Friday, May 25, 2012


JBP-JSS-Tripler: Restart Day!!!
- First stage of the Restart has started.
- Your "Latest Restart" Button, (stats) will appear in your Tripler back office by the end of the day, if not there already.
- Due to the delay for this restart, if you have a large account, up to 50% of your 'eligible positions' may be converted to JSS positions.
- Your 2% earnings will be delayed today.
- Payouts may be delayed a little while also.
- Second part, which is the restart feed, (placement of converted tripler's into members JSS account), will take 30-60 days to complete.
- Premium Positions are filling in approx. 34 days now.
- JSS positions (from expired Triplers) are taking approx. 20 days to be placed.
- And JBP has close to 1 million members? WoW!
You know... on those Thursday night calls that Frederick does, the gal introducing him always says "You're in the right place, at the right time!" I do believe that! (big smile)
- Watching the chat in the conf room this morning is giving me a headache though. I wish the newbie questions would be asked at another time and not during the scheduled live call. It's like nobody reads their email updates.
Same applies to the Support Ticket issues that members always feel the need to ask Frederick about on Thursday nights. Poor guy... having to say the same thing over and over again. I had to hang up after the first hour but will listen to the rest of the call today.
Anyway, I'm glad the Restart is Alive and Well and Running.
PS: had 2 more JSS positions created last night so as always, I went in and bought the placements and premiums for spots 1 and 2 in those.
Good Luck Everyone and again, Happy Restart Friday!

WARNING: just read the following at the forum and thought it was worth sharing.  DO NOT reply to any of those Hacker emails you get pretending to come from JustBeenPaid.
I want to warn everyone about the spamm emails. I know all of you have gotten them. I received about 4 of them so far and on the last one I was so fed up that I relpied YOU SORRY CROOK! and somehow that was turned into a ticket with JBP. I got an email from JBP saying my ticket had been received. I do not know how they did it, but I hope they do not try to make it look like I sent the spamm one out. Just wanted to let everyone know so you will not try to write anything back to the hackers because they will turn it around on you.

Going out for a bit. BBL
- OK back with fish, chicken, shrimp, fries, hush puppies and coleslaw. Hey you gotta splurge once in a while, right?

SafeRisk: received my cash out either late yesterday or early today. Don't remember for sure but it was definitely a fast enough payout. Thanks Hugo.

TheGoldenPath: got some really good info from my Sponsor about what others are saying about the program. Tell you what, the more I read about it, the more comfortable it makes me feel. Lots of happy members out there.
My subscription fee's are all caught up now, although they do come out a little later than what's stated. Don't think it's anything to worry about though, just one of those pesky things you need to remember. bought a new Spectacle yesterday and cashed out a little RC today. Thanks to those who joined from my link. Going really good there :)

Going surfing over at ShowBizHits and will think about if there's anything else I need to talk about while I'm there.
PS: was kind of refreshing seeing the JBP site go by a couple of times. Normally all you see there is more TE's. (sorry girls but you know I don't look for more TE's, but other things (programs) of interest).


Anonymous said...

YAAAAAY!!! RESTART!!!! Happpy earning girlfriend. Love your blog btw....b.c of you I am now on the Golden soon as my new funds are verified thru STP....been spending all of it on jbp....4 the re-start,,,hahahahah!!! Love ya and happy earning!!

blondie said...

And YAAAAAAY to you too!
Glad you're going to join the Golden Path. So far, so good as they say.
Next time maybe you'll sign your name so I know who the heck this is. LOL