Tuesday, November 30, 2010

SynergyMoney Additions

We realize there are many of you who Love the 2% daily programs that are out there right now. With that in mind, Ivan of Synergy Money decided that everyone should get a fair shake at the 2% earning, meaning it's not just for the larger investors anymore :)

Here's the new breakdown:

Start up Plan - BASIC I Min $3 - Max $100 / Daily Rate 1%
Start up Plan - BASIC II Min $10 - Max $1500 / Daily Rate 2%
Serial Plan - PREMIUM Min $100 - Max $1500 / Daily Rate 2%
Serial Plan - ADVANCED Min $30 - Max $1500 / Daily Rate 2%

BASIC I = Runs 90 days and Principal is returned at the end of the term.
Total ROI = 190%

*Must have a deposit in Basic I to invest in Basic II

BASIC II = Runs for 90 days and Principal is included in the daily return.
Total ROI = 180%

(the Serial Plans have not changed since the 23rd)

So do you see what just happened here?
You now only need $13 to get started at the higher rate. YaY!

- Fund your wallet with $13 or more
- deposit $3 (at least) into the Basic I plan and earn 1% daily.
- then you can deposit $10 (or more) into the Basic II plan and earn 2% daily.
Don't forget you can cash out daily (the min) OR you can move it to wallet and make a new deposit. Makes it easy to grow your account from earnings. (hmmm, where else am I doing that now?) hehe

I think we have a winner here folks. I do I do :))
Gimme a holler if you have any questions, K.

Hopefully you all received my ALERT on this also. It's been a busy morning for me. Let me take a deep breath now. ahhhh


Speaking of 2% programs, we are still loving Ad2Million, are we not? LOL
Just received this and it sure makes it all worth while ...
Congratulations, you have earned a commission at ad2million!
Your direct referral has spent $ 470.00 and
you have received a direct commission of $ 47.00!
Great job and thank you!
ad2million Team

Oooo, that will make a good testimonial eh? Maybe I'll do that right now.


Product Shares ... I have 8 in my downline now. Four of those folks have bought in, and I thank you for that. My profit share has grown a little bit too. No complaints here and remember, it's long term :)
PS, just got an email from Valerie reminding us that even FREE members can earn RC and go from there. OK


Have you guys noticed lately all these new movies coming out with titles of songs from the 60's and 70's? Well I have, since I was there. Here's one of them. Enjoy :)

Monday, November 29, 2010


I'll have a good update on Synergy Money tomorrow.
You are going to like this one. Pretty sure :)

Of course I'll update on other stuff too. OK?
Night Night

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Good News !!

More changes are coming to Synergy Money very soon.
It will be so much easier to afford the best plans and hopefully promote your own ID and bring in a few referrals of your own. I'll update here when everything is complete. Thumbs Up!
PS, if you like the 2% per day idea but don't have the big funds to invest in the Serial plan ... sit tight for a couple of days. You will be happily surprised.


Bought myself 5 more positions in Ad2Million today and cashed out a sweet $94.00 :)
PS, I see someone with over 200 positions now. Can you believe it? Hats off to you and TY for being in my downline!


Just like every Sunday these days, Gord did his Calculations at GrandBankClub and my account balance is a little bigger than it was before. YaY!


Product Shares had a very good launch last night. Here's a portion of Valerie's update today:

ProductShares is not one of those programs where you
got to rush in on launch day and everything stalls the
next day. You'll be kicking yourself for not purchasing
product shares as soon as you can...because we will
be here for many years just like everything else we own.

So even if it is a few days wait to fund your alertpay
account, that is ok. Our membership base will continue
to grow over the years.

Be sure and continue to submit your testimonials and to
spread the word.

We're going to be listing prizes soon and what you need
to do to win a prize.

If you have any questions, let us know but please do
review the FAQ first.

Best Regards

Bob and Val

I myself bought 2 positions at launch. I now have 3 paid referrals and a few bucks as 'profit share' in my own account. So far so good and it'll be a long runner, so no hurry, no worry, LOL


Saturday, November 27, 2010


Wrote about GWDConline on Nov 21st.
Hope you all took my advice and cashed out.
The site is down/gone/kaput today and from what I understand, was not his fault. Just one of those programs that didn't 'catch on' like others do. Which is too bad, but nothing we can do now.
So long "Uncle Albert" (wave).
Guess it just wasn't meant to be.


Here's something fun for today from Ivan at Synergy Money:

Dear Synergy Money members,

Today we started a small voting contest on our MMG thread and it turned out to be pretty fun. So, I decided to share it with everyone. The rules are simple.

Every 5th person to post a vote and add the word "Yay" to their vote get $1 bonus.
For example: "I got paid. Yay."

You can also post any feedback you wish.
For example, "Excellent program. Fast support and on time payments. Yay!

You can use MaxiVote and the manual rating sites.I will be checking maxivote and the manual rating sites too.You add your member ID in the post so i know who you are.

I hope you will have fun with it.

Two things I'd like to add: This does NOT apply to MMG posts and all the Voting Sites can be found from the "Ratings" link on Synergy Money's home page. Cool :)


Congrats Pete! Just read in GrandBankClub:
Congratulations to member: Canadian for winning the latest $40 Board position from the PIF Pool
So that's one more $40 board position to help us all move forward in the K-Game. Thanks Gord!


OK Look on the right side at the banners. I joined Product Shares just now and they say it's going to launch tonight at 6 PM CST. Well that's only an hour from now so I'll write more about it after it launches and I get in and paid and all that.
This is the one run by Valerie Underhill. You may recognize her name as she's been around a long time and not out to get anyone. I'm convinced she'll run a good program, and I'll be back later or tomorrow to share details. Am just too tired right now.
** I lied. Am still here. Checked into Product Shares and just One Hour after launch I've already earned $3.99 per position without any referrals. How cool is that? I guess it really is a product share - profit share site. Oh and it's $15 per share, Alert Pay. OK, as you were.


