Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Picnic's Over - Back to Work

Isn't it funny how kids never seem to get tired?
After a picnic lunch yesterday, we watched Olivia climb stairs and go down the slide at the park at least 47 times!! Good grief! TG there was a nice tree to sit under and stay cool while watching.

JBP-JSS-Tripler: couldn't ask for a better program.
Was thinking about something the other day which I find a little strange. More than once on Frederick's calls, someone asked if he would ever increase the amount for our daily withdrawals?
As of today, we can withdrawal up to $1,000.00 per day!
So it makes me wonder ... is $365,000 a year NOT enough for those people? Who are these people and what planet are they from?!?
Oh and Frederick's answer was 'No' by the way.

Safe Risk: running smoothly and paying daily from our quiet Admin Hugo. Just because he doesn't update doesn't mean he's not working. Thumbs up.

Golden Path: lots of changes coming so maybe I'll post their update at the bottom for those who are interested. It's quite long and I'd rather finish my own updates first.
* Just checked my own account from "View Board", then "My Matrices" and all of my boards are still empty. Now remember I started on the 20th and we know this takes awhile to get moving. Will update as we go :)

GBC: my account balance has grown again, so I'm going to buy into another Easy $40 Plan and purchase the PIF's on top of it. Just keeping the ball rolling. Thanks Gord.

Mint.bz: purchased another 'Spectacle' today with profit. Everything is going smooth there too. Oh wait ... I need to read their update. BRB
OK, they're adding a direct Bank transfer so that you can withdraw from the Mint directly to your Bank Account. Minimum is $500 so I guess I don't need to worry about that for awhile, LOL
Also when your monthly membership fee is due, be sure to have the funds in your mint-wallet if you've chosen the 'auto-renew' feature. It will look there and not in cash-balance for the renewal fee. OK

As promised, here's the latest Golden Path newsletter:

We have very exciting news to share with all members.
First we would like to apologize for the technical issues at the conference call.  Until further notice we are suspending conference calls until we can find a better resource for weekly conferences that is professional and without flaws.
Here is the recording from tonight's call:

To make our site more secure we have implemented a pin system.  Please add your pin to your profile.  You will need this pin when requesting a payout or when transferring funds to another member account.  Do no share your pin number with anyone.

We are aware of the problems with missing and delayed subs and we will be moving to a new server to end this problem.  Stan will give us 12 to 24 hour notice before the move.  The site will be closed for approximately 2 days while the move is completed.  Positions will continue to cycle during the down time but you will not be able to log in to your account or transfer or add funds.  A newsletter will be send when we have more info on when the site will be taken down.  Please do not send in support tickets do to missing or duplicate subs, these tickets will be deleted.
Angels now control 70% of the matrix and after our server move , it will make it much easier to inject more angels into the system ......our future is looking very bright.

We can confirm that our new Payment Gateway has been approved at all levels.  We can confirm that the gateway will be available so that you can commence setting up your accounts, in about 24 to 48 hours.

We cannot name the Gateway yet as it very important that everybody open their new accounts from The Golden Path Members Payment Landing Page.  This is so that we are able to comply with all of the various International Laws surrounding such things as Money Laundering and Terrorist Activities.

If you do not sign up from within The Golden Paths Members Payment Landing Page, we will not be able to pay you!
There are certain Identification documents that you will need in order to open your accounts. These documents are stored by the Payment Company for use should they ever be audited.
Providing that you provide all of the necessary documentation at time of sign up, your account will be activated immediately. THERE IS NO PROCESSING TIME.
Your documents will be used twice, so please make sure that you do not delete the docs from your files as you will need them again when you apply for your TGP Debit Cards.
Everyone will need PHOTO ID
Everyone will need PROOF of ADDRESS
·        Photo ID’s can be provided by scanning or taking a photo of one of the following:
  1.  A current Drivers License; or
  2.  A current Passport; or
  3.  A current ID card; or
  4.  A Current Student ID card.
·        Proof of Address can be provided by scanning or taking a photo one of the following:
  1. A current Bank Statement; or
  2. A current Utility Bill; or
  3. A Letter from a Solicitor which confirms your address; or               
  4. A current Government Document.
You will be opening an Account with the Payment Gateway. Similar to a Bank Account.
You will be able to apply for a The Golden Path Debit Card. These will be available approximately 4 weeks following your order.
You will be able to transfer funds from YOUR Account to any Bank of your choice across the world.
You will be able to transfer funds between other account holders via the internet – INSTANTLY.
You will be able to load your Account using EFT, BPay, and Wire. Credit Cards will not be accepted.
The Golden Path will Pay you directly into your new account.
THEN you will be able to load your Debit Cards from your account, INSTANTLY, and then spend your money anywhere in the world where Credit/Debits cards are accepted and at any ATM in the world.
There is a daily draw limit – similar to the Golden Path’s – BUT, you can hold as much money as you like in your account and you can transfer it to wherever you like without using the Debit Card.
The cost of using the system ranges from $1.00 to $3.50 per transaction. That is all.
You can transfer money from USD to any Currency in the world, however not every country will allow you to transfer their currencies to other currencies:
Those currencies currently supported by our new processor and the Banks where your monies will be held include:
AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS, Commonwealth Bank.
US DOLLARS, Bank of America
BAHAMIAN DOLLAR, Scotia Bank Bahamas Ltd
TAIWAN DOLLAR, ANZ Banking Group Ltd
Over the next few months some new load currencies will come on line including:  CHINESE YUAN, EURO, INDIAN RUPEE, NEW ZEALAND DOLLARS, PHILIPPINE PESO, JAPANESE YEN & THAI BAHT
We will advise all members the new gateway sign up link as soon as everything has been tested.

Please be sure to have your downline sign up for the newsletter.  All site information will be sent through this newsletter.

Thank you and God Bless,
Stan Jensen and Jason Hall

And then this came later in the day:
Dear Membership,
We are very much aware of volume issue and the missing sub positions in the system. 
We are preparing to move to a bigger server and the programmer is modifying the script to resolve these issues.
Multiple emails to any of our support team or admin will not be responded to together our work is complete with the above.
Your patience is greatly appreciated as we need to concentrate on this matter not support tickets .....
BE PATIENT, it will all come together soon !

Thank you,
Jason Hall

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