Thursday, May 31, 2012

STP - Talk Of The Town

SolidTrustPay: unfortunately STP seems to be the talk of the town for the past few days. I myself was concerned about this Licensing issue, but so far Colorado has not been affected. I did receive my JBP withdrawal yesterday to STP and also received a bank transfer from STP today. Whew!
Here's some news from their general forum:
As many members are aware, the US enacted new laws in the latter part of 2011 to enforce foreign companies involved in financial services to acquire licenses in all states where their clients are located.  

SolidTrust Pay has begun this process.  While the process is ongoing, members in various states will have full access to view and update their accounts, change passwords, submit verification documents, etc.  

They will not be able to deposit or receive funds, which is unfortunate, but a reality we will all just need to accept and be patient with.  

Any members with any balances in their accounts will be able to click the REFUND MY BALANCE link that is being setup (and should be available by May 31, 2012).  For members that do not request refunds in a timely manner, we will pro-actively send them a check or ACH bank transfer.  

Members in affected states will see a notice appearing in their account when they go to the MY MONEY / DEPOSIT MONEY area.  This notice explains why they are seeing the notice and addresses the basic questions right there.

If you are not seeing any notice, then nothing has affected you yet.  

An alternative solution, and one that we are actively working on, is to partner with an existing entity that already has full, or even partial, state licensing.  If we are successful in this endeavour, then some states may never be affected.  

Of course, as licenses are acquired, any affected states are enabled again and everyone is business as usual.

Let's all work together to make the transition flow as easily as possible, keep rumours to a minimum and information at a maximum.

We will pop in daily to answer questions and provide any updates as they are available.

They've also set up a new forum called the SolidTrust USA Member Center, and you can find it here:
Under 'Forum' I clicked on 'News' and read some interesting information. There is an STP Moderator on board answering individual concerns. Will keep updated as frustrating as it is :(

Moving on: JBP-JSS-Tripler continues to rock my world and apparently last week they broke all kinds of records:
(^_^) JSS-Tripler - 5 New Records?
Welcome to all our new members!
Our new JSS-Tripler positions bought hit 5 new records last week. Monday was an all-time new record. Then, every day from Tuesday to Friday, a new record was hit every day! Thanks to all our promoters for helping make JSS-Tripler so successful!

This coming Sunday, June 3rd will be my 14 Month Anniversary in JBP and quite honestly... I've lost track of all the things that JBP has helped me with. Now I'm not a shop-o-holic and I'm still frugal with my money, but at least I don't have to stress about every little extra expense that comes along when you least expect it.

Thank You again Frederick Mann for creating such a wonderful program and Thank You to all the members that keep it rolling!

TheGoldenPath: was just chatting with a couple of members who thought that joining the new pay processor "EZYBONDS" was mandatory. To the best of my knowledge, it is not.
You can still use AP/Payza or STP if that's what you prefer. But if you do decide to join the new one, you must do it from their link in order to be paid and/or be paid commissions.
- PS, those looking for some action after they join, you must be patient and wait your turn. I now have 10 matrices from my daily $2 subscription and they are all empty at the moment. Am not concerned about it because I understood a little about how the matrices work before I joined. That's why I funded my e-wallet with enough to cover my daily sub's for a few weeks.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Picnic's Over - Back to Work

Isn't it funny how kids never seem to get tired?
After a picnic lunch yesterday, we watched Olivia climb stairs and go down the slide at the park at least 47 times!! Good grief! TG there was a nice tree to sit under and stay cool while watching.

JBP-JSS-Tripler: couldn't ask for a better program.
Was thinking about something the other day which I find a little strange. More than once on Frederick's calls, someone asked if he would ever increase the amount for our daily withdrawals?
As of today, we can withdrawal up to $1,000.00 per day!
So it makes me wonder ... is $365,000 a year NOT enough for those people? Who are these people and what planet are they from?!?
Oh and Frederick's answer was 'No' by the way.

Safe Risk: running smoothly and paying daily from our quiet Admin Hugo. Just because he doesn't update doesn't mean he's not working. Thumbs up.