You do realize today is the 27th, right?
Seems like a long (yet short) two months to me.
And I think we're still connected. I do.


We're so sorry Uncle Albert.
But the kettle's on the boil and we're so easily called away.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Make Money While You Sleep ...

and thank goodness I do. Cause I didn't sleep very good last night, so my brain is sorta mush today. But when I logged in this morning, sure nuff, I made money!!

One of my cats spotted a mouse running through the living room last night. The smart little mouse hid behind the entertainment center but before I could turn the lights off for bed, all 3 cats were surrounding that piece of furniture waiting. I didn't hear any noise overnight and TG didn't find any carcass this morning, but none the less, had a hard time sleeping because of it. I'll try to catch him today and put him outside so at least he's got a fighting chance. Poor little dude :(


Last night, before and after my Turkey dinner, I made 2 new spends in SynergyMoney's new Serial Advance plan. That's the plan that is the same as the original Serial plan except for 1, you must already be in the serial plan to participate and 2, minimum spend is only $30 (as opposed to $100 in the Serial).
Now that we've completed our first 15 days here, I did receive my 1/4 principal back plus the 2% interest I've been earning the entire time. So without any more 'out of pocket' money, I have more running and earning today than I did at the start. Works for me!!


I don't like loud noisy websites. The ones that just blast you with something as soon as they open. At least here in mine, you always have the option of playing the song or not playing the song. Where's my earplugs?


Happy Birthday to Ad2Million who is 3 months old today! And you know the nicest part about it? You really don't have to 'work it' other than checking your account daily (or weekly) and looking for new referrals (if you like). The folks who have joined under me have thanked me more than once for introducing it to them. And I'm pleased as punch with it too. This IS one of the sites that makes me money while I sleep. YaY!
PS, nearing 1600 members as of right now, and my positions bought on opening day are only 6 cycles (days) away from doubling. Let me think ... Ad2M 2% daily. Bank .001% monthly. OK, you get the picture.


Nothin better than cold Pumpkin Pie for breakfast :)


GrandBankClub and the K-Game ... when logging in there yesterday noticed my Account Balance went up again. What? It's not Sunday, LOL Gord then informed me that one of my referrals in GBC added even MORE to the PIF Pool which gave him a little, gave me a little, and helped the PIF Pool of Funds get bigger also. Wow, that's nice to hear! Won't be long before "G" can do another PIF drawing too!


Hey I got a question for you guys if you dare to comment on it.
Do you think Traffic Exchange Sites really work for promoting?
Was thinking about this the other night, that TE's are almost the same as the old Safelist sites. Do people still do those? I didn't have much luck at it so put it to bed years ago.
What I realized about the safelists is ... it's a bunch of promoters advertising to other promoters who are advertising. Does anyone go there to Join anything new? Or do they just go there to Advertise their own stuff? See what I mean.
Comments are welcome.
Thanks :)


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving




Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Just Hangin Out

Me and big bird are patiently waiting for our Thanksgiving here tomorrow in the USA. Am thawing my turkey in cold water today. No ... not big bird. Just a regular store bought frozen turkey. I chose the one without a name or a face, LOL

Seems like a quiet day today so I'm doing some surfing at the local surf and TE sites. Need to get SynergyMoney and a few other things out there to be seen.
Which reminds me, Ivan is trying out a new Chat Box on the SM site. Go check it out if you like. I helped to test it earlier today already.

So I'll be around if anything earth shattering comes up. If not, I'll just sit quiet and continue doing what I'm doing.


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Back Pedaling

Decided to backpedal my way out of Avatar Surf, so I removed the links posted here and am happy to report that I only have one referral who's a friend of mine, so I'll keep an eye on him.
Now it may turn out to be a fine site to surf and play in, but I was made aware of a few disturbing facts this morning that convinced me not to share this one.
Of course I'll play till the end to promote my sites, but that's about it. I don't want to feel responsible for others who may get carried away and not make it to profit.


CherryShares is another one I see biting the dust soon. Too many folks are having trouble getting into the site. Their LR payment requests are not being honored. They are having to withdraw through AP instead. Opposite for me ... I invested through AP yet I can only withdraw through LR. Go figure. But that was totally due to the scammer promoter that I trusted and should not have. OK, nuff said. If you have funds available in CS to withdraw, do it! And do it now!


I do believe that Ivan of SynergyMoney will be sending out his update today about our new plans. Can't wait to read it and share it with you. As I mentioned before, I really think you're going to like this.
OK hot off the press:

"Dear blondie,

Today we are making a big announcement. In this newsletter you will read about the introduction of a new “Serial plan” and other improvements to Synergy Money.

**New Serial plan**
From today in Synergy Money there is a new type of serial plan - “Advanced”. All features are the same as “Premium Special” (60 day investment term/25% of principal return every 15 days). Please, be informed that there are two differences with the original serial plan. The first is that you will need to have an active deposit in “Premium Special” in order to be able to deposit and the other difference is that the minimum is $30.

**New Support Ticket system**
Since last week, there is a new support ticket system integrated in your member area. This is a useful tool to manage any support issues and it is really easy to use. I kindly ask you to use this system instead of the contact form. It is easier to monitor and manage. However, I will also reply to you if you use the contact form.

**New Banners**
Another addition to the site is the new GIF banners. You can find them in your member area under “Banners (GIF)”. The main purpose of them is to be noticed by being different from the conventional HYIP banners you see everywhere in the forums and monitoring sites.

Also I would like to thank “goldman1” for taking the initiative in creating one of the banners and allowing us to use it. You can also thank him in our MMG thread -

For the upcoming holidays expect to see some fresh small forum contests in the "12 days to Christmas" (starting 2 days after my Birthday - 14th of December). There will be also some little surprises on the layout and design of Synergy Money.

