Wednesday, May 2, 2012

TBD - I just got here and not awake yet

NEW: Alert Pay: was just alerted to an AP blog post. WoW! You all might want to read this:
Thanks for the heads up Greg :)

JBP-JSS-Tripler: someone caught me here last night as I was logging off and asked how long our Triplers are taking to be placed after they mature.

"The daily JSS-Tripler Feed (JSS matrixes from expired positions) is experiencing some temporary delays in matrix placement."

I didn't know the answer so I popped into the Conference Chat room and was told they are taking about 14-15 days. So there you have it :)

Safe Risk: no daily earnings received at Safe Risk yet, so they must use the 'each 24 hour' method from time of purchase. I added them a little later in the day yesterday, so if you missed my post, please scroll down to read all about it.

GBC: haven't heard from Gord yet today so I'm thinking it's Payment Day at GBC and he's very busy. Keep those reading glasses on Gord so you don't send me too much, LOL today's profit share for the Advanced tokens was 1.49%, yesterdays was 1.59%. And of course the Spectacle's are always 2.5%
I stuck my neck out yesterday (and 9 bucks) to purchase a Premium Ad for Safe Risk, which I think will start showing tomorrow. Be nice to it when you rate it now, hehe

aDailyCash: what a mess! Hardly anyone can find the right time to request a cash out, they don't answer support tickets, their 'ticker-tape' payout info is from April 29th and the site is slow as molasses. I give up on them.
If you can get in and get a withdrawal, more power to you! I've been playing in this since January 10th so that's a lot of 3% daily earnings that I can't complain about. But I won't try to cash out anymore, would rather leave it for someone else IF there is still any funds left in the program :(

T2MoneyKlub: don't know if you read the MNF forum to catch up with Dave and what's going on at T2... but I find it pretty comical at times. Funny how after so long and reading posts from the saaame people, I tend to give them a voice while reading their comments out loud. You don't wanna know any more than that (snicker) but it does make my reading more enjoyable. har!
Anyway, latest news I found was......
- Dave will be out of town for a couple of days. (sigh)
- He has the "report" and will start payouts when he returns, and
- He will also update us regarding his future decision and plans for T2 and C150 programs.


Anonymous said...

lmao! I do the same thing with the voices, only not out loud. My wife would surely know I'm a nut rather than just suspecting it. Thanks for the laugh!

blondie said...

Hey mm,
Why does that not surprise me? LOL
Honestly, it's more fun when you do it out loud. You shouldn't hold back. I'm sure your wife already knows what she's gotten herself into, hehe

deb520 said...

Would you let us know when Safe Risk accepts STP. I may just join this. Thanks.

blondie said...

Of course I will Deb,
I'll probably add more when STP or AP are available also.
Thanks for asking :)

RIM68 said...

I'll be looking into Saferisk as soon as STP or AP is up and running too. Looks cool and with your's and other respectable blogger's involvement, gives me some peace... well as much as one can have online ;-0

Love your blog.

Take care.

blondie said...

Hi RIM68,
Yeah these are all risky, even the best ones. But some less than others so I'm hoping for a nice profit from this one.
Thanks for stopping by :)

RIM68 said...

Curious if you see any major issues with the AP transformation into Payza? I am a little bit nervous and thinking about pulling what little funds I have out till after the change just to see how the existing programs work with it. Do you have any concerns?


Elmer said...

That's why I chose the name ElmerFudd at MMG. This way you all know what my voice sounds like...))


blondie said...

Hi Rim,
No, I don't have any concerns about AP changing names. Sounds like they know what they're doing and hopefully will be a smooth transition, and with added benefits to boot? Fine by me.

What's funny though, when I read your posts, I DON'T read them in the Elmer Fudd voice. Wonder why that is? Hmmm