and depending on the plan you choose) for 100 days. I have 2 spends there now and am compounding 100% of my earnings to build it up a little before I withdraw. Feeling confident about it.

Oh and if you are already a member of NextGenMarket, your same username and password have been transferred over to NextGenProfits for you. Just sign in and go go go :))


The Geese are back in my front yard again today.
Wonder what they're looking for?


Requested payment from HYIFunds today also. Should be coming to my inbox soon.


Team Cash Cow ... seems we were getting too many Lookie Loo's* joining the team. Pete the Admin is now requesting a $10 membership fee for those who wish to join Team Cash Cow. Then, once you've joined and paid into The Final Matrix ($33), your $10 membership fee to Cash Cow will be refunded.
Definition: Agents call lookie loos "time wasters." Lookie loos are people who often masquerade as buyers but have no real intention of ever buying.
Sounds fair to me and should stop the tire kickers in their tracks.


One more thing ... my friend who will be starting up the New HYIP ran into some problems with the crediting of referrals into the program. And since referrals and commissions are a very important part of this business, he's taking the necessary time to get it right before launching. I'll keep you posted on it.


Off to double check my tax numbers one last time before I e-file.
Hey if you gotta pay taxes, might as well find some humor in it.
These guys are pretty funny :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Just a brief update today

Sorry I missed posting yesterday. Was busy cleaning house all day for a family member visit that starts tonight. So let me see what's in my head today before I finish up with the house.


NextGenProfits Admin Witold wrote back to me about my missing referral. He said there's definitely NOT a script error and we couldn't pinpoint how my ref. got misplaced. I did suggest to him to add a line that says "Referred By" on the registration form. He thought that was a good idea and will ask his programmer to get it done. Voila!
Also I purchased another spot for myself using a different pay processor.


NextGenMarket is now at 78 days paying 6% the entire time!
I made a new purchase there yesterday as well to replace one of my spots that expired at 150% payout. Great job Wit! Thanks :)


HYIFunds ... added outside funds to HYIF yesterday and withdrew a little too. This is another of those programs that if you had just known when you joined that it would last so long ..... oh well, at least I DID join and happy that I did!


Pete's been working hard on his Team Cash Cow project/program (link on the right). I've got my 3 ref's on my first line (and 1 on my second) but only 2 have joined the Final Matrix and paid so far. Please if you're going to join, be prepared to make that spend, else you'll eventually be replaced and lose your spot in the matrix. Cool.


The Bunny Bump Game
is a blast! There's constantly new members coming into our Team and meeting them on the Skype Chat room is fun too. Remember this one is only $5 (per spot via AP) for a chance to make a LOT more. I hate quoting futuristic numbers so I'll just leave it at that for now, LOL


Peeked out the window yesterday to see if any of my Squirrel friends were waiting for their daily peanut fix. Nope, no squirrels but look who showed up for a visit .....

AND what is it with Men and the Remote Control?
They gotta sleep with the darn things now? haha

All of a sudden I have this craving for Lasagna.
Wonder what's up with that? hehe

Friday, April 9, 2010


Been working on tax stuff all day and I'm beat.
Good news is .. I'll be getting back a few bucks this year.

Re: NextGenProfits ...

- I DID eventually decide on the 100% compound option, and it IS added to your deposit. So I'm just gonna let it grow there for awhile and see how it goes.

- Note that interest shows after 24 hours. So if you made a deposit at 8:00 PM tonight, don't look for your interest earning until after 8:00 PM tomorrow night. (Business days, right?)

- I got a new referral last night that wasn't originally in NextGenMarket. Checking this morning, he was NOT shown in my referral list. Hmmm Wrote to Witold about it and he fixed it right away, BUT I don't know what the problem was. My referral never clicked on anyone else's site. So either my referral link doesn't work for NEW members OR someone is swiping my referrals. I'll let you know once the Admin replies.
Hope I didn't lose any more than what I'm aware of.

That's all for now.
Later (wave)


Thursday, April 8, 2010

From the makers of NextGenMarket come NextGenProfits.

So today is day one, aka launch day for this little guy.
As soon as I saw the email from Witold this morning, I went ahead and logged into my account and made my first spend. If you are in NextGenMarket, your user info is the same and has already been saved for you. Just login and go :)

Nice little HYIP where the minimum deposit is $10 and depending on the amount you invest, you can earn 2%, 2.5% or 3% daily until you reach the max in your level, and all levels run for 100 days (which I think are business days.) I'll know more after the weekend, lol

Now what got me excited was the compound feature. I usually don't read the FAQs unless I have a problem and need a quick fix. But I did notice the compound feature and set it to 100% for now*. Am anxious to see how this will work out in the long run.
*Changed my mind on the compound. I don't have enough to invest to make it worthwhile. So will watch how it goes and decide my strategy later.