That is everything for the moment. I hope you are generally satisfied with the performance of Synergy Money. In case of any concerns or challenges with the site, contact me and I will help you the best I can.

Last week we had our first VIP member and I expect to see more to come in the weeks ahead. We are very close to break the 200 mark in memberships.

As always, thank you for your synergistic efforts and team spirit.

Working together we can produce an enhanced effect greater than the sum of the individual effects.


So that's it. Please if you have any questions about any of it, gimme a holler. You know I'm happy to help you, right? Right :)

I'm gonna add a little note that I just replied to someone in a forum who didn't understand the advantage of the serial advanced (advantage) plan. Here it goes:

OK ... here's how I'm seeing it:

Let's say I only had $100 to invest in the Serial Plan.
Now I haven't withdrawn any yet (or even if I did, doesn't matter)

After the first 15 days I have earned $30 plus I get 1/4 of my principal back which is $25

Now I could let that $55 sit there doing nothing for another 15 days in order to have enough to get back into the Serial Plan again, OR

I could use $30 or more of it to buy into Serial Plan - Advanced

Then my orig invest PLUS my earnings are still working for me with no more out of pocket cost.

Now does that make sense or am I just T W I S T E D ??? dancing4dh.gif


Monday, November 22, 2010

SM Getting Closer Plus New Surf Site :)


Synergy Money
is getting closer to making an announcement very soon. But that's all I can say for now. Promised I wouldn't spill the beans (giggle). Stay tuned for more.


Just repurchased another slab of positions in Ad2Million. All from profit, ok. Then received a very healthy payment from them today also.
Yes the site was down for a little while this morning, but is just fine now.


I've been asked by a couple of readers my opinion on what was going on with Funds-O-Matic. So I went back and found my post from the 12th, and I must say, I feel the same now as I did then. Not much has changed.

If anybody noticed, I did remove my Funds-o-Matic banner for now. I get the feeling Randy's having a hard time trying to keep his head above water with the Alert Pay restrictions and people waiting to see what happens before they re-invest. Which is a shame, but it happens to the best of programs and Admins out there. The majority always rules and if the majority has moved on, not much more can be said.
Randy is doing payouts, although a lot fewer than I've seen in the past, which sadly makes sense.
Now, he did at one point mention the program going private, which would be fine with me. But in the interim, I don't want any new members to join FOM without knowing all that's happened."

To add to that, I've stopped requesting payouts. I'd rather see the money to go someone not in profit so at least they can break even. That's all.


Just added a new surf site here on the right side banners.
Launched today, called AvatarSurf and seems to be getting a good head start on the main forums around town. Even though surfing is not my favorite thing to do, I do like to advertise so this will be a great new place to do that along with making a few extra bucks along the way.

In Avatar Surf, we have two main plans:

(A) 11% daily of your adpack for 11 days in which payment can be requested daily, and
(B) 12% daily of your adpack for 12 days in which payment can be requested after expiry

You are only paid for the days you surf, if you miss certain days then the plan extends accordingly. Requirement to earn your daily rebate is viewing between at least 12 sites a day at 20 seconds per site. You can purchase as many advertising plan as you want. Note that upon plan expiration, your original ad purchase (Principle) is not returned.
If you have an active ad purchase, you will get a 5% referral commission from your downline's purchases or 2% if you have not purchased any adpacks as an incentive to promote and support the site.

OK, so I bought a little in each plan. Just to see how it goes.
Looks pretty easy if you ask me and who knows, maybe the surfs are making a comeback eh?

You do have to fund your wallet first before deciding which plan(s) to purchase in. I'm there assigning credits to my sites right now. It's a pretty slick site. Let me go surf and come back, ok.

- Noticed the min spend is $5 (didn't notice what the max is cause I'm not a big spender anyway)
- Surf 12 to get credited (but I'll surf the max of 50 for the extra credits)
- Already seen SynergyMoney going by. Nice. and a Viagra Ad? Are you kidding me? (sry, don't think I've ever seen a Viagra ad other than in my spam box here on the net) Don't get me wrong, it was a nice looking website. Just took me by surprise is all.
- And my upline mentioned that you won't see your "return" until 24 hours after your deposit (assuming you surfed for that day).

OK then, guess that's it for now.
Dinner is in the oven and the Cats need to be fed.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Jim :)

Yep, today is my good friend Hermit Jim's Birthday!

I first met Jim shortly after I started blogging over 3 years ago and we quickly took a hankerin to each other.

Even though Jim and I live far apart and don't 'blog' about the same sort of things anymore ... I always find it enjoyable to read his daily views on life and share that cup of coffee on his patio as often as I can.

So here's a Toast to you Darlin ...

May you live a long happy life in good health and worry free!

And it doesn't matter that we're older than dirt (hehe), "that's how it goes, everybody knows". (see his blog for that to make sense)

(also decided the coffee mug would be appropriate for the occasion.)

Cheers Jim and Have Yourself a Wonderful Birthday!

CLINK! xoxo


Hate to do this today but am gonna put on my business hat now.

Which reminds me, I had a different story for my subject line yesterday, "I'm Not Just a Billboard". But all the signs and music made me forget what I was doing, ha! What I had planned for yesterdays post was something like ... Do you realize all the personal insight and service you get from us bloggers? It's so much more fun than just reading a sign or a billboard for a new program site all by your lonesome. Am I right?

- Synergy Money has made some improvements to the Support Ticket system from the member area. Am also seeing quite a few new banners added. That Admin (Ivan) sure likes to work eh?
I haven't withdrawn any of my plan earnings yet. Still need to decide what I'm going to do on the 15 day mark since I'm in the Serial Plan that pays back 1/4 of your principal every 15 days. Got a feeling Ivan is going to take the stress off of that decision (hint hint), but I'll need to wait to find out for sure. And so will you :)

- Ad2Million continues to rock my world. Helped an old friend understand the system a little better last night and he was thankful for that. Wish I had noticed earlier that he had 1 position that was well over $10 and he didn't know that he could do a re-purchase and have that .20 cents daily turn into .40 cents. Since he joined early on, he'll be able to do that again real soon (because of his current balance). So remember to check your accounts on a regular basis. Don't let $10 just sit there. Either cash it out or re-purchase to make it grow even faster. I like to do both myself.

