Saturday, May 26, 2012

It's The Weekend

Olivia's breakfast attire.
Silly Girl :)

JBP-JSS-Tripler: not much news on the morning call today. Most people asking questions about their own Restart situation.
- Restart - 1st stage is complete.
Now moving on from the latest restart, we can look forward to:
- JBP Living
- Traffic Exchange and Surf Site
- Platinum upgrades
- Level 2 and 3 membership upgrades
- Daily earnings from Tripler's should resume as normal today. (I received yesterdays and today's both on the 26th server time.)
- Calculator has been adjusted for the 1.5% weekend rate. But it does not account for any RC and/or Restarts.
- Do Not email support re: the restart or how your account was affected. As far as JBP is concerned, it was completed correctly.
Now from where I sit, I can see members still buying Tripler's like crazy. Well of course they are. We just had a Restart. As a matter of fact, purchased 30 more today myself with confidence.

OK, that's all for now. 
It's cold in here but the sun is shining so I'm going outside for a bit. Catch you later.
- Getting windy so I came back in.

SafeRisk: just received a really fast payout from SR. Must have caught Hugo (the Admin) at his desk.

GoldenPath: it's the end of my first week and am currently just watching those daily $2 sub's come out. I would guess maybe another week or two before I start seeing any "action" there. Thanks to all who have joined :)

GBC: got a nice little profit share from Gord today from the regular weekend run.

- Feel really crappy today. I don't think I slept good last night. But I'll keep talking for as long as I (or you) can stand it. (smile)

Profiter'sClub: will be coming back with a whole new look soon. I believe it's going to be a surf site also. Will update as I learn more. as it turned out, my Spectacle (Promo) purchase did go through and I did receive 2.5% on that new Token. Surely that can't be a mistake on the site, but why would there be 2 different levels for purchasing a Spectacle?
If anyone read the newsletter more carefully than I did, let me know if you know the answer to that. Thx

OK, going to visit the girls at ShowBizHits for a few.
Will be back if I need to be. K


doomcrew said...

Thanks for the latest news and updates Blondie. Just Been Paid is just on another level and has basically made it unnecessary to join any upcoming site that doesnt have what jbp does.

blondie said...

You know doomcrew,
Was just thinking the same thing this morning.
But ...
There are a lot of people still not involved in JBP and looking for something else. I suppose that's why I join other programs that I feel are worthy also. Adds a little variety to the mix.

Clickers Luck said...

hi iv'e been following your blog. so informative. just want to ask you. i already signed up at golden path and already have money to my e-wallet. but when i log back in, it won't let me log in. even though i entered the correct username and password and the turing number. i wonder what the problem really is!

blondie said...

Have you signed up for their newsletters yet?
This was written on one of the more recent letters, so I hope it helps you too:

"Question -

I am trying to log in but the site tells me I am entering the wrong touring number.

Answer -

Clear your cookies and restart your browser. Manually type in your username, password, and touring number. Do not let your browser autofill this info. You can also try using a different browser if that does not work. If you are using Netscape try Chrome or IE."

Petrus said...

Hi Blondie,
I joined TGP 2 weeks ago and never had any login issues so far. It took me exactly 12 days to reach level 2. So far I'm very happy with this program.

Petrus said...

Hi Blondie,
I joined TGP 2 weeks ago and never experienced any login issues thus far. It's taken exactly 12 days to reach L2 so you should soon see some action. So far I'm very happy with this program.
Keep well.

blondie said...

Good to hear Petrus!
Today is my 8th day with them so am looking forward to a happy time.

blondie said...

Thanks for both posts Petrus.
I see you added a little more to the 2nd one.
Happy Monday!