I'll keep you updated on my progress of course.

Am boiling potatoes at the moment so need to keep an eye on those. BRB
OK potato salad is made and chillin in the fridge :)


Got Paid from NextGenMarket this morning AND we're still earning 6% Daily. Now.. will that % stay up there since he launched the new one? Hard to say but the lowest it can be is 2%, so no complaints here.


The Bunny Bump Game sent out a good update and provided us with a couple of promotional emails to use. Remember no spamming and no posting in traffic exchangers or forums. Here's one of them:

Watch Spring Blossom with CASH in your Pocket!

The Bunny Bump Game is a fast, fun, and affordable way to HOP into $$$$$$$

It's time to share with family and friends so we all have a reason to celebrate this spring season and look forward to having extra money in the HOT summer months ahead!!

Each spot cost $5.00 so purchase at least 10 and you'll be entered into the contest of the week, which will always offer more cash and extra spots in the game. This also gives more cash ( a WIN WIN ) so hurry and get in now be one of the bunnies that are hopping into the cash.

Put it on your face book page, your blog, your answering machine wherever your family and friends find you. Let them find the opportunity to Bunny Bump and get $$$$$$ in a short amount of time with a small out put and many many special weekly contest.

Don't delay your success! Our strategy means everyone can see a payday each week as we have reentries built in the game and the money won't STOP when we get the bunnies to HOP!

Here is the Bunny Bump Phase & Pay Structure on each phase every time someone cycles.

Phase 1 - Entry fee: $5.00 Per Position / Cashout Amount: $10.00 / Re Entries: 1

Phase 2 - Entry fee: $10.00 Per Position / Cashout Amount: $20.00 / Re Entries: 2

Phase 3 - Entry fee: $25.00 Per Position / Cashout Amount: $50.00 / Re Entries: 4

Phase 4 - Entry fee: $50.00 Per Position / Cashout Amount: $100.00 / Re Entries: 8

Phase 5 - Entry fee: $100.00 Per Position / Cashout Amount: $200.00 / Re Entries: 16

Phase 6 - Entry fee: $250.00 Per Position / Cashout Amount: $500.00 / Re Entries: 32

Phase 7 - Entry fee: $500.00 Per Position / Cashout Amount: $2,000.00 / Re Entries: 64

The Bunny Bump Game Blog:

PS, we don't receive any referral commissions on those who join. It's all about team work. Where it asks you in the form who referred you, please put Judy Morrison or Blondie and that you saw it at Blondies Blog. Thanks!


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Moving Right Along :)

Hooked up with Pete last night and got myself all settled into Team Cash Cow and The Final Matrix. Even got my first referral in the Team, thanks Robert! And another just now .. my Motown buddy Greg :) I think Pete's got the right idea here. Anxious to see it's progress.
Also Pete works during the day and so does the Final Matrix guy (I believe). They're both online in the evening though, EST. So if you don't hear from them right away, they'll get to you ASAP. Cool?


Got PAID today from The Bunny Bump Game. That would be my 2nd position in phase 1. I see most of the team members are purchasing new spots as they get paid out. Good idea and it'll keep the game moving along.
UPDATE: I just purchased 2 more spots also. YaY!


The Prosperity Game
is doing good too, but it'll take awhile before I see any cash results. It's all good .. I know I'm in good hands in the Team.


Had some problems surfing in NextGenMarket today. Kept getting stuck and I had to re-login over and over. Maybe that's why I have a pending payment since yesterday. I'll give the Admin the benefit of the doubt since I've never had a problem before. Could be something wacked out on his end. I'll update more when I know more. Or maybe I did something wrong in my request? oops Guess I should check that out.
UPDATE: Admins been busy with other things and will be doing the payments very soon. I knew not to worry but he's got us so spoiled that when the cookie isn't included in our lunch, we wonder why. LOL


Added a few more bucks to HYIFunds with my profit. Forgot to tell you I got paid from them a couple of days ago. I usually wait till it's a decent amount to cash out (not just cents) .. but that's just me :)


I am no longer involved in List-Zilla in any way, shape or form.


The new HYIP I hinted about earlier should be launching before too long. I know the Admin wanted to wait till after the holiday and needed to be sure he had all his ducks in a row. Maybe I'll send an Alert out when that happens. Haven't done an Alert for a long time so this may be one.


Hey! I think I've got time to get into Turbo Tax today.

Wish me Luck !!!


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New Cow

Yes there's a new Cow on the block.
I'll be back in a bit to tell you about it.
Sometimes I just get ahead of myself, ya know?

OK ... this morning I joined "Team Cash Cow"

Now I've been in matrices before, and I've been in team builds before, and can honestly say I wasn't all that impressed with either one.
BUT when I saw Pete (aka Pete the Canadian) doing a team build for The Final Matrix, I decided it was time to get off my high horse and 'go where no man has gone before', LOL

Pete has done a great job putting this site together for the team build. As you can see, I already grabbed the small banner to use here. There's a lot more in there to choose from if you decide to join.

