Saturday, May 19, 2012

It's a Rainy Day - and I Love It !

Mike H: for some reason your comment from yesterday is not available for posting. But I agree with you that the JBP Support Area needs a lot of attention. If you've ever listened to Frederick's Thursday calls, the majority of the members calling in are about Support issues that have not gotten resolved in a reasonable amount of time. So I hear ya and I do hope that your problem gets sorted out soon. there is a new brief Update in the member area that I didn't read before I upgraded both my Buddy and Dragonfly memberships (idiot). So I've asked them to return the Buddy fee to my account since the Higher Membership Now Covers ALL!
Posted May 19th, 2012
New: From today onwards, ONE Membership covers all Matrices! The highest Membership owned covers every lower Membership. In other words, Members receive even Matrix payments for lower Memberships. Members who holding more as one Membership at a time will receive Membership to Token exchanges. Members will receive more information and News in Mint's upcoming newsletter.
Reminder: Premier Members receive (1) Free Token for (10) Tokens purchased at a time. (until 01 June, 2012)
P.S. We are working on the System, if your membership shows expiration date 2032, no ticket submission needed. No one will be that lucky!

Also just received their Official 9th Newsletter Update. I won't post it here, it's long, but it should be available on the site soon.

28 in 5 Days: that's how many fraudulent Alert Pay - Payza emails I've received that I've forwarded to for their investigations. You would think these scammers could find a better way to use whatever brains they have. Geez :(

SafeRisk: details have been added to the members area:
Server time: 2012-05-19 7:27:14    Next earnings: 2012-05-20 5:55:31
But there's still some work to do on the site. I won't bug the Admin because I know he's working on all those pesky little problems. So far so good though :)

GBC: woo-hooo for GBC today. I not only received my weekend profit share, I also received a final payment on one of my older 40 plans AND received an initial payment on a new Easy 40 Plan! (Gord must have put down his Playboy Magazine and decided to work today. Don't tell him I said that. LOL)


Elmer said...

28 in 5 days? LOL. I thought it was a new surf site you were informing us about and I was looking for the link to go sign up(^-^).


blondie said...

Elmer LOL
Thanks for the chuckle this morning.
Does make for a good name though huh? haha

Elmer said...

Sure does. 28% in 5 days..
LOL, the hit and runners would love that!!!!

blondie said...

Actually it's 41 in 6 days now.
These hackers and scammers just don't rest, do they? :(

Elmer said...

41% in 6 days is even better...))


blondie said...

Yes it is Elmer, IF we were talking about a site.
Unfortunately we're not and these dang emails are driving me crazy! Had another 18 or so yesterday. Sheesh!