Monday, May 14, 2012

Over Under Sideways Down, Backwards Forwards Square and Round - When Will It End?

With the Alert Pay change to Payza today, I have been getting a lot of spam about my AP account needing verification. NOT! There is nothing wrong with my AP account and I am not going to click on any of those links in the phishing emails, and neither should you! Be careful out there, OK

Same goes for JustBeenPaid. Lots of folks have received an em
ail saying that they Won $100 from JBP and to 'just click here'. Yes that is another scam attempt to get into your JBP account and clean it out. What a bunch of idiots and crooks they are! Please be careful with those sorts of emails. Delete them as fast as you can!

Open Close Open Close Open Close
I don't know what kind of games Dave is playing over at T2MK, but this changed my mind crap needs to stop and stop fast. Else the few supporters he has left will drop him like a hot potato too.
If you read the latest Update, he said he'll still do the payouts as promised. (now this is after he told you to go get the money from the pay processors yourself.) Makes you wonder how many members have already filed a dispute? And how soon it will be before they freeze his accounts?
I guess at this point, if you have money in your T2 account and want it out, you better get your request in before he changes his mind again.
Hope he keeps his word and you all get whatever amount you've requested. I personally have bowed-out from the 'game' over a week ago, and for good reasons too.

JBP-JSS-Tripler: I love making money while I sleep, don't you?

Safe Risk: the Admin should hire some support staff or someone to help with tickets. I've sent in yet another asking to have my profile updated with my AP and STP ID's. Still waiting :(
PS: I was told that we can update our own profiles now from the member area. I tried and it worked!
Also received a payment right after I did that. YaY! 

ProfitersClub: will be changing to a new look soon and when it does, you'll know more about it too. Remember me telling you that this new Admin has an experienced Admin as his mentor? OK then, you'll see soon enough.

The following is off topic (sort of), but funny as heck.


laidback said...

LOL, love the videos. BTW how can they be off topic, it's your blog! I'm not sure what to make of Dave's erratic behavior, but it is unnecessarily subjecting his members to a lot of stress. If, by some stretch he is trying to screw with the "naysayers", I don't think it's working. Good luck all. Hopefully in one of Dave's sane moments you'll get you money.

blondie said...

Hey lb,
Well, that cat actually reminds me of someone we all know here. I'll leave it to your imagination.
Yeah, I sure hope those in the red can at least break even in T2 also.

Randy V said...

Its amazing Judy. If people would spend as much time doing something positive instead of trying to scam people, they would make much more money and do it honestly. I guess that's why we have to be alert.

Hope your day has been good and have a great week!

blondie said...

Hi Randy,
Need to keep one eye open at all times, that's for sure.
Have a great week yourself :)

allanz said...

Hi Miss Blondie in Blue !!

I finally noticed your upgraded status at MMG!! Good for you !!

I got the phishing email from JBP as well, and im not even a member,,,,never even signed up(although i keep thinking i should), so they must be going off some larger list. Anyways, hopefully everyone knows NOT to click on anything by now.

I had signed up for T2MK while away on holiday,,,by the time i got back to upgrade all had gone to hell, so i guess my holidays save me money,,,LOL

Have a GREAT week ! :)


Gene said...

Hey Blondie. It never ends, you know that, until it does. ;)

Ah the struggles we go though to make a penny or two!

I hope you are well and doing great.



Petrus said...

Hi Blondie,
I also received the phishing email and deleted it immediately. This is a daily occurrence with emails from LR, banks, scam lotteries, etc. These idiots never give up because many people still fall victim to them.

blondie said...

Allanz, always good to hear from you.
Yes, good thing you didn't sign up for T2, lol. It's really sad how that program has been handled.

Hi Gene, yes am doing well. Unfortunately some circumstances are eating up a lot of the money I'm making online. But we keep chugging along anyway.

Hello Petrus,
I'm sure you're right about that. There's always someone new on the net and they don't realize how many crooks are online these days. So the least we can do is 'try' to keep them informed.