Thursday, May 24, 2012

Almost Like Hot Flashes

Our Weather that is, lol
On Tuesday, we hit a high temp of 93F. Broke a record from 1939 for that. Then Tues night and last night it Snowed in the Mountains. Only supposed to be 69F here today but it's windy as heck. If it settles down, I do need to do more work outside before it's too late in the season.

JBP-JSS-Tripler: Noticed two changes in their news update today and I made them bold so you don't have to think about it.

"The next Restart will be done any day now. Because of the long delay since the Restart was first announced, many of the JSS-Tripler positions that earlier would have qualified for conversion to JSS positions have now matured. Because of this the "Maximum Restart Percentage" will be 50% for large accounts.
Most important is that JSS-Tripler accounts opened after 4/1/12 will NOT be affected by the Restart.
ALL JSS-Tripler positions bought on or after 4/7/12 will NOT be affected by the Restart.
This is a great time to buy JSS-Tripler positions, because buying now and during the coming weeks is like buying just after a Restart."

OK so 50% instead of 40% and they have set a date for those newer accounts that will not be affected.

- I've had 3 people ask me in the last few days "what is the best time to put in a withdrawal request at JBP?"
By trial and error I have found that shortly after their server day change seems to be the best time now. That would be just after 6:00 PM EST. (I'll let you do the time zone look-up if you're not in the U.S.) So it's like 12 hours different then it was before. Fine by me so I don't have to get up at 4:00 AM to request a cash out.

- Be sure to check the Security Alerts on the site also. If you ever have a question as to whether or not an email came from JBP, just check there. Seems a program owner is trying to fool people into thinking that his/her program is a part of JBP. It is NOT and he's just another Scammer.

- One of my personal referrals filled 13 Matrices in the last 18 hours. I'm so happy for her, and me, since I get $5 bucks for each of those too, YaY!

SafeRisk: running smooth and just requested another payment. Will bet you I receive it today (smile). He's been pretty fast with those payouts. Thanks Hugo!

TheGoldenPath: my subscriptions are all caught up now and another $2 should be coming out of my balance in the next hour or so.
Also am going to try to find out if the script it fixed now or if they're still doing it manually. Will let you know.
- Oh I love the MMG forum. Here's the latest from a top member who actually shares good info, not just the same old 'bla bla bla' like some of those promoters do:
Just wanted to add that an update will be coming shortly so we all will know what the status is so far and how things are progressing.

Also from what im seeing the subs are on a delay along the lines of 10hours..
at least that is what is going on with accounts I have been asked to look at for others..

This might be do to 2 things.. 
1. server down time we had 
2. Time zone change that came with it

So with that being said the ones who are ONLY 1 day or so behind 
due to old timezone compared to now and also downtime )

Your account is working fine..
I will post the update as soon as it comes down from Admin 
Just wanted to give you my own view of things and does not mean that I am correct at all


PS: from me. DO NOT send in support tickets during this time. They are overwhelmed with them and cannot take time to answer simple questions. Read the site, ask your sponsor, join their skype group, request their News Letters. Am sure you can find the info you need without sending in a ticket.

GBC: surfed at GBC just now and made 5 cents for doing that. Gord does pay a little on our active PIF's for surfing. Must surf 40 sites and it's auto.

Profiter's Club: is still coming back. It's just taking a while to set up the new site. just surfed there too and bought a new Spectacle - (PROMO) while I was there. Is that odd or is it just me? I thought the Spectacle "Promo" Tokens were only available until May 1st? Well, if anyone knows the answer, let me know. Thx Rumor has it that this one is run by the same group that ran (and still has live) aDailyCash. Well, I don't know that for a fact but there sure are a lot of similarities in the sites. I am NOT in EarnerEnvy and don't plan to be either. Kapish?
PS: have $1,067 and 80K in credits at aDailyCash which are now totally worthless!!!


kelly said...

Hey Judy i have a question about the JBP fake emails...i get alot of them but my question is how does these people get all our emails?

blondie said...

I have no idea Kelly and one could only guess.
But even those who are NOT in JBP are receiving those emails too.
So maybe it's an old program owner?
Or anyone that could know your email address, whether it was for sending a payment to a pay processor or joining a program.
It's a Mystery for sure.

Norbert's Traffic said...

Hi Judy, Thank You for letting us know the time to make a withdrawal request at JBP it's great!

blondie said...

Your welcome Norbert.
I'm sure that time will change again, but at least that's the time that's been working for me lately.