Golden Path: lots of changes coming so maybe I'll post their update at the bottom for those who are interested. It's quite long and I'd rather finish my own updates first.
* Just checked my own account from "View Board", then "My Matrices" and all of my boards are still empty. Now remember I started on the 20th and we know this takes awhile to get moving. Will update as we go :)

GBC: my account balance has grown again, so I'm going to buy into another Easy $40 Plan and purchase the PIF's on top of it. Just keeping the ball rolling. Thanks Gord. purchased another 'Spectacle' today with profit. Everything is going smooth there too. Oh wait ... I need to read their update. BRB
OK, they're adding a direct Bank transfer so that you can withdraw from the Mint directly to your Bank Account. Minimum is $500 so I guess I don't need to worry about that for awhile, LOL
Also when your monthly membership fee is due, be sure to have the funds in your mint-wallet if you've chosen the 'auto-renew' feature. It will look there and not in cash-balance for the renewal fee. OK

As promised, here's the latest Golden Path newsletter:

We have very exciting news to share with all members.
First we would like to apologize for the technical issues at the conference call.  Until further notice we are suspending conference calls until we can find a better resource for weekly conferences that is professional and without flaws.
Here is the recording from tonight's call:

To make our site more secure we have implemented a pin system.  Please add your pin to your profile.  You will need this pin when requesting a payout or when transferring funds to another member account.  Do no share your pin number with anyone.

We are aware of the problems with missing and delayed subs and we will be moving to a new server to end this problem.  Stan will give us 12 to 24 hour notice before the move.  The site will be closed for approximately 2 days while the move is completed.  Positions will continue to cycle during the down time but you will not be able to log in to your account or transfer or add funds.  A newsletter will be send when we have more info on when the site will be taken down.  Please do not send in support tickets do to missing or duplicate subs, these tickets will be deleted.
Angels now control 70% of the matrix and after our server move , it will make it much easier to inject more angels into the system ......our future is looking very bright.

We can confirm that our new Payment Gateway has been approved at all levels.  We can confirm that the gateway will be available so that you can commence setting up your accounts, in about 24 to 48 hours.

We cannot name the Gateway yet as it very important that everybody open their new accounts from The Golden Path Members Payment Landing Page.  This is so that we are able to comply with all of the various International Laws surrounding such things as Money Laundering and Terrorist Activities.

If you do not sign up from within The Golden Paths Members Payment Landing Page, we will not be able to pay you!
There are certain Identification documents that you will need in order to open your accounts. These documents are stored by the Payment Company for use should they ever be audited.
Providing that you provide all of the necessary documentation at time of sign up, your account will be activated immediately. THERE IS NO PROCESSING TIME.
Your documents will be used twice, so please make sure that you do not delete the docs from your files as you will need them again when you apply for your TGP Debit Cards.
Everyone will need PHOTO ID
Everyone will need PROOF of ADDRESS
·        Photo ID’s can be provided by scanning or taking a photo of one of the following:
  1.  A current Drivers License; or
  2.  A current Passport; or
  3.  A current ID card; or
  4.  A Current Student ID card.
·        Proof of Address can be provided by scanning or taking a photo one of the following:
  1. A current Bank Statement; or
  2. A current Utility Bill; or
  3. A Letter from a Solicitor which confirms your address; or               
  4. A current Government Document.
You will be opening an Account with the Payment Gateway. Similar to a Bank Account.
You will be able to apply for a The Golden Path Debit Card. These will be available approximately 4 weeks following your order.
You will be able to transfer funds from YOUR Account to any Bank of your choice across the world.
You will be able to transfer funds between other account holders via the internet – INSTANTLY.
You will be able to load your Account using EFT, BPay, and Wire. Credit Cards will not be accepted.
The Golden Path will Pay you directly into your new account.
THEN you will be able to load your Debit Cards from your account, INSTANTLY, and then spend your money anywhere in the world where Credit/Debits cards are accepted and at any ATM in the world.
There is a daily draw limit – similar to the Golden Path’s – BUT, you can hold as much money as you like in your account and you can transfer it to wherever you like without using the Debit Card.
The cost of using the system ranges from $1.00 to $3.50 per transaction. That is all.
You can transfer money from USD to any Currency in the world, however not every country will allow you to transfer their currencies to other currencies:
Those currencies currently supported by our new processor and the Banks where your monies will be held include:
AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS, Commonwealth Bank.
US DOLLARS, Bank of America
BAHAMIAN DOLLAR, Scotia Bank Bahamas Ltd
TAIWAN DOLLAR, ANZ Banking Group Ltd
Over the next few months some new load currencies will come on line including:  CHINESE YUAN, EURO, INDIAN RUPEE, NEW ZEALAND DOLLARS, PHILIPPINE PESO, JAPANESE YEN & THAI BAHT
We will advise all members the new gateway sign up link as soon as everything has been tested.

