Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Enter At Your Own Risk

Check this out.
This is where my boys were golfing on Sunday.
Pretty relaxing scenery eh?

OK, back to business.

We should all know the risks involved in this 'business' we're in and the games we play here. Just don't forget that when you decide to join a program. Be smart about what you can afford to live without for a period of time or possibly even lose. Kapish?

Before I get into my routine, Dave did post in a forum that T2MoneyKlub payouts should start tomorrow. Yes, I'm concerned about my referrals. Good Luck to you if you decide to stay in. And if you don't, I hope you get your payout quickly.

JBP-JSS-Tripler: another great day at JBP and still no restart going on. Yesterday was one month since they announced the upcoming restart and it's still not happened. Fine by me. My Triplers keep expiring creating new Matrices so I can't complain about that.
Oh and I really like their new Announcements area. Saves them a lot of time in answering questions I'm sure :) 

As of May 8th, the order of Daily Payouts on JSS-Tripler earnings will reverse, starting with the NEWEST members first, rather than the OLDEST, so the time of payout will change for most members.

Daily Payouts (up to 2%) currently take up to 5 hours to be accomplished, starting at 12:05 CEST.

The daily JSS-Tripler Feed (JSS matrixes from expired positions) is experiencing some temporary delays in matrix placement.
We appreciate your patience as we work to enhance and optimize the system.

So... what else is new?

Safe Risk: doing well. Daily earnings come every night. Fast payouts. Check.

GBC: always the same, perfect-o.

The Profiters Club: so far so good. The stats were removed from the main page, so not sure if it's getting much attention. But I'm very comfortable in it, knowing what I know about it.

Mint.bz: same there. Smooth ride to date. Daily earnings have never missed a beat and payouts are always on time. Trying to decide if I should buy more Spectacles or upgrade to the premier spot. Hmmm I'll decide later.

Right now, I got a bunch of parts and pieces spread out all over my living room floor. You guessed it ... I bought another piece of furniture that requires assembly. You remember Christmas time? LOL Where's the snap-on power tools???

Oh one more thing, DO NOT put any new money in aDailyCash. God only knows if or when it'll get back to normal... and he ain't tellin.

Bye for now :)

PS, to the anonymous poster from earlier. I didn't take it personally. But I'm not playing games with you either.
Good bye (wave) 


laidback said...

That hole in the foreground looks like it could be a pain...elevated as it is. If you get too much roll on your chip shot, you're had...!

blondie said...

Sounds like golfer talk there, lol
I don't play myself, but I do enjoy watching the game.
Thanks for stopping by :)

RIM68 said...

Hey Blondie,

Joined the Profiter's Club but having some difficulty upgrading. Can you shed some light on what I need to do to upgrade? Thanks.


BTW - joined under you :-)

blondie said...

They seem to be having some problems with the script.
Don't do anything else until it can be resolved.
In other words, sit tight and I'll update when it's working better.