Monday, May 7, 2012

No Respect

I'm not having a good day today and all the drama and BS over at T2 Money Klub sure isn't helping any.
- When you log into your account at T2, you should see two links to click on. One is the latest 'Restart Update' and the other is your 'Restart Report'.
- Read it and weep is about all I can say.
(He still continues to bash another program, which happens to be the best one out there. Why is that?)
- There are instructions for you if you plan to stay or leave the program.
- There is no timeline for payouts or opt-out refunds.
- There is no timeline for when the restart will take place.
- There is no timeline for him opening yet another new program.
- Be sure to check your "Account Settings" in your Dashboard for your pay processor info, else you won't be able to be paid. That is something you need to do quickly.

Well, all of the above is in the Update and to those of you staying, you will want to read it carefully. Although it may change several times before it goes into effect so DO try to keep up at the MNF forum with all the other (cough) supporters.

This will be my last post trying to guide or help you in T2. I just can't stand it anymore and need to get out. I could give you tons of reasons why, but I don't want to hurt those who decide to stay in and give it a go.

NO, I'm not referring to the big promoters that were cashing out 1K daily ... they can't be hurt. I'm referring to the guy or gal who started with $20 or $40 and compounded 100% working towards those 'make believe' Matrices. What a crock!

I don't know who of my referrals are going to stay in, but at least now I won't be getting any RC, so that should help the program keep a little more in the system to help with future payouts.

Sure I could stay in and start fresh, just like it's a new program. But to tell you the truth, I don't think Strike 3 is all that far away. Yes, my baseball song DID have meaning the other day, lol

With that said, I do apologize for getting you guys into this but I really hoped to see another side of that Admin. Not the disrespectful side that we saw too much of last year in the JBP thread in the MMG forum. I was really hoping that once he was an Admin, he'd realize that he needed to put on a different (more professional) hat. Guess not :(

On another note, I've learned a lot about some of the members, supporters and promoters during these last few months. And I've realized I need to steer clear of them in the future also. Bad vibes all around from the old 'rah rah' team.

Adios T2MK. I feel better already :)


Elmer said...

Great post Judy. It's the reason why you are one of the few players that naysayers respect.

blondie said...

Why Thank You Elmer,
Always nice to hear your thoughts on these programs as well.
I did have hope for this one but ... a leopard cannot change his spots.

Gord said...

Hi Judy,

You've always posted the facts and truth in your Blog and that's why your respected as a Blogger and a person.

I made money with T2 and I'm hoping most did. Those that joined on Day 1 should have, unless they were constantly compounding.

I registered originally where the Admin posted he can do it better and now it's time to step up to the plate and set definite time lines and begin paying members.

Only then will some confidence be restored.

T2 should really be in it's prime now instead of spinning it's wheels.

Anyway... I'm moving on as well.

Excellent article by the way and I had a good chuckle at the pic.

That's one of my lines with the Missus.

blondie said...

I hear ya Gord,
But the know-it-all cocky type don't listen or don't care. Always thinking they can do it better.
Yeah, I hope everyone who was not in profit gets their money back also.
So sad :(

Anonymous said...

Remember this arrogant T2 Dave the owner STOLE my money! 600 dollars total! It was a policy according to him and some members. If one insult make bad opinions he just steals your money. Wheather it is written or not no company DOES THIS! He should get police after him for this! But where can one turn to... I dislike him very very much and for his sake its better I don't meet him! But ok I am fine now LEARNED my lesson. Thank You for your honesty Blondie :) and then to call you a vulture.. really he needs to get kicked..

blondie said...

Oh I think I know who this is.
We talked about you in the forum and he said you broke the rules and needed to be gone. Yes it was a pretty crappy deal.

He called me a vulture? Really?
Guess I missed that one, hehe
Ah well. It really doesn't matter what he thinks of me. It's just words.

Take care :)

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say that he STOLE my money as well!