Please be sure to have your downline sign up for the newsletter.  All site information will be sent through this newsletter.

Thank you and God Bless,
Stan Jensen and Jason Hall

And then this came later in the day:
Dear Membership,
We are very much aware of volume issue and the missing sub positions in the system. 
We are preparing to move to a bigger server and the programmer is modifying the script to resolve these issues.
Multiple emails to any of our support team or admin will not be responded to together our work is complete with the above.
Your patience is greatly appreciated as we need to concentrate on this matter not support tickets .....
BE PATIENT, it will all come together soon !

Thank you,
Jason Hall

Monday, May 28, 2012

Saturday, May 26, 2012

It's The Weekend

Olivia's breakfast attire.
Silly Girl :)

JBP-JSS-Tripler: not much news on the morning call today. Most people asking questions about their own Restart situation.
- Restart - 1st stage is complete.
Now moving on from the latest restart, we can look forward to:
- JBP Living
- Traffic Exchange and Surf Site
- Platinum upgrades
- Level 2 and 3 membership upgrades
- Daily earnings from Tripler's should resume as normal today. (I received yesterdays and today's both on the 26th server time.)
- Calculator has been adjusted for the 1.5% weekend rate. But it does not account for any RC and/or Restarts.
- Do Not email support re: the restart or how your account was affected. As far as JBP is concerned, it was completed correctly.
Now from where I sit, I can see members still buying Tripler's like crazy. Well of course they are. We just had a Restart. As a matter of fact, purchased 30 more today myself with confidence.

OK, that's all for now. 
It's cold in here but the sun is shining so I'm going outside for a bit. Catch you later.
- Getting windy so I came back in.

SafeRisk: just received a really fast payout from SR. Must have caught Hugo (the Admin) at his desk.

GoldenPath: it's the end of my first week and am currently just watching those daily $2 sub's come out. I would guess maybe another week or two before I start seeing any "action" there. Thanks to all who have joined :)

GBC: got a nice little profit share from Gord today from the regular weekend run.

- Feel really crappy today. I don't think I slept good last night. But I'll keep talking for as long as I (or you) can stand it. (smile)

Profiter'sClub: will be coming back with a whole new look soon. I believe it's going to be a surf site also. Will update as I learn more. as it turned out, my Spectacle (Promo) purchase did go through and I did receive 2.5% on that new Token. Surely that can't be a mistake on the site, but why would there be 2 different levels for purchasing a Spectacle?
If anyone read the newsletter more carefully than I did, let me know if you know the answer to that. Thx

OK, going to visit the girls at ShowBizHits for a few.
Will be back if I need to be. K

