Thursday, May 3, 2012

Turning the Page

I have a problem today.
I keep track of my programs on paper as well as online. Each page holds about 3 weeks worth of info. Now, am at the bottom of a page and need to write down each program on the next page. But which ones are going to continue working? And which ones are Toast? There are actually a few of them that are questionable at this time, and I hate wasting paper, lol
PS, JBP has their own page, so no worries there.

JBP-JSS-Tripler: just tried to log in, but it threw me out. Wonder if the Restart will be today?

Nope, not yet. Just logged in fine and everything looks good.

SafeRisk: nice to see my 2.5% credited for yesterday. Thanks to those who have joined me also. I did have to contact support and received a response really fast and the problem was fixed. Good to know they're on the ball. yesterdays profit share on the Advanced tokens was 2.0%, nice. (Wonder if my $9 spend for a premium ad had anything to do with that? hehe) Anyway, things are going well as we speak.

Not going so well... 
aDailyCash: New Update says:
Dear Valued Members.[3rd May 2012]


Due to continuous attack on the system the site is unreachable for some times. But were doing our best to lessen this. Our staff are now in process of fixing the missing 3% daily earnings for members this will be done by the end of the day. Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money will be available again for withdrawal process starting May 7 2012 and lastly will be having site maintenance and security re-structuring for security purposes on May 10 2012, site will not be available on this date. We will do our best to make the site stable and running smooth again we apologize for any delay.


Regarding Withdrawal limitation, this is due to some technical problems on our Liberty Reserve account. We temporary block our LR account for security purposes because someone trying to hack it and we must keep it safe at this moment please use Alertpay for withdrawal process. We will work hard to put everything back in place.
So if you can catch the withdraw button, (which some have been able to), w/d via AP until further notice. I'm not even going to try. I'll wait it out and see if they fully come back or not.

Speaking of waiting it out...
we're waiting on Dave to return from a trip to let us know his plans for T2MK and C150. Well OK.

I just joined a New Program, but I don't think I can tell you about it yet. The site is still being worked on and tweaked, so I'm gonna go file my nails (having trouble typing) and eat some breakfast and check-in after that.

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