Thursday, May 17, 2012

Slinky Cat

Just got home from the grocery store.
What a tedious chore that we all have to do, if we want to eat that is.

JBP-JSS-Tripler: no new news other than reading about those stupid scam emails going around to members. Either saying that you've won $100 LR in JBP, or the one that says you need to verify your AP-Payza account in order to receive your payment. Just remember they're all a bunch of BS so don't click on any of the links in those emails.
JBP is a busy place though. Lots of Tripler's being bought, lots of matrix additions and cycling. I myself got two new matrices yesterday, which I bought placements and premiums for today.

Safe Risk: checked this morning and was missing my interest from 5/16. I contacted support and they said it'll show up in a few hours. Still waiting.

GBC: Payza is taking their good old sweet time getting GBC re-verified to accept payments through them. Plus Gord has to replace the old Alert Pay buttons with Payza buttons now too. So you either need patience or STP in the interim.

Profiter's Club: will be closing the current site and replacing it with a newer one and a better script. Yes, everyone who spent in TPC has been refunded. interest earned was up a couple of cents more for me today. I have enough in my account to buy more positions, so I might do that soon.

ShowBizHits: if you surf at ShowBiz, they're doing a site upgrade tomorrow so if the site is unavailable when you go there, just try again in a few minutes, or hours :)

That's all for now.
How cute is this little guy? 

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