Friday, May 25, 2012


JBP-JSS-Tripler: Restart Day!!!
- First stage of the Restart has started.
- Your "Latest Restart" Button, (stats) will appear in your Tripler back office by the end of the day, if not there already.
- Due to the delay for this restart, if you have a large account, up to 50% of your 'eligible positions' may be converted to JSS positions.
- Your 2% earnings will be delayed today.
- Payouts may be delayed a little while also.
- Second part, which is the restart feed, (placement of converted tripler's into members JSS account), will take 30-60 days to complete.
- Premium Positions are filling in approx. 34 days now.
- JSS positions (from expired Triplers) are taking approx. 20 days to be placed.
- And JBP has close to 1 million members? WoW!
You know... on those Thursday night calls that Frederick does, the gal introducing him always says "You're in the right place, at the right time!" I do believe that! (big smile)
- Watching the chat in the conf room this morning is giving me a headache though. I wish the newbie questions would be asked at another time and not during the scheduled live call. It's like nobody reads their email updates.
Same applies to the Support Ticket issues that members always feel the need to ask Frederick about on Thursday nights. Poor guy... having to say the same thing over and over again. I had to hang up after the first hour but will listen to the rest of the call today.
Anyway, I'm glad the Restart is Alive and Well and Running.
PS: had 2 more JSS positions created last night so as always, I went in and bought the placements and premiums for spots 1 and 2 in those.
Good Luck Everyone and again, Happy Restart Friday!

WARNING: just read the following at the forum and thought it was worth sharing.  DO NOT reply to any of those Hacker emails you get pretending to come from JustBeenPaid.
I want to warn everyone about the spamm emails. I know all of you have gotten them. I received about 4 of them so far and on the last one I was so fed up that I relpied YOU SORRY CROOK! and somehow that was turned into a ticket with JBP. I got an email from JBP saying my ticket had been received. I do not know how they did it, but I hope they do not try to make it look like I sent the spamm one out. Just wanted to let everyone know so you will not try to write anything back to the hackers because they will turn it around on you.

Going out for a bit. BBL
- OK back with fish, chicken, shrimp, fries, hush puppies and coleslaw. Hey you gotta splurge once in a while, right?

SafeRisk: received my cash out either late yesterday or early today. Don't remember for sure but it was definitely a fast enough payout. Thanks Hugo.

TheGoldenPath: got some really good info from my Sponsor about what others are saying about the program. Tell you what, the more I read about it, the more comfortable it makes me feel. Lots of happy members out there.
My subscription fee's are all caught up now, although they do come out a little later than what's stated. Don't think it's anything to worry about though, just one of those pesky things you need to remember. bought a new Spectacle yesterday and cashed out a little RC today. Thanks to those who joined from my link. Going really good there :)

Going surfing over at ShowBizHits and will think about if there's anything else I need to talk about while I'm there.
PS: was kind of refreshing seeing the JBP site go by a couple of times. Normally all you see there is more TE's. (sorry girls but you know I don't look for more TE's, but other things (programs) of interest).

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Almost Like Hot Flashes

Our Weather that is, lol
On Tuesday, we hit a high temp of 93F. Broke a record from 1939 for that. Then Tues night and last night it Snowed in the Mountains. Only supposed to be 69F here today but it's windy as heck. If it settles down, I do need to do more work outside before it's too late in the season.

JBP-JSS-Tripler: Noticed two changes in their news update today and I made them bold so you don't have to think about it.

"The next Restart will be done any day now. Because of the long delay since the Restart was first announced, many of the JSS-Tripler positions that earlier would have qualified for conversion to JSS positions have now matured. Because of this the "Maximum Restart Percentage" will be 50% for large accounts.
Most important is that JSS-Tripler accounts opened after 4/1/12 will NOT be affected by the Restart.
ALL JSS-Tripler positions bought on or after 4/7/12 will NOT be affected by the Restart.
This is a great time to buy JSS-Tripler positions, because buying now and during the coming weeks is like buying just after a Restart."

OK so 50% instead of 40% and they have set a date for those newer accounts that will not be affected.

- I've had 3 people ask me in the last few days "what is the best time to put in a withdrawal request at JBP?"
By trial and error I have found that shortly after their server day change seems to be the best time now. That would be just after 6:00 PM EST. (I'll let you do the time zone look-up if you're not in the U.S.) So it's like 12 hours different then it was before. Fine by me so I don't have to get up at 4:00 AM to request a cash out.

- Be sure to check the Security Alerts on the site also. If you ever have a question as to whether or not an email came from JBP, just check there. Seems a program owner is trying to fool people into thinking that his/her program is a part of JBP. It is NOT and he's just another Scammer.