The purpose of Team Cash Cow is to put 3 referrals in your downline. Now of course, you should be promoting yourself as well, but Pete has it set up so that it's not just the guy at the top making all the money.

Hey I like the idea ;)
When someone joins me in a program, I get as happy about them making money as I do myself. That's what makes this business worth while, you know?

The compensation is $15 for each member placed on your first level, $5 on your second and going back up to $10 on your third level.

The website Pete has developed is professional and definitely worthy of a look which provides a detailed explanation about the Matrix setup.

Now don't join just to kick the tires. You can't do that. Be ready to pay if you decide this is for you.
And you know of course I will be reporting on it from now on.

I'm currently waiting for Pete to send my link to join under in The Final Matrix. Once he does that .. I'm off and running! YaY!


Monday, April 5, 2010


Kinda how my brain feels right now ... blank.
If I hear anything good, I'll let you know.
Else I may just have to skip a day. We'll see.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Holy Cow!

An email was sent out to all GNI members recently and was a short one this time.

I am impressed that they're continuing their refund process and all that BUT did you read about the new program they're working on?

It will be totally private and shares will be $1,000 each. WHAT?

Now if I had made 40 or 50K in the original GNI, I would be more than happy to invest in their new one ... but I didn't.

So Good Luck to those of you who decide to take the plunge.
I just can't scrape up that kind of dough without going homeless.


Doing my surfing right now at NextGenMarket which continues to kick out 6% daily!
Can't help but notice folks who joined in Jan-Feb and never bought in. If they had, at 6% daily x 70 days .. well you do the math, but isn't that over 300% profit?
It's just hard to know ahead of time which of these programs will last that long, ya know? Glad this one did! :)


Was chatting to someone yesterday about HYIFunds. Now this one is definitely not a get rich quick program by any means. But I'll tell you what, it's helped me make that little extra I needed to play in other fast cash programs along the way.
Just remember, whatever you invest does not come back in one big chunk. Your investment is spent and you will earn a daily % on that amount. It's been paying a little over 1% per day since I've been in, which is Dec 13th. So in roughly 90 days you've earned your spend back and the rest is gravy.
Referral commissions are a modest 5% and only paid when your referral purchases using outside funds. If they purchase from "available balance" (which they can do), you don't receive it on that.
This is actually a good Starter Program for those interested in HYIP's. They are still giving everyone $2.50 to get you started, then in order to cash out, you only need to invest $1 (or $5 if using Alert Pay).
In all this time, I don't think anyone's had a problem being paid. Pretty amazing actually.


Time for me to check on the Bunny chat.
You know what I'm talking about, right?

OK I'm back :)
The Bunny Bump Game is doing great. Our toolbox is being worked on AND that is where you can now see your "placement" for upcoming payouts. Not all of you are listed yet so don't freak out if you don't see your name. You will be shown later.
For more info on The Bunny Bump Game, see this post.
And remember, no advertising in Traffic Exchanges or Forums. This is a more personal kind of game for our friends, family, co-workers or neighbors that could use a helping hand.



Friday, April 2, 2010

It's a Bunny Kind of Day

As you may recall, I jumped into The Bunny Bump Game when it first opened on March 30th. Since then, Trevor (the Admin) has created a new toolbox for us, our own forum and our own chat room in skype.

Also I'm happy to announce that I just got my first payout! YaY! First of many I'm sure :)

I bought quite a few positions so this is just the beginning.
Nice way to double your money I'd say.

Thanks Trevor and Team!
Long live the Bunnies and may we reproduce rapidly! LOL

PS, if you're interested in the game, scroll down to my March 30th post. No need to repeat myself here, right? right.


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy April Fools Day

Happy April Fools Day Everyone!

You know, when I went searching for an April 1st pic and ran across this one, I looked at it and looked at it ... hmmm That sure looks like somebody I know.

Didn't take me long to "recognize" the fella.
(please don't shoot me Gord)

See the resemblance? LOL


Well I went into gmail today from a different computer and all the writing was in some foreign language. I wonder if that's googles way of saying Happy April Fools Day to me?


So other than the above giggles, everything's going good today.

- Our Bunny Bump Game started out great and keeps getting bigger.

- NextGenMarket is still paying 6% daily.

- HYIFunds just keeps rockin and rollin. (ps, thanks to whoever put in that big chunk of money. I really appreciate the RC on that one :)

I got nothin else to talk about right now. Still got my head buried in my tax stuff. And I can't figure out how to load and print my STP in's and out's for last year. They have an "export to excel" option in history, but when I try that, it just downloads a blank page in word pad. Go figure :(

So have a fun day and don't play too many tricks on each other!
Later :)