Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Lots of Stuff

I'll have lots of stuff to tell you about tomorrow. 
Come back then, OK? 
Thanks and have a great night! 


Anonymous said...

Hi Blondie

First off, I'm waiting to read all the stuff that you will be posting about today. lol
And secondly, what happened to the new program you mentioned? Is it The Profiters Club you have listed? I don't recall reading anything about it in your blog.
Have a great day, my dear.


blondie said...

Hey Tree,
Some of the 'stuff' sort of relates to you. You'll see, lol
Profiters was mentioned late in the day on Saturday. But they're having trouble with the script so I wouldn't do anything until that is fixed.
Just got home and I should be mowing the lawn before it rains tomorrow.
Mow the grass or blog??? hmmm

Anonymous said...

Me again. Just went back to yr Saturday post and remember reading it, but maybe I didn't make it all the way to the end! LOL Blonde moment, I guess.

I;m a fan of a golf pro who's name is Vjay (Singh), so I will wait for them to fix things and might join you in Profiters Club. Keep us posted.

As for being bold and blue, (not too blonde..I'm more of a redhead lol) I upgraded for the exact reason you did. I can't believe it took me so long to do it. My only excuse, is that I never really thought of it, but I have always felt like my dear departed friend Dorky did, that MMG was his home. Its mine too, so its the least I can do.

So go mow yr lawn now. lol Hubby did mine, so I don't have to. Its raining here too btw. Still waiting for summer to arrive. err.... Should be here by now!!!

Its always a pleasure chatting with you Judy. Take care.


blondie said...

It wasn't you Tree, I added that later in the day. Probably after you read it.

Yep, I like Vjay too :)

Same thoughts about MMG. We're both MMG girls I guess. I'd be lost without it so decided it was time to start helping with their expenses.

Yep, Dorky. What a sweet man.

It's like summer here already except for the nights, so I can't really plant much yet. Still getting cold at night. Good sleeping weather though.

Yep again, we've been online friends for a long time too.
You have a great night and thanks as always for keeping track of me.

Later :)

Elmer said...

Dorky was a true optimist. No matter how bad a program became Dorky some how managed to still remain positive and only see the good in people.

He was indeed one of a kind.

blondie said...

Gotta agree with that Elmer :)
Even when things were rocky, he always hung in there till the very end.