- One of my personal referrals filled 13 Matrices in the last 18 hours. I'm so happy for her, and me, since I get $5 bucks for each of those too, YaY!

SafeRisk: running smooth and just requested another payment. Will bet you I receive it today (smile). He's been pretty fast with those payouts. Thanks Hugo!

TheGoldenPath: my subscriptions are all caught up now and another $2 should be coming out of my balance in the next hour or so.
Also am going to try to find out if the script it fixed now or if they're still doing it manually. Will let you know.
- Oh I love the MMG forum. Here's the latest from a top member who actually shares good info, not just the same old 'bla bla bla' like some of those promoters do:
Just wanted to add that an update will be coming shortly so we all will know what the status is so far and how things are progressing.

Also from what im seeing the subs are on a delay along the lines of 10hours..
at least that is what is going on with accounts I have been asked to look at for others..

This might be do to 2 things.. 
1. server down time we had 
2. Time zone change that came with it

So with that being said the ones who are ONLY 1 day or so behind 
due to old timezone compared to now and also downtime )

Your account is working fine..
I will post the update as soon as it comes down from Admin 
Just wanted to give you my own view of things and does not mean that I am correct at all


PS: from me. DO NOT send in support tickets during this time. They are overwhelmed with them and cannot take time to answer simple questions. Read the site, ask your sponsor, join their skype group, request their News Letters. Am sure you can find the info you need without sending in a ticket.

GBC: surfed at GBC just now and made 5 cents for doing that. Gord does pay a little on our active PIF's for surfing. Must surf 40 sites and it's auto.

Profiter's Club: is still coming back. It's just taking a while to set up the new site. just surfed there too and bought a new Spectacle - (PROMO) while I was there. Is that odd or is it just me? I thought the Spectacle "Promo" Tokens were only available until May 1st? Well, if anyone knows the answer, let me know. Thx Rumor has it that this one is run by the same group that ran (and still has live) aDailyCash. Well, I don't know that for a fact but there sure are a lot of similarities in the sites. I am NOT in EarnerEnvy and don't plan to be either. Kapish?
PS: have $1,067 and 80K in credits at aDailyCash which are now totally worthless!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Best of the Best and ...

aDailyCash: the worst of the worst!
Not only are they not paying, they're still open for new spends, AND if you click on any of the 125 Ad Banners on the site, you will see that it redirects to someones (probably their) JBP Advertisement. Talk about a Dirty Trick!
I went ahead and deleted the two banners I had running there. I am NOT going to let them use my credits on their trashy site. Just ticks me off that any Admin could be that dirty!!!

JBP-JSS-Tripler: love needs no words, lol

SafeRisk: day 22 of earnings on my first spend there, which is a little more than half back already. I did make two more spends after that first day and feeling comfortable with all of it :)

TheGoldenPath: they are having a little trouble with Subscriptions started in the last 3 days. Geez, hope I didn't jinx them when I joined.
I opened my first Sub. on Sunday and the system did take out the $2.00 daily fee. Also showed my next sub was due on the 21st. Well, it got stuck there and the 21st came and went and so did the 22nd with no fee taken out.
I did submit a support ticket and I see that today the 21st was paid, but still waiting on the 22nd and soon (a few hours) the 23rd.
They are aware of the problem and are working on it as we speak, however:
If you have issues with your account, fill this in here:
Also, I received quite a few great comments about TGP in yesterdays post. So those of you thinking about it might want to read what others are saying.

GoldenPath: Update One: just got home from the grocery store and checked my TGP account. They have taken the $2 Subscription for May 22nd. Now just waiting on May 23rd and I'll be all caught up. Good Job TPG.

*** Just read this WARNING in Gord's Home Biz newsletter and felt you all should know about it. (and yes, I've seen those sites while surfing too, so will be sure to Report then from now on :) Thanks Gord. Good Stuff, LOL

Our Investigation is now Completed on the Following programs

The Above programs are just a SCAM. If you have Purchased anything
from the above sites using either Paypal, AlertPay / Payza or E-Check
in the last 60 Days then Dispute them with AlertPay and Paypal. If you
Purchased thru E-Check contact your bank and say it was a
Fraud Transaction. They will then investigate and a Good Chance
will return your Money.