- GrandBankClub's K-Game leader Gord did our weekly profit share calculations today and once again I've got a little more added to my cash balance. YaY! Thanks Gord and even though I don't fully understand how you're doing it, it's paying so am not questioning it one bit. I'll just go with the flow.
PS all members who contribute to the monthly PIF fund are eligible for the profit share.

- TeamCa$hCow leader Pete has proposed that we start the Weekly Stampeding again. Actually a good idea to get more folks to notice us. Now even though I paid to be a Grazer, I might have to pitch in and do a little stampeding myself. I'll put some feathers in my hair and do the Indian pow-wow dance. Sounds like fun eh? LOL

- Hate to mention this but GWDConline is a bit late with their 'daily' payments. I do know the Admin takes Sundays off but I've read that he's more than one day late now. So until he comes back in full strength, I've removed his banner from my side bar. Hope you guys have been cashing out all along. Hate to see anyone lose too much in these 'games'.
MONDAY: Albert's back and all payments have been made. Guess it was an LR problem where their scheduled maintenance took a little longer than it should have. Thanks Albert for the Update.


Need to make another Toast before I go.

You remember the HYIFund program?
It was good. Then it scammed. Stated up again. Was OK. Now the site hasn't been updated since Nov 3rd. It's Toast.

and GrapeVineFunds ... another frickin Toast! But we already knew that right?

So as much as I hate to leave showing crap like that, I think I'm talked out for today.
OK then, may the force be with you.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

I'm Not Just a Billboard

Microsoft Windows 1.0 has a birthday today. No kidding? Released in 1985 and look where it is now?


Will have some updates soon maybe. Having trouble concentrating today. Too many signs, signs, everywhere a sign!


Was surfing last night which made me think of driving down the highway looking at billboards. Not the most exciting thing to do and I usually save it for last on my list. But when you see the one that shows you a mouth watering plate of food at Joe's Diner, and you realize how hungry you are, everything changes. But when that burger gets served to you, does it look like the one in the picture?

What if Billboards and Ads always told the truth?

Long haired freaky people. That would be me.
Thanks Randy for grabbing the song link while I was busy laughing.

Friday, November 19, 2010

SM, GBC, A2M ... Yippee!

Just heard through the grapevine that Ivan's got something up his sleeve to accommodate us even more in Synergy Money. And my first impression of it is WOW! It will allow those in the Serial Plan a little more room to grow. But you must be in the Serial Plan first to take advantage of it. I'll share more as soon as it's a definite.
Oh and I got Paid from SM today too!
Thanks Ivan and Members :)


Received a fun note from GrandBankClub Gord today:
(Not everyone will get this kind of service. He only sent it to me because I keep saying "I don't get it" so he wanted to explain it to me in detail.)

Howdy Madam,

Breakdown of what happened with a $15 PIF purchase by Jack this morning. (me: Jack is in my downline)
Hold on to your hat their young lady (me: giggle)
From Jack's $15
He increased his GBC Point total to 25 for Sunday's PS
He got 10% into his account balance for Loyalty and an additional 10% for his "grandfathered" GBC Points.
Total $3 which now puts him over the $5 min cashout.

You got 10% for being Premium which equals $1.50 (STP)
OOOOOO don't you wish you went Pro there Madam...lol
So..I feel it's working out nicely don't you?

$10.50 stays in the Pool to buy a position on the $40 Board.
Jack wil probably gain an additional $1.67 from Sunday's PS.

WooooWeee...thats a lot of ciperin' going on there


Isn't he a crack up?
Yeppers Gord. Glad accounting is your side job, LOL
Thanks for all the news and especially HOW it was accomplished! YaY!

Also on the main page:
"Congratulations to member Phoenix14 getting paid from the $40 Board"
Congrats Susan! Looks like we're back in business, ya ya ya!


Hate to keep mentioning the same stuff over and over but this is just knocking my socks off, LOL
Ad2Million is over 1400 members now and shows no signs of slowing down. I continue to receive numerous Congrats emails from Carrie saying I've made .20, $1 or even $20 plus in referral commissions. Not to mention what I'm earning with every nights cycling. Right on Carrie and Thank You Members! Good job!
Sure have been reading a lot of nice testimonials too. Makes me happy that we're all forced to submit them now. (grin)
Good thinking on her part.


I need to get something off my chest so bear with me.

You know what really ticks me off?
People who start threads in forums announcing a New Program, then never come back to post or update about it. I mean seriously, when you start a forum thread, it means (or should mean) that you're endorsing that program and you will be around to help with any questions that arise. Not to mention the fact that YOUR referral link is in the first post of the thread hoping that others will join under you.
Now who would want to join under someone when they (the starter) don't even care enough to come back and check on the thread to see how things are going? Do you see what I'm saying, or am I just being too critical?


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

We Have a Pest

Someone has been pestering us in a couple of the forums and it's just uncalled for.

He keeps asking Ivan of SynergyMoney about outside income. My response to that is ...

Read the front page of the site!
What you see is what you get!
SM does not try to pull the wool over your eyes by telling you that they're investing in forex or some other stupid outside plan (like other program owners try to do).
Ivan has been very upfront with us and I respect him for that.

Now we all know most of that outside investment stuff is bullcrap anyway. Don't we? Of course we do. Or we should by now.

Well, I could go on and on but that person isn't worth my time.

Bottom line is, I would much rather put my trust and money into a program where I know who the Admin is and I know who some of the Members are. (We're got some great members by the way.) They (we) are the ones that can make this program the best that it can be. As long we work together, kapish?


