Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bold and Blue and Blonde

Blondie: I've been a member of the MMG forum since January 16, 2005. I currently have 5,748 posts there. (Not that many considering how many years it's been.)
I read a lot, post a little, learn a lot, go there when I need to get info on something important, search for new programs to see 'how it's going', have made quite a few friends there over the years, and have learned a lot about people from how they post. Especially Admins. Sometimes their 'program updates' don't really expose their true personality.
Anyway... after seeing my friend "treebartt" take the plunge a few days ago to become an "MMG Supporter", I got to thinking about it too. I DO use this free forum every single day for updates and news. I do appreciate them always being there when I need them. I love this forum, the Admin, the Moderators, the whole bunch.
So yesterday I decided to put my money where my mouth is and upgrade to "MMG Supporter" myself. Yep, it costs a few bucks but less than you may think. And it's the least I can do after all this time to show Yippee and the staff how much I appreciate them :)
So from now on, Blondie will show as Bold and Blue to all those who visit MMG. About frickin time eh? LOL

JBP-JSS-Tripler: checked my account this morning and it still looks the same. Meaning no restart yet.
OK Frederick, I'm ready when you are.
Also, people are still snatching up those Triplers at a crazy rate! Well, I've done the same. I have more Triplers active now than I've ever had during the entire 13 months that I've been in it. Smiles.

Safe Risk: someone just wrote in the forum that STP is now available at Safe Risk. (see how handy that forum is?) Let me go check.
Yeppers, there it is in living color. I might just have to add a little more via STP. Will decide later.

The Profiters Club: last I heard they're having a horrible time with the script. I did manage to make a spend several days ago but it's an On and Off thing now. So I would say, do NOT try to purchase at this time. Let's wait and see what Admin decides to do about the problem. is doing excellent. I did purchase two more Spectacles yesterday after deciding not to take the Premium plunge. Don't think I'm quite ready for that commitment yet, but might change my mind later. I'll continue to keep a close eye on it. Or maybe even both eyes. hehe

aDailyCash: has turned into a joke. I hope everyone who joined, got in the same time as I did and is WELL into Profit by now. Everyone is having a hard time trying to "catch" the withdraw button. Must be a slippery little sucker, LOL.
I'm in profit so I gave up on it. I RE-spent $400 yesterday and another $100 today. I do hope those in the Red can get their funds out quickly. But I'm not going to compete with you for that withdraw button. It's All Yours!!

Feeling silly today and not sure why. Perhaps it's because I'm happy with who I am, and that I'm not like some other people.
I visit a lot of forums, read a lot of posts, get a lot of emails and blog comments (which I mostly love). But every so often I end up shaking my head and saying "Idiot".
Well, to each his own. So be it.

On that note, you all have a wonderful day.
I'm still debating on whether or not to mow the lawn today before it rains. Ahh we'll see.


Unknown said...

hi blondie i love you and your blogs lot..lot..lot. You are really a very nice person, to whom i have ever met in my life. God bless you. Take care and keep smiling. @amit

blondie said...

Why Thank You @amit,
That was very sweet of you of say.
You keep smiling too.
Blessings :)

Elmer said...

I had also thought about going Blue at MMG. Was it worth the money? I mean like larger PM box and the like.
Just wondering.

blondie said...

Well, larger PM box, I can add a banner to my signature now, and there's a separate section in MMG for supporters only.
I just felt it was time to pay back a little for all the years I've been using the forum for free :)

Fupol62(Jon) said...

Good to read about your highs and lows on your blog.

blondie said...

Thanks Jon,
Come back any time :)