Lets shut the sites and People running them down. All they are doing
is taking in as much Money as Possible. They Pay out a Little to make
it look like they are honest. If you are a member you probably get a
lot of emails from them asking to Purchase different packages.

What they do is take in orders and Pay out a little to make it look
legitimate. Most of the People that are owed Money are not getting Paid.
Once they take in enough Money they will just Disappear.

The Person running this Operation is Billy Caudell.

Thanks for the warning from Bill Long... this smooth operator is working
out of Florida and he continues to open more sites.

Heard there was a scatter shark offshore there in Florida.
Well.. here's a Great White living on the land... careful guys.
His programs are currently floating around in surf rotators as
well so I send in a dispute when I see them for removal.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Golden Path

I need to blog today.
Yes I know I missed two days.
Well, Sunday was a day of rest (and working outdoors).
Yesterday, spent 6 more hours at the DMV. Was so burned out by the time I got home, my brain felt like mush! lol

I joined TheGoldenPath on Sunday.
I'll discuss it more at the end of today's post.

JBP-JSS-Tripler: still no restart, fine by me.
Earning daily. Payouts done quickly.
My Knight in Shining Armor!!

SafeRisk: had a little problem with an STP withdraw a couple of days ago. But once I mentioned it to Support, it was fixed quickly and I was paid. Good to know they're responsive.

Profiter'sClub: still on hold for now. just a daily routine. Check my numbers, do my surfing, decide what to do with my account balance. I do enjoy it when things run smoothly.

And for the 2 programs that I dropped out of OR are not working:
T2MoneyKlub: if you were one of the 54 members who opted-out when given the opportunity (two or so months ago), you still need to log into your account and fill out the form that asks what you want to do.
If you click "Option #1" for full payment, you don't need to enter a number. Also be sure your pay processor info is in your profile.
Good Luck and keep me informed.

aDailyCash: I received 14 emails from ADC telling me I've completed one matrix or another. Nice to know BUT too bad we can never get the money out. It shows almost 900 dollars in my account balance. How sad is that?

Banner 2 468 x 60

The Golden Path has been running a little over a month. Normally I like to get in first thing, but after seeing a lot of success with it, decided to jump in now.
This is not for free members or those who only want to pay $10 one time. This is a $2 daily subscription forever!
- There's a video on the front page to watch.
- Everyone joins one "Team" matrix.
- No sponsoring required to earn.
- Accepts AP(Payza) and STP.
Well that's all on the main page.
- What you do is fund your e-wallet, then buy one subscription.
- Click on Finance - then 'My Subscriptions' and the program will subtract $2 daily from your e-wallet funds to add to the matrices.
- Do NOT click to buy subscriptions every day, else you'll be obligated to that many subscriptions.
- You cannot let your e-wallet go empty. Else you'll lose your current subs.
I funded my e-wallet with $60 which will pay my daily $2 sub for 30 days. But you can start with as little as $20 (will cover 10 days worth).
Have been told from a couple of members that you probably won't see much action there for the first few weeks. But once you have a month or so under your belt, it could/should get moving pretty good.
See the Compensation Plan here. (that is not my link)
- And here are the FAQ's.
These guys also do Webinar's that are recorded and in YouTube.
I actually joined this late in the day on Sunday but didn't have time to write about it. And you know how yesterday went, so no time then either.
Give a holler if you have any questions and if I don't know the answer, will check with my Sponsor or other members.
***Forgot to add: Once you join, you should sign up for their newsletters.
Please sign up for the newsletter so that you are 
aware of current issues and all other site news. You can sign up at :

Now off to catch up on my emails.
Have a great day!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

It's a Rainy Day - and I Love It !