Speaking of SynergyMoney, everything is going great for this first week of being open, and I just requested a referral com. withdraw. Thanks to everyone who has joined under 'blondie'. You KNOW I appreciate it! Now get out there and promote for yourself. Minimum deposit is only $3 in the Basic Plan to qualify for the higher RC. Even free members can earn 2% when your referrals make a spend. So go now, don't wait.


For you Ad2Million fans out there, be sure to check the Testimonials the next time you visit. Pay particular attention to #173 by username "micronuts". Yes I have been taking care of John's account and will soon get some funds to his daughters Alert Pay. It's been a long hard journey, but am finally seeing some of my persistence pay off, for him, for her.


Before I lose my train of thought, I realize that I haven't been able to track down 'every' program that John was in, but those that I was aware of have all cooperated with me to change his account to the proper person. So I would personally like to Thank:

Kim for The Prosperity Game
Gord for Grand Bank Club
Randy for Funds-O-Matic
Carrie for Ad2Million
Trevor for the Bunny Bump Game (refund when available)
and last but not least ...
Ivan for finally putting together and launching SynergyMoney. If you recall, this is the program that js helped to plan in it's early stages of development. Can you imagine how much fun John would be having with SM if he were still here? har!

Finally, I don't know what's going on with that Health Card thingy, but if I see funds being paid, I do have contacts for that one too. Yes I said if :(

So again Thank You to all of you who have worked with me on this. I appreciate every single one of you :))


And sometimes I post songs just cause I feel like it.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Too many interruptions

Will try to get back on track tomorrow.
Today just got away from me.
See you then :)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Still Crazy, Not Crazy, Oh Who Cares

No, I'm not crazy. Just bear with me for a minute.

John Stankiewicz

John I Stankiewicz

John Ivan Stankiewicz

micronuts, js, radiantjs, kookoo, johnski, 9planetreviews,





NOTICE: This domain name expired on 11/13/2010 and is pending renewal or deletion

Now you see why I'm doing this?
I still get emails asking "What happened to John?"
The last person who wrote to me mentioned that since John hadn't updated his blog in over a month, he googled him and found me. And he was thankful for that. Otherwise he would never have known what happened. So you see? I'm doing this for a good reason. No one should be left wondering.
John had a lot of blog readers and I feel for those who don't know.

PS, if you know of any other names he might have used, let me know and I'll add them to my list. Thanks guys :)


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Feeling Better

Am feeling better today, thank you.
Was just having a hard time yesterday trying to help with my friend JS's affairs and not getting any cooperation from the other side. But I'm not a quitter and will accomplish what I set out to do, even if it kills me. har!


Synergy Money is doing just great. I added a bit to a referral com. I got paid the other day and made a new spend in the Serial Plan via STP this time. Good Stuff (as Gord would say, hehe)


Received a nice payout of $140 from Ad2Million today also. And I continue to purchase on a regular basis which helps to build my own income plus keeps the money in the program.


Got paid from GWDC yesterday. Albert seems to be doing a fine job with his program but for some strange reason, I have a hard time getting into the site. Could be my own fault for having such a crappy connection to the net. Hmmm


Gord did his Sunday calculations today in GBC's Easy40Plan for the members who have paid their PIF's for the month. So I made a few extra cents that have been added to my account balance. I might just have to go for the $15 PIF next month. I know it seems like a lot but will help me earn a little more Plus will help the other members who are PIF contributors.


Good News from Pete at TeamCa$hCow and the F5M program we're team building:

And finally - congrats to our latest Gold Booster member roberteb.
We finally got his 6th member and qualified him for a f.r.ee entry into the F5M-MC Gold Booster plan. Now we move onto corky123....
There was more to the note but I just wanted to say Congrats to my friend Robert for reaching that first goal. He was already asking me this morning how to upgrade to Silver. Now that's teamwork! WTG Robert! You're more on top of it than I was, haha


I sure do work with some nice people, you know that?

Ivan noticed our banner for Synergy Money at the MLMDivas forum today. It's my banner and I didn't put it there. What?? Chris the owner added it for me. Isn't she sweet?
Which reminds me, I paid into their Traffic Exchange and I keep forgetting to surf there. Oops. Seems I've been really busy lately for some reason. I'll get there soon.
Thanks Ivan for noticing and Thanks Chris for doing that!!


Logging off on a happy note. Thanks to my friends.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

I'm still here. My brain is just numb today.
You remember this song?
I thought of it this morning.
Don't ask why.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Too Many Things To Do

Do you ever look at your cluttered desk and think "Look at all this stuff. What should I do first?" Well, since you gotta start somewhere, let's start at the top.

Synergy Money had a fantastic launch day even though it was a bit late in the day by the time we got everything together to 'Open the Doors'.

Ivan (the Admin) is working on an email update to let us know how everything is coming along. In the meantime, I'm in the "Serial Plan" (you know, the one with the Twist) that pays 2% daily and lovin it!

There is a small glitch at the moment when you try to "Withdraw" earnings, and should be fixed soon. You CAN however withdraw any referral commissions you have earned with no problemo.

Just want to say Thank You to those who registered using my ID blondie. As my friend Susan said the other day: "She Works Hard for the Money". LOL

Also noticed my buddy Greg's signature in MMG, that happens to be the same song that I've been singing for two days now. Great minds think alike I suppose. Said he wanted something catchy and fun. He did good!

"Twist & Shout with Synergy Money"


Another super program still running great is Ad2Million.
Don't ask me how she's doing it, but I sure am glad she is, LOL
Running for about 2-1/2 months now, so anyone who joined near the start should be well into profit. I was lucky to be there at launch time and my first positions have now cycled 81 times earning me $16.20 back on each $10 spend. Pretty good for 2-1/2 months of earnings and went by fast too. YaY!


