Friday, May 18, 2012

Happy Friday

First I want to say Thank You to Dave at T2MK for sending out some payments today. One of my referrals who joined late in the game received his entire refund today. Yes, he has chosen to leave the program, and from reading the forum thread, so have many others. For those who decided to stay, I wish you all well :)

JBP-JSS-Tripler: Tuned in to the morning conf call with Dom. Just a few things to mention:
- Every time you log into the site, read the updates.
- New entry for support tickets, see the green HERE button.

Help Desk Tickets are currently not being created when you send an E-mail to
So in order to contact our help desk, submit a help desk ticket by clicking HERE

Please note there is a fraudulent email circulating with the subject: "JustBeenPaid - You won 100 usd". This email DID NOT originate from the JBP system and is a "phishing" attempt at getting your personal Liberty Reserve Account information. Please click on our Important Security Alerts banner below for more information. *** Stay informed, stay safe! ***

Daily Payouts (up to 2%) currently take up to 5 hours to be accomplished, starting at 12:05 CEST.

The daily JSS-Tripler Feed (JSS matrixes from expired positions) is experiencing some temporary delays in matrix placement.
We appreciate your patience as we work to enhance and optimize the system.

- Expired Tripler's (in groups of 4) are taking approx. 20 days to be transferred to a new JSS matrix.
- Alexa rating at 379 today. WoW!
- Platinums, Level 2 and 3 are all coming after the restart.
- Level 1 Benefit: receive your Matrices from your expired Tripler's and gives you access to "The Success Breakthrough". 
- Restart is still coming but not sure when. A few days, a week?
- Also still on the drawing board... their TE, surf site and more.
Alrighty then.
I received a nice payout from JBP yesterday, which is a good thing cause I have some nasty bills to pay right now. Do you realize how much Attorney's cost these days? Unfortunately we had to hire one back in February and those fees just keep climbing. The good part is, it's almost done. Whew!
Thanks again to JBP and all the members! What a blessing!

Safe Risk: my missing interest for the 16th was manually added to my account from the Admin. TY for that. Now I see today's interest (17th) was posted as normal. Cool. Must be back on track with whatever bug that was. Time for a cash out request.

I should be outside. It's going to be 87F here this afternoon. It's only 10:00 AM right now. I should get out and do something before the heat comes in.

GBC: went all in for another round of a $40 board plus all the PIF's. Cost $91 in total but we always get back more in return :) Thanks Gord.

Speaking of Gord, he mentioned to me that he was having trouble getting an AP/Payza withdraw from JBP. Well, he was trying to do it first thing in the morning like he always has.
A-hem!!! Gord, did you read my blog post yesterday? Try that Payza cash out later in the day and see what happens. Well he did, and it went through for him. So he was a happy camper when he signed off for the night. Glad I could help, lol

Profiter's Club: site is still up but it won't be for much longer. Remember that he's changing the site/script/the works. So don't try to do anything there. K been pretty much flawless since the start. Daily earnings are right on and payouts have been fast too. Today I think I'll add a couple of Spectacle's and cash out what's left. Little in - little out, that's the plan.

ShowBizHits: for you surfers out there:
Reminder: We are planning to upgrade our server today. Don't anticipate any break in service, but wanted you to be aware. If the site goes down, it should only be a brief period of down time. We hope there isn't any at all. This upgrade is necessary to facilitate our growth and periods of high traffic. Thanks for all your support!
Well I just surfed 26 sites with no problem.
Have a great Friday!
I'm going outside :))


Unknown said...

hi judy.. Its a happy friday for me also. Today i have got a $502 in my payza account from jbp. I love this site. It has changed my life. I am still a teen ager. And i dont know where to invest all this money. I am only puting this money in my local saving bank account. @amit

blondie said...

That's a good idea @amit,
Save the money for a rainy day :)
Glad to hear you're doing good with JBP. You know that I love it too!
Take care