Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Best of the Best and ...

aDailyCash: the worst of the worst!
Not only are they not paying, they're still open for new spends, AND if you click on any of the 125 Ad Banners on the site, you will see that it redirects to someones (probably their) JBP Advertisement. Talk about a Dirty Trick!
I went ahead and deleted the two banners I had running there. I am NOT going to let them use my credits on their trashy site. Just ticks me off that any Admin could be that dirty!!!

JBP-JSS-Tripler: love needs no words, lol

SafeRisk: day 22 of earnings on my first spend there, which is a little more than half back already. I did make two more spends after that first day and feeling comfortable with all of it :)

TheGoldenPath: they are having a little trouble with Subscriptions started in the last 3 days. Geez, hope I didn't jinx them when I joined.
I opened my first Sub. on Sunday and the system did take out the $2.00 daily fee. Also showed my next sub was due on the 21st. Well, it got stuck there and the 21st came and went and so did the 22nd with no fee taken out.
I did submit a support ticket and I see that today the 21st was paid, but still waiting on the 22nd and soon (a few hours) the 23rd.
They are aware of the problem and are working on it as we speak, however:
If you have issues with your account, fill this in here:
Also, I received quite a few great comments about TGP in yesterdays post. So those of you thinking about it might want to read what others are saying.

GoldenPath: Update One: just got home from the grocery store and checked my TGP account. They have taken the $2 Subscription for May 22nd. Now just waiting on May 23rd and I'll be all caught up. Good Job TPG.

*** Just read this WARNING in Gord's Home Biz newsletter and felt you all should know about it. (and yes, I've seen those sites while surfing too, so will be sure to Report then from now on :) Thanks Gord. Good Stuff, LOL

Our Investigation is now Completed on the Following programs

The Above programs are just a SCAM. If you have Purchased anything
from the above sites using either Paypal, AlertPay / Payza or E-Check
in the last 60 Days then Dispute them with AlertPay and Paypal. If you
Purchased thru E-Check contact your bank and say it was a
Fraud Transaction. They will then investigate and a Good Chance
will return your Money.

Lets shut the sites and People running them down. All they are doing
is taking in as much Money as Possible. They Pay out a Little to make
it look like they are honest. If you are a member you probably get a
lot of emails from them asking to Purchase different packages.

What they do is take in orders and Pay out a little to make it look
legitimate. Most of the People that are owed Money are not getting Paid.
Once they take in enough Money they will just Disappear.

The Person running this Operation is Billy Caudell.

Thanks for the warning from Bill Long... this smooth operator is working
out of Florida and he continues to open more sites.

Heard there was a scatter shark offshore there in Florida.
Well.. here's a Great White living on the land... careful guys.
His programs are currently floating around in surf rotators as
well so I send in a dispute when I see them for removal.


Gord said...

Thanks for spreading the
word Judy... good stuff!

Good picture of a Great White
there and depicts what some
crooked Admins want to do to

Way Back when.. in my fishing
days.. we were hauling up something
big in our nets and not sure
what it was until it broke the
surface and came onboard a
thrashing... tiger shark...
smaller but more teeth than
Mick Jagger... Watch out guys!

blondie said...

More teeth than Mick Jagger?
How about John Elway?
He's a toothy guy too, LOL

Anyway thanks for the info and I'm spreading it around as best I can.

See you tomorrow Gord :)

Anonymous said...

Hello. What does it take to withdraw from JSS? Seems like the past couple days you can't make a withdrawal, it's always over the limit.


blondie said...

Try after 6:00 PM EST.
Give it a few minutes more though.
Maybe 6:15 / 6:30 PM EST.
and let us know if it worked :)