Gords got some new stuff going on in GBC's Easy40Plan. A higher PIF contribution (if you choose), Royalty Rewards and some kind of Point System. Don't ask me for the details, LOL They're on the site.
You know I trust Gord and whatever he does, I just go along with it because I know he's doing this for all of us. He's not taking any profit from all the work he puts into running the K-game on our behalf. So hey, if you can afford the higher PIF, go for it. If not, even the $6 monthly contribution is always appreciated.


If anybody noticed, I did remove my Funds-o-Matic banner for now. I get the feeling Randy's having a hard time trying to keep his head above water with the Alert Pay restrictions and people waiting to see what happens before they re-invest. Which is a shame, but it happens to the best of programs and Admins out there. The majority always rules and if the majority has moved on, not much more can be said.
Randy is doing payouts, although a lot fewer than I've seen in the past, which sadly makes sense.
Now, he did at one point mention the program going private, which would be fine with me. But in the interim, I don't want any new members to join FOM without knowing all that's happened.


Can you tell I'm tired? I should have started this post earlier today, but there's always something else going on and I put off my ramblings for last.

You guys know I still have the extra Cat here, right? Well I walked down to the basement to do laundry and I smelled cat poop. But for the life of me, I can't find it and yes I searched! Flashlight in all the corners and everything. How can there be poop that's invisible? Even tried to sniff it out, but no luck. Wonder if it's just my imagination playing tricks on me? I suppose that's possible since I hardly ever get a good nights sleep. Hmmm


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans Day

Today is Veterans Day in the USA and Remembrance Day in Canada.

Thanks to my son Dave for sending this pic.
And Thanks to my friend Dave for sending the following:

"Hi Judy,
Tomorrow is Remembrance Day here in Canada ( Veteran's Day in the USA).
Thought you might like to share this with your blog follower's. It was written during the First World War by a Canadian doctor on the front lines."

In Flander's Fields

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie,

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow.


I have a bad connection online today.
Plus I was out for a bit visiting my Grand Daughter :)
Will try to get "back to work" tomorrow.

The New HYIP Launch for Synergy Money went very well.
Of course there are a few glitches that can always be expected with a new program. But not to worry, we've got a 'hot line' to the Admin and things are being corrected as they rear their ugly heads.
Have a great day and I'll be back in touch on the morrow.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New HYIP - Synergy Money

A little formal to start and below is my forum notification. I'll chat more about it at the end. K


I am not the Admin of this program.

Pleased to introduce to you: Synergy Money


Synergy Money was created based on the most observed aspect of all in capitalist economies. The aspect that everyone's personal main goals are to acquire the most of knowledge and expertise and combine them with their imagination so that a synergy, greater than the individual factors, is created.

The fundamental structure of Synergy Money is aimed at building and expanding its capital developments, by the efforts of all participants.

Synergy Money provides the individual with services, so that inflations and debt deflations can be avoided and that a system of classical principles of equilibrium-seeking and sustaining is created.

Synergy Money offers four investment plans distributed in two investment categories. The plans are unique from each other in respect of features and time span.

Investment Synopsis

Each of the two investment categories represents a completely different concept:

The "Term Plans" are divided into 3 groups according to the size of investment. The investment term ends after 90 days and that is when you receive your principal back.

The "Serial Plan" consists of only one group, with a term of 60 days. You receive your principal in 4 installments during the 60 day period. Each 15 days you receive equal portion of your principal.

Please refer to the "Investments" page for more information.


Accepts: LR, AP, STP and PM.

Term Plans:
Basic: $3 - $250 - Pays 1% Daily
Basic II: $251 - $1000 - Pays 1.5% Daily
Premium: $1001 - $3600 - Pays 2% Daily
Principal Returned after 90 days

Serial Plan: $100 - $1500 - Pays 2% Daily
Principal Returned over 60 days in 4 equal portions


Basic: ROI = 190%
Basic II: ROI = 235%
Premium: ROI = 280%


Serial Plan Example using $100 Deposit:

First 15 days: $100 x 2% daily = $30 earnings
$25 principal returned after 15 days
2nd 15 days: $75 x 2% daily = $22.50 earnings
$25 principal returned after 30 days
3rd 15 days: $50 x 2% daily = $15 earnings
$25 principal returned after 45 days
4th 15 days: $25 x 2% daily = 7.50 earnings
$25 principal returned after 60 days

Total ROI = 175%


Synergy Money



OK I lied. No time to chat more today.
What a busy day this turned out to be.
I'll touch base with you all tomorrow and let you know how it went.
Night :)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The New HYIP - Anticipation

Remember the new HYIP I first mentioned on Oct 26th?
Well we're just about ready for launch. YaY!!

Had a great session today with the Admin and our wonderful Team. If all goes well, we're planning the launch for some time tomorrow.

I will be posting it here in my blog as soon as we do.
Also will be sending an Alert out to those on my list.

Hope you have some funds available in your LR, AP, STP or PM accounts. Minimum spend is $3 and the max will be listed on the site, per plan and per day.

It's been a long time coming and I do think you all are going to enjoy this one. Also keep in mind it's a HYIP and not a cycler. So all that 'first in' blah blah doesn't really matter. Take your time, read the site, figure it out, pick a plan, and go from there. OK?

Since I don't like repeating myself, go visit the Oct 26th post if you forgot what I'm talking about. Heck, sometimes I even forget what I'm talkin about. haha

Monday, November 8, 2010

I Like Money

Money isn't everything.
But it sure does help :)

Got PAID $25 this morning from my 2nd moose position at GBC's Easy40Plan (K-game)! Now that's the 2nd one for me that's moved off the 40 board and onto the 75, also creating me a 'clone' position for yet another 40 spot. Yippee! And I see there's more people for Gord to pay out once things get moving over in Switzerland.

