Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Golden Path

I need to blog today.
Yes I know I missed two days.
Well, Sunday was a day of rest (and working outdoors).
Yesterday, spent 6 more hours at the DMV. Was so burned out by the time I got home, my brain felt like mush! lol

I joined TheGoldenPath on Sunday.
I'll discuss it more at the end of today's post.

JBP-JSS-Tripler: still no restart, fine by me.
Earning daily. Payouts done quickly.
My Knight in Shining Armor!!

SafeRisk: had a little problem with an STP withdraw a couple of days ago. But once I mentioned it to Support, it was fixed quickly and I was paid. Good to know they're responsive.

Profiter'sClub: still on hold for now.

Mint.bz: just a daily routine. Check my numbers, do my surfing, decide what to do with my account balance. I do enjoy it when things run smoothly.

And for the 2 programs that I dropped out of OR are not working:
T2MoneyKlub: if you were one of the 54 members who opted-out when given the opportunity (two or so months ago), you still need to log into your account and fill out the form that asks what you want to do.
If you click "Option #1" for full payment, you don't need to enter a number. Also be sure your pay processor info is in your profile.
Good Luck and keep me informed.

aDailyCash: I received 14 emails from ADC telling me I've completed one matrix or another. Nice to know BUT too bad we can never get the money out. It shows almost 900 dollars in my account balance. How sad is that?

Banner 2 468 x 60

The Golden Path has been running a little over a month. Normally I like to get in first thing, but after seeing a lot of success with it, decided to jump in now.
This is not for free members or those who only want to pay $10 one time. This is a $2 daily subscription forever!
- There's a video on the front page to watch.
- Everyone joins one "Team" matrix.
- No sponsoring required to earn.
- Accepts AP(Payza) and STP.
Well that's all on the main page.
- What you do is fund your e-wallet, then buy one subscription.
- Click on Finance - then 'My Subscriptions' and the program will subtract $2 daily from your e-wallet funds to add to the matrices.
- Do NOT click to buy subscriptions every day, else you'll be obligated to that many subscriptions.
- You cannot let your e-wallet go empty. Else you'll lose your current subs.
I funded my e-wallet with $60 which will pay my daily $2 sub for 30 days. But you can start with as little as $20 (will cover 10 days worth).
Have been told from a couple of members that you probably won't see much action there for the first few weeks. But once you have a month or so under your belt, it could/should get moving pretty good.
See the Compensation Plan here. (that is not my link)
- And here are the FAQ's.
These guys also do Webinar's that are recorded and in YouTube.
I actually joined this late in the day on Sunday but didn't have time to write about it. And you know how yesterday went, so no time then either.
Give a holler if you have any questions and if I don't know the answer, will check with my Sponsor or other members.
***Forgot to add: Once you join, you should sign up for their newsletters.
Please sign up for the newsletter so that you are 
aware of current issues and all other site news. You can sign up at :

Now off to catch up on my emails.
Have a great day!


Unknown said...

hi take care for yourself. Why you work so hard? I am always thinking of you. Whenever you go outside, take lots of water and juice . Temperature is really geting a hoter n hoter nowadays. Missing you a lot from last couple of days. Love u. @amit

blondie said...

Oh don't worry about me @amit.
I don't work that hard.
Seems there's never enough hours in the day for me though.
Take care now :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Blondie

I'm surprised it took you so long to join The Golden Path! Nah just kidding. I joined just last wk myself, but I thought you would jump on it sooner since you're better with matrices than I am. It reminds me of JBP. Hopefully it does as well. Anyways, glad to have you aboard. The thread will be much brighter with you in it. I'm lonely over there, and I think there sick of me asking questions already!! rotfl....


blondie said...

Hi ya Tree,

Was just listening to TGP's conference call while you were writing. Pretty interesting.

It got too hot to work outside so I'm trying to stay busy (and lazy) in the house.

I might visit the thread every so often, but there's a few members there that I don't care for, so probably won't see me chatting there too much.
But I promise to stop by for that wonderful treebartt coffee, LOL

See you soon :)

soulMerlin said...

Hi Blondie,

I joined the golden path exactly a month ago. I took up three positions at $2 each and invested $150 to cover.

My wallet went down to $84 after about two weeks and then has steadily increased...

...I'm now on level three and have made my first cashout for $35 - which arrived in around 6 hours!

It took me around 10 days to get to level 2 and then another 10 or so to reach level three...

I'm now at mid-level three and at last in profit - at $44 for each sub it gives me a potential of $132 per day, with little investment other than the $150 I initially invested to cover the three positions...

...As you can no doubt see from MMG, some crazy ones are taking up the maximum 200 positions!

The trouble with that is - if the maxrix widens and it takes months to cycle, there could be trouble, as their daily subs will be $400 (ouch!)

Still, as long as the cycling times are reasonable, they will be ok (even millionares!!!!!

I will be interested to see how many days it takes for you to get to level 2...it should give us a clue if the cycling times are slowing or if the "angels" are keeping everything going!

This one is good fun!!!

Best Wishes



blondie said...

WoW Thanks Henry,

That was some great information.

Yes I'm getting more excited about it the more I learn about it too.

Gotta love those Angels eh?

Keep us posted and I'll do the same.


Katrena said...

Great!! I been waiting to see if you wil join golden path!! I been in it for 2 weeks.
Good Luck

blondie said...

Thanks Katrena,
Good to have so many readers that are members so that we can all share.
Good Luck to you too :)

Anonymous said...

wellcome to the tgp blondie its jay in mich i been in 1 mo 24th of this mo put in 36.00 to start
took me 10 days get to level 2
and 11 days to get too level 3
now have 2 subs ging for 3 soon
this is going to rock !!!!

blondie said...

Hi Jay,
Haven't seen you for awhile either.
Great to know I joined a program that's already giving out a lot of good vibes.
How's the weather in MI?
Was hot here today but cooling down a little tomorrow.

RIM68 said...

Hey Blondie...

Glad to see you TGP. I've been in just under 1 month and cycling levels 1 and 2 daily (well anywhere from 23 to 33 hrs, but whose counting).

Your $60 is enough. At existing fill rates with steady growth, you'll cycle lvl1/#1 matrix in 15-17 days. There are 3 main things that affect the matrices fill rate: 1) New members, 2) Angels subs purchase, and 3) Exst members repurchase of subs.

This one will be interesting for sure.

Take care.

naphtali said...

ok so Blondie you're now in Golden Path; Tree is in it; even our friend Ryan is in it. So that means the only one not in is ME!

Let me take another look at it....

Profit Hub said...

Congrats Blondie for joining The Golden Path. I joined almost a month ago and am starting to cycle at level 3. I did a review about the program the other day on my blog. I'm cautiously optimistic about it. Great to have you on board. I'm going to do my best to promote the heck out of this one. I hope you and your referrals have success with it.

blondie said...

Hi RIM68, Thanks for the update and good to know. Do keep us informed.

Hey Greg, yes take another look at it. I didn't like it at first glance either, but the more I dig into it, the better it sounds.

Hi Gwen, will be sure to read your latest review of TGP asap.
Yeah I hope it was good timing also and we have a long way to go :)