Mike H: for some reason your comment from yesterday is not available for posting. But I agree with you that the JBP Support Area needs a lot of attention. If you've ever listened to Frederick's Thursday calls, the majority of the members calling in are about Support issues that have not gotten resolved in a reasonable amount of time. So I hear ya and I do hope that your problem gets sorted out soon. there is a new brief Update in the member area that I didn't read before I upgraded both my Buddy and Dragonfly memberships (idiot). So I've asked them to return the Buddy fee to my account since the Higher Membership Now Covers ALL!
Posted May 19th, 2012
New: From today onwards, ONE Membership covers all Matrices! The highest Membership owned covers every lower Membership. In other words, Members receive even Matrix payments for lower Memberships. Members who holding more as one Membership at a time will receive Membership to Token exchanges. Members will receive more information and News in Mint's upcoming newsletter.
Reminder: Premier Members receive (1) Free Token for (10) Tokens purchased at a time. (until 01 June, 2012)
P.S. We are working on the System, if your membership shows expiration date 2032, no ticket submission needed. No one will be that lucky!

Also just received their Official 9th Newsletter Update. I won't post it here, it's long, but it should be available on the site soon.

28 in 5 Days: that's how many fraudulent Alert Pay - Payza emails I've received that I've forwarded to for their investigations. You would think these scammers could find a better way to use whatever brains they have. Geez :(

SafeRisk: details have been added to the members area:
Server time: 2012-05-19 7:27:14    Next earnings: 2012-05-20 5:55:31
But there's still some work to do on the site. I won't bug the Admin because I know he's working on all those pesky little problems. So far so good though :)

GBC: woo-hooo for GBC today. I not only received my weekend profit share, I also received a final payment on one of my older 40 plans AND received an initial payment on a new Easy 40 Plan! (Gord must have put down his Playboy Magazine and decided to work today. Don't tell him I said that. LOL)

Friday, May 18, 2012

Happy Friday

First I want to say Thank You to Dave at T2MK for sending out some payments today. One of my referrals who joined late in the game received his entire refund today. Yes, he has chosen to leave the program, and from reading the forum thread, so have many others. For those who decided to stay, I wish you all well :)

JBP-JSS-Tripler: Tuned in to the morning conf call with Dom. Just a few things to mention:
- Every time you log into the site, read the updates.
- New entry for support tickets, see the green HERE button.

Help Desk Tickets are currently not being created when you send an E-mail to
So in order to contact our help desk, submit a help desk ticket by clicking HERE

Please note there is a fraudulent email circulating with the subject: "JustBeenPaid - You won 100 usd". This email DID NOT originate from the JBP system and is a "phishing" attempt at getting your personal Liberty Reserve Account information. Please click on our Important Security Alerts banner below for more information. *** Stay informed, stay safe! ***

Daily Payouts (up to 2%) currently take up to 5 hours to be accomplished, starting at 12:05 CEST.

The daily JSS-Tripler Feed (JSS matrixes from expired positions) is experiencing some temporary delays in matrix placement.
We appreciate your patience as we work to enhance and optimize the system.

- Expired Tripler's (in groups of 4) are taking approx. 20 days to be transferred to a new JSS matrix.
- Alexa rating at 379 today. WoW!
- Platinums, Level 2 and 3 are all coming after the restart.
- Level 1 Benefit: receive your Matrices from your expired Tripler's and gives you access to "The Success Breakthrough". 
- Restart is still coming but not sure when. A few days, a week?
- Also still on the drawing board... their TE, surf site and more.
Alrighty then.
I received a nice payout from JBP yesterday, which is a good thing cause I have some nasty bills to pay right now. Do you realize how much Attorney's cost these days? Unfortunately we had to hire one back in February and those fees just keep climbing. The good part is, it's almost done. Whew!
Thanks again to JBP and all the members! What a blessing!

Safe Risk: my missing interest for the 16th was manually added to my account from the Admin. TY for that. Now I see today's interest (17th) was posted as normal. Cool. Must be back on track with whatever bug that was. Time for a cash out request.

I should be outside. It's going to be 87F here this afternoon. It's only 10:00 AM right now. I should get out and do something before the heat comes in.