Currently waiting for funds to arrive from Deep Liberty who manages the Board Game and will be forwarding payments to members affected. One payment was made this morning to a Club member. I made a manual request this morning as on site automatic withdraw is not enabled yet where techs continue to work on the Karus Board site.

I have come to learn the Swiss do not rush into things..perhaps why their watches are so reliable...lol

Funny guy, thanks Gord.
That was my 'moose seven' by the way, for those who are watching for their own funds to move off one board and onto the next.

A little more about GBC today: The latest winner of a PIF free $40 Board position is username: meltcat
There's a story behind this. You ready?

Cat (meltcat) contacted me last month when she remembered that she owed me money from last year. We both joined the dumb PAC cyclers and lost. I had loaned her the funds to 'play with' and we kind of forgot about it after the site collapsed.
So recently she got a hold of me to pay me back. She sent it in PayPal. WHOA! She sent way too much!! 'Keep it' she said. I said No, I'm not keeping money for nothing.
How about ... I send the extra back to you in either AP or STP, then you can use it to 'play' in something else.
OK (she said), any suggestions?
Yes, GBC's Easy 40 Plan.
So she bought a position in late Oct, paid her PIF starting in November, and now she's the latest PIF Winner!
I am so happy for her and I'm so glad we made the right choice (wink wink).
Now how's that for a cool story?


Just before I logged off last night, decided to join a new Traffic Exchange. Why? Well, a few reasons.
1, it's being run by two ladies that I know from the MLMDivas forum.
2, it's brand new as of Oct 30th.
3, always good to have new folks to promote to.
4, Divas forum members get 500 credits for joining (not sure how long that will last).
5, Gold membership didn't cost very much (so I went for it).
6, it's got nice BIG numbers to click on, so even those of us with reading glasses can easily surf, LOL
7, (not the reason I joined but) they're having a referral contest which runs till the end of Nov. There's some nice payouts for those of you who are good at sponsoring new folks in.

Anyway here it is for you to check out and join if you like. I won't stop you, haha Yes I know this banner doesn't fit in my space but, you get the gist.


Oh just looked at the date:
Happy 4 Month Birthday Baby-O
gramma loves you :)

I have some new pics from Saturday, but not downloaded yet.
Plus I don't think I got any close ups this time, dang.


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Longest Weekend of the Year

Don't forget to set your clocks back an hour today if you're in the same boat as me. Our Daylight Savings Time ends today, and that's just fine. I've never been a fan of it myself but I suppose it's done for a good reason.


Checked into Ad2Million and noticed we have over 1200 members. Nice :)
Now if they were all "paid" members, that would be even better.
Carrie had the right idea to twist our rubber arms and post our testimonials before we can be paid. I mean really ... she works hard on keeping it all running smoothly so we should be thanking her where everyone can view it. Don't you agree?


Hey, I have to go proof read something for the New HYIP. Will be back later, probably.


OK, here's a little irritation on a normally calm Sunday:

xxxxx thought you would like to see our site - blahblah - a
viral list builder with huge loyalty rewards!
Check out this video! (removed it)
The blahblah Team

So they're not only spamming, but saying that someone I know gave them my email address?!? What?!?
Just for the record, if you EVER get spam like this saying "Blondie thought" ... don't believe it for a minute! I would never give away (or sell) any email address that I have in my Alert service to anyone!! Sending spam in this "tricky dick" kind of way is pure bull as far as I'm concerned.


Danger, Will Robinson ... Danger Danger!

Warning about emails re: Undeliverable Packages & Banks

This is a real threat and snopes.com just updated their web site 11/1/2010 with this most recent virus alert.

UPS/Fed Ex/USPS Package Delivery Failure Message

With the holidays coming up, I can see where this could be a real problem.

The newest virus circulating is the UPS/Fed Ex/USPS Delivery Failure.

You will receive an e-mail from UPS,Fed Ex, or USPS along with a packet number. It will say that they were unable to deliver a package sent to you on such-and-such a date. It then asks you to print out the invoice copy attached. DON'T TRY TO PRINT THIS. IT LAUNCHES THE VIRUS! Pass this warning on to all your PC operators at work and home.
This virus has caused Millions of dollars in damage in the past few days. Snopes confirms that it is real.


They are also saying watch for anything that comes from a financial institution, such as your bank, this is another way they are getting us to open things!

(Thanks Jim for sharing that information :)


Friday, November 5, 2010

TGIF, Birthdays, Winners and more

Heard on the News this morning that today is Monopoly's 75th Birthday. Holy Cow! I had no idea the game has been around that long.

Speaking of old stuff ... (hehe)
Today is also my good friend Randy's Birthday!
Now, Randy's not 75 but I won't give his real age away.

Here's a cute pic I found of him on his Facebook page from his High School Coaching days, which was a couple of years ago as I recall.

And if you guys ever read my comments here, this is the "Randy V" that never misses reading a post of mine, and always comments when I have a Beatles tune in it.
He and I have been 'chatting' and playing 'games' on the net ever since I can remember setting up my first pay processor account, and that was a loooong time ago!

So Randy, I hope you're having a Wonderful Birthday Today and as I wrote on your wall, don't play too hard or you might break something, LOL
Luv ya, xoxo


Hey I'm a Winner!! Here's the News from GrandBankClub:

Hello GBC Members

As Tech staff work out some issues with the new Board game script...GBC was given the green light to resume placing positions last night and hopefully there will no more interruptions.

The latest PIF draw winner is username Blondie. Congratulations and GBC will have another free 40 Board position to give away to a PIF Pool contributor soon.


