Sunday, May 6, 2012

And Now Moment You've All Been Waiting For...

The latest T2MK Update:

Hi T2MK Members.
Here is an update on the restart and the state of play.
Please read carefully... There are many things addressed, and we need your action on a number of them.
Here is the link.
Or click the link in the popup when you access the T2MK dashboard.

If you're a member of T2, I'd really like to hear your thoughts on this. If you're not comfortable posting a comment, send me an email to the address under my picture. Or better yet, you can post as Anonymous if you prefer, then others can hear your opinion also.
I'm going to be busy today but will catch up later on.
Plus I need to think this through before making any decisions.


Anonymous said...

Still too many unanswered questions. Also, now only those that stay get the bonus 15%. Also, those owed the least will be paid first. After 6 months, I'm disappointed with the update.

All those that opted out still are not paid and I feel like no one ever will. Enough waiting,
I know no one gives refunds, but don't promise if you have no intention of doing so.

blondie said...

Thanks for getting the comments started.
The more the merrier :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great plan, if it can be pulled off. I'm leaving my amount due all in. My subjective risk/benefit analysis says yes.

ld randi said...

if it's possible to get out of there without loosing too much, I'm happy. there are so many admins running away with the money that just having refunds has to be considered a good thing.
if things really go as stated in this new update, I will loose only withdrawal fee and processor commissions, which is acceptable.
in the hyip world we are all aware of the risk of loosing money.
what really bothers me is the TIME lost doing those tasks in March. a pay-to-click would be more profitable.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate the effort he made but the bottom line is no admin can compete with Just Been Paid.

Elmer said...

Best part was the confession he made where he said that T2 started off as a ponzi.
Remember how many times he said this one was no ponzi?.
Remember how he said over and over how much he hated ponzis?

And then there is them websites. remember them? They were the ones he said he could sell for 10-20K.
None have been sold.

Total outside income here has been $0.00.

This was a pure ponzi from the get go and it's now game over.

laidback said...

Not totally true Elmer. MMGCJM posted this a couple of times as "proof"

Rick said...

Hi Blondie

I marked this Dave guy as incompetent
from the moment it became clear he did not have control of the funds.

What Admin can claim any business competence if they don't have access to the Payment Processor that members funds were paid into.

Six months and no profits for me either, my loss was relatively small, but what really galls was how he reckoned he had all the answers.

Trashed JSS and came up with a pathetic imitation... He can talk thetalk but can't walk the walk, or "All Mouth And No Trousers" as we say around here...

Regards Richard Rogers

RIM68 said...

Heard this all before. Admin has now assigned tasks to members to buy some more time. Next comment most likely will be along the lines of "too many members have requested withdrawals, which we asked you not to do, therefore, we will have to turn this over to a 3rd party company to administer any remaining funds to the membership not in profit." Sounds like this one will soon be in the "bone yard". I, however, am not in this one... but did get into C150 - so now I am concerned just reading the comments and double talk of the admin. Nothing to do now but wait.

Again, don't risk ANY money you can't afford to lose in ANY of these programs. Period.

Have a great day.


Anonymous said...

im not after the lost money(if there is) but the time wasted. it has been 6 months and i was thinking of pulling out everything back then in february but i gave this program a second chance. and i feel sorry for my refs that i should have brought in another program. i don't know why admin keeps bashing jbp, the more he talks about it the more people will get curious and will tend to stay away from his program.

blondie said...

Thanks everyone for all the comments. And they are great comments too.
You've all hit the nail on the head regarding the way I feel also and today, I'm feeling much better to be gone from the entire mess, lol