Tuesday, May 1, 2012

First of May

JBP-JSS-Tripler: always my top post since it's my top program. The only news today is:
"Expect the Restart later this week:
Most important is that JSS-Tripler accounts opened after about 3/24/12 (exact date not yet determined) will NOT be affected by the Restart.

ALL JSS-Tripler positions bought on or after 4/7/12 will NOT be affected by the Restart."
As for me, I cycled a matrix yesterday which is the first one I've cycled in a long time. Also had 8 more Tripler's expire which gave me 2 more JSS Matrices ready for filling. Of course I went ahead and bought the placements and premiums for spots 1 and 2 like I always do. I like to give them a head start as soon as I receive them and it does help the wait time for the cycling :)

** WARNING: If you receive the following email, it is NOT from JBP. Just some stupid scammer trying to hack your LR. Sheesh!
'Dear Justbeenpaid Member,
Justbeenpaid gives members random cash prizes.
Today, your account has been selected as the one of 10 top winners accounts who will get cash prizes from us.
Please claim your prize following the link:http://*removed*
Pay the 0.50$ prize claim fees. So we will know that your LR account is still alive..
After the payment you will recive instantly the 1000 usd in your LR account.

- Yesterday was a beautiful warm day here so it was filled with lawn mowing, more fertilizing and watering. Sure wish it would rain though. Water is really expensive where I live and if you use more than your fair share, the price goes way up. So a rain dance would be welcome if you can handle it, LOL

** Safe Risk: New Site Just Added:
Got word of this one from two of my closest contacts yesterday. I trust them both and know they wouldn't steer me wrong.
- Arbitrage Bets is written on the site, although I will play it as a game like I always do.
- Pays 2.5% daily for 60 calendar days PLUS you receive your deposit back at end of term. That's 150% pure profit! (pssst, break even point is 40 days)
- My contacts tell me the Admin is very experienced in running this type of program.
- Only accepts LR and PM today, with AP and STP coming in about a week.
- Min. spend is $10, max. is ... more than I can part with, LOL
- Min. withdraw is $1, done manually, so allow 24 hours.
- No surfing, No recruiting needed to earn.
- I think earnings are on a 24 hour clock from when you made your deposit. Will let you know tomorrow.
- For those who like to refer, they pay 6% on first level.
OK, that's about it. Please ask if I forgot to include anything. I just joined today even though I was looking at it last night. Was just too stinkin tired to do much of anything last night. That dang lawn mowing wore me out :(

Mint.bz: received their 6th official newsletter and was surprised to see "Blondie" mentioned in it. Remember I told you about the small glitch between the "Account History - Interest" and the actual earnings? Well apparently I'm the only one that questioned it and Chris agreed that it's not right. So now it's on their 'List of Things To Do' to get fixed. Oh and their Official Launch is Today!!

aDailyCash: no energy drink but a TV show and a lot of water kept me up Saturday night. Couldn't wait till 10 PM (Midnight EST) to try to make a withdraw request. Checked at 9:50, not ready yet. Checked at 10 PM. Still nothing. Checked at 10:05, 10:07, 10:10... OK I give up.
Apparently they are NOT opening the site for withdrawals at the same time each day. It's turned into a real "hit n miss" trying to catch the withdraw button live. Dang.
I've read in the forum that people are seeing it Open for w/d at different times of the day now, not just at server day change. So I'll keep checking every so often and see if I can catch it. And if I can't, I can't. (shrug shoulders)
So again I will stress... If you are NOT already a player, don't join now. Got that dreaded feeling it's on it's last legs and has already run it's course. Well, it actually lasted longer than I thought it would. Hasta la vista, baby!

I promise this is the ONLY DAY this year I'll post this song. I know my younger readers won't enjoy it, but perhaps you will.
@Henry, you're right. That video was too disturbing.
I've replaced it :)


soulMerlin said...

Beautiful song....they looked so young. I did think the beating at the end was a bit cruel and got in the way of the song a bit....but then I was an only child and not very violent...and I know that brothers tend to wallop each other a bit

(glad I was an only child)

I'm still trying to get my head around Gord's system and determined not to be a passive 'put the money down' guy...but inderstand it before I go in...As Arnie says "I'll be back"



ps: Hows the car?

blondie said...

Hi Henry,
I hesitated posting that version of the song too, because as you guessed it, the beating at the end.
Were they just messing around or ???
Can't believe the older brother Barry would be that cruel.
Anyway ...
Was talking to someone else recently about GBC also. There is a Pay Plan link on the front page (before you log in) that may help as well.
If not, there's a support button on the site and Gord is always ready to answer any questions you have. Or I will too if I can, LOL

The car is still in the garage. Going to try an oil change and see if it helps. If not ... guess it's time to keep my eyes open for a good used vehicle.

Take care :)