GBC: went all in for another round of a $40 board plus all the PIF's. Cost $91 in total but we always get back more in return :) Thanks Gord.

Speaking of Gord, he mentioned to me that he was having trouble getting an AP/Payza withdraw from JBP. Well, he was trying to do it first thing in the morning like he always has.
A-hem!!! Gord, did you read my blog post yesterday? Try that Payza cash out later in the day and see what happens. Well he did, and it went through for him. So he was a happy camper when he signed off for the night. Glad I could help, lol

Profiter's Club: site is still up but it won't be for much longer. Remember that he's changing the site/script/the works. So don't try to do anything there. K been pretty much flawless since the start. Daily earnings are right on and payouts have been fast too. Today I think I'll add a couple of Spectacle's and cash out what's left. Little in - little out, that's the plan.

ShowBizHits: for you surfers out there:
Reminder: We are planning to upgrade our server today. Don't anticipate any break in service, but wanted you to be aware. If the site goes down, it should only be a brief period of down time. We hope there isn't any at all. This upgrade is necessary to facilitate our growth and periods of high traffic. Thanks for all your support!
Well I just surfed 26 sites with no problem.
Have a great Friday!
I'm going outside :))

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Slinky Cat

Just got home from the grocery store.
What a tedious chore that we all have to do, if we want to eat that is.

JBP-JSS-Tripler: no new news other than reading about those stupid scam emails going around to members. Either saying that you've won $100 LR in JBP, or the one that says you need to verify your AP-Payza account in order to receive your payment. Just remember they're all a bunch of BS so don't click on any of the links in those emails.
JBP is a busy place though. Lots of Tripler's being bought, lots of matrix additions and cycling. I myself got two new matrices yesterday, which I bought placements and premiums for today.

Safe Risk: checked this morning and was missing my interest from 5/16. I contacted support and they said it'll show up in a few hours. Still waiting.

GBC: Payza is taking their good old sweet time getting GBC re-verified to accept payments through them. Plus Gord has to replace the old Alert Pay buttons with Payza buttons now too. So you either need patience or STP in the interim.

Profiter's Club: will be closing the current site and replacing it with a newer one and a better script. Yes, everyone who spent in TPC has been refunded. interest earned was up a couple of cents more for me today. I have enough in my account to buy more positions, so I might do that soon.

ShowBizHits: if you surf at ShowBiz, they're doing a site upgrade tomorrow so if the site is unavailable when you go there, just try again in a few minutes, or hours :)

That's all for now.
How cute is this little guy? 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Back To Work

It's true. I wasn't here for very long yesterday. Just long enough to check my programs, surf and do a few cash outs.
Was at Court at 8 AM (long story), then took the only car that's running for an Emissions test so I can renew the license plates for another year. Then since it was such a warm day outside, decided to finally go purchase the plants (flowers) for my front yard. Then (of course) had to plant them all.
My back and hands hurt so bad by the time I was done, went to bed before it was even dark out, LOL

Alert Pay / Payza: checked in on them today and it looks like their transfer was successful. You need to log into Payza with the same email address and password as AP. It all worked fine for me.
Also if you're receiving those SCAM emails that I mentioned in my last post, forward them on to AP. I sent 4 yesterday and have 8 more (so far) to send today.
As AlertPay/Payza take these matters very seriously, we are contacting you in order to see if you could forward the emails you have received to This will ensure that, if we haven't already done so, we can take action on this phishing site as soon as possible.

Speaking of AP/Payza...
JBP-JSS-Tripler: because I went to bed so early last night, I got up very early again today. Brain Storm! Wonder if it's early enough to request a cash out from JBP to my Payza account? Hurry Hurry Hurry.
Log in, open JBP, try to request... dang. So 5:45 AM my time was too late. Well, I'll either try again tomorrow or request via STP instead.
Also still no Restart but they wrote "Our programming for the Restart is progressing." OK by me.
Now don't forget about this either. I received quite a few emails asking me about it, so here you go:
Please note there is a fraudulent email circulating with the subject: "JustBeenPaid - You won 100 usd". This email DID NOT originate from the JBP system