See, what did I tell ya? It pays to pay your PIF's, LOL
Thanks Gord for pulling my name out of the hat!
And Thanks to all members who also contribute :)


Just posted this in a forum thread for Ad2Million and thought I should here too:

"OK, one more post for the night.
Just wanted to share this with you.
Now that we have to submit a testimonial to be paid, WOW! Look at all of them coming in!
I don't know how many of you read the testimonials, but I do and this one jumped out at me:

"Just wanted to let everyone know that I have been with the program since September and am well into the profit. I have not sponsored any one yet as I was not sure how long the program would last. Well guess what. the time has come for me to get to work because this program has really impressed me. Just goes to show you can earn and make a profit with this program with out sponsoring. My advise is not to wait any longer. Get as many positions as you can afford and reap the rewards. Thanks to the admin. Keep up the great work!"

Is that a cool one or what? thumbup(1).gif "


The New HYIP site is coming along nicely and we'll be doing more testing on it today. Not to worry, just need to make sure everything's in tip top shape before launch.
PS, we're estimating NEXT WEEK for blast off.


Just wouldn't feel like Randy's Birthday without The Beatles!
(yeah yeah yeah, you knew it was coming, didn't you?)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Doing Your Fair Share

Was given a heads-up this morning by a friend of mine who tried to withdraw from Ad2Million last night and received this message:

"Wait! You have not yet submitted any testimonials. Once your submitted testimonial is apporved, you will be able to withdraw. Your small effort to share your success with others will help our system grow and you get paid again and again."

Now I did mention in the forum that Carrie wanted to see more testimonials on the site, but forgot to mention it here. And no, I was not aware that she was going to restrict payouts to testimonial givers. So go submit one right now if you haven't already so that your next payout will not be held up.

PS, I've submitted 2 already and my cash out request went through today without a hitch. YaY!
PPS, Already PAID!! Thanks Carrie and supportive members.


Today is my Mother's Birthday. If she were still on this earth, she would be quite old. Happy Birthday Mom! All these years later and I didn't forget.


Was able to log into Funds-o-Matic today just fine :) I have a few bucks in my member area, but decided not to cash out today. Got a feeling Randy's got his hands full with the site being 'unavailable' for a bit. So I'll wait till tomorrow or the next day for that. All is well.


Just logged into GWDC-online and requested a small payout. It's doing good from what I've read in the forums and other blogs. So keep up the good work Albert. Much appreciated especially at this time of year.


Yeah Yeah, I know you guys wanna know about the New HYIP coming soon, but it's still in the tweaking process to ensure an awesome launch along with longevity down the road. Hmm sounds kinda formal eh? LOL Well, in other words, I think it's gonna rock!!


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Close, But No Cigar

Been trying to get into my back office at Funds-o-Matic all day, but no luck yet. The site does come up for me, but when I try to "login" I get the same Data-base error message that others are seeing.
Now we know FOM was under a DDOS attack the last couple of days and Randy thought it was all back to normal, but it's not. So I'm not going to sweat it and will just check back tomorrow.


Was surprised this morning when I opened GBC-Easy40Plan and noticed that my account balance is over $12 now. Nice. That was a result of some RC received from the "Loyalty Rewards" plan that Gord recently put into place. I'm not going to cash out. Am going to save it for my December and January PIF contributions.
Thanks Gord and all the Members contributing to the PIF funds.
Also from the site: "
Congratulations to Jooko72 for winning the latest PIF $40 board position. Another draw will take place very soon." (Jack is that you? Congrats buddy :)
See guys, pays off to pay your PIF's.


I keep seeing shadows ... but nothing is there. Hmmm


Where was I? Oh yeah. Ad2Million is rockin my wallet right now. If you guys are promoting it or just sharing it with a few online contacts, it's soooo worth it. I received an awesome RC today and I thank my referral for that! Yes I have been blessed with some wonderful referrals. Actually earned enough today to pay for the Cat Food that I bought for the entire month, LOL Love it!
Did you notice, we're over 1100 members now and climbing steady. Thanks Carrie, (who should be pushing the "cycle" button for the night any time now).


Monday, November 1, 2010

New Day, New Month, New PIF Contribution

You know, where Gord lives he's 3 hours ahead of me. So when I log on at 6:30 AM (yawn), he's been working for hours already and all wound up and ready to rock. What's so exciting today Gord?

Well, he told me this morning I was the first one to get over $5 in the new GBC-Easy40Plan PIF earnings pool. Now that's good news!

So I'm sitting here thinking about it and wondering what would be the smartest thing to do with my earnings? Oh I know! Since I've already paid my PIF for November at the $6 level, I decided rather than cashing out the earnings, that I would ask Gord to add $4 of it to my November PIF (now total of $10) to make me a Premium PIF Contributor for the month.

What does that mean blondie?

That means for the rest of November, when any of my referrals pay into the PIF Pool, I'll earn a larger referral commission from that. Also by putting the money back into the pool, I've helped with the PIF total funds for the next PIF drawing when some lucky person will WIN a $40 paid position.
(Remember you must be a paid contributor to the PIF pool to be eligible to win.)

For more info on the Game and the Boards and the PIF's, do visit GBC's site and check out the Blog Posts there, right on the front page. You can't miss em. Don't even have to be a member to see how we're doing. OK


Gotta tell you a funny story about Ad2Million.
Before we launched, I wanted a 'tester' in my down line to see if the referrals and commissions were working properly. So I asked a friend of mine to do that. Told him if we bombed, I'd repay the $10 he spent to test.
Today, my 'tester' is up to 31 positions, so I guess I'm off the hook for that $10 guarantee, LOL
In any case, I see we're approaching 1100 members now. Heck even if only half are upgraded, that's still a good number. Whodathunkit eh?
(whisper: thanks again Robert. You're a doll :)


Can't get into Funds-o-Matic at the moment. Getting a database error message. Hope Randy's OK and it's just a temporary glitch. I'll check back later for sure.


Been thinking about John (js) a lot lately for some reason. Not sure why my thoughts (and dreams) have all revolved around him.
Maybe he's trying to contact me again. (yes, I said again). But why?? Funny how just one person can make such an impact on your life.
Cheers Johnski. Hope you are where you wanted to be and I wish you well from the bottom of my heart.