Saturday, May 5, 2012

It's The Weekend

Good Morning :)
Listening to the JBP Conference Call:
- Restart coming any day now.
- Platinum placements will be available after the restart.
- and maybe Level 2 will be open for upgrading also.
- Support tickets are still taking a long time to get answered, but do NOT send more than 1 ticket per incident.
Doesn't seem to be anything else going on. Lots of newbie questions on the call today so no point in mentioning all of that. Plus there's always gotta be some joker on there, asking stupid ass questions... looks like a trouble maker to me. I'd throw him out if I were a Mod, hehe
PS, bought another big chunk of Triplers yesterday. Can't believe that in 2 more days, it'll be one month since we were first notified of the upcoming Restart. Yet here we are, still earning on those older Trip's.

SafeRisk: AP is now available for funding, but I heard your spend isn't showing in your account immediately after (like it should). Lots of support tickets going in for that. Also I can't find how to ADD my AP info to my profile. (guess I should have done that when I first joined.)
How do I change my method of payment details?
For safety reasons, you are not able to change your payment details. If you need to make changes to your payment details, please contact our support team stating your new details and the reasons you request a change.

So I've just sent in a Support ticket for them to add both my AP and STP. STP is not available yet but it should be soon.

*PS, added some AP. Even though I had to wait for it to 'show up' after sending in a ticket, it was there in about 45 mins.

T2MoneyKlub: Dave is back in town and we're supposed to have an Update today.

GBC: weekly profit share received as always :) newsletter out today and if you didn't receive it in email, you can always view it in your member area. It's quite long but Chris added this at the end. Good thinkin Admin. Makes it easier for us bloggers to share.
Recap 1: New Banner spots and credit-to-banner exchange service are coming soon.
Recap 2: OKpay can be used from today onwards.
Recap 3: Every 10 Tokens you purchase until May 15 will give you one free token. The Bonus Token will be placed during the 11:55 Server update.

aDailyCash: WTF is going on with them? The member area was "Under Maintenance" all day yesterday, and still the same this morning. Argh!

- I just stepped on a wasp while vacuuming. Same burning feeling I've experienced before, but was outside then. Must have been hiding in my carpet. Ewww!
The funny thing was, my older Cat was sleeping in the top bunk of the kitty condo. Usually he runs when the vacuum comes out, but he never moved. Well, he's 13 yrs old so am wondering if he's going deaf? Which would also explain why he doesn't flinch when I yell at him. Who me, yell?

Here's the new program I joined a couple of days ago. I was waiting for it to be "more ready" before showing it to you, and I'm told it's good to go.
This is a first time Admin, "Vjay", just getting his feet wet in this business. Nothing wrong with that as long as he's prepared for it.
I do know that he has an experienced Admin as a mentor, so that should help him a lot. Sometimes I prefer to support the little guy rather than the bigger outfits. They may actually surprise us in the long run.
- Anyway it's a straight 2% x 75 Days.
- only accepts SolidTrustPay at this time.
- Minimum $10 spend.
- RC is 3% first level, 2% second level.
(hope that keeps the referral hounds off his back)
- payouts done weekly.
I think with reasonable spends and re-spends, this could last a long time if no one decides to HAR it. That would just be mean. 
Looks like an older script that's been around for awhile. But looks can be deceiving and you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover.
So bottom line is I did join 2 days ago, started with a modest $50 spend and have seen my 2% earnings in my back office daily.
Kudos to the new guy Vjay and I hope to see this one do well. Of course I will keep you all posted on it's progress.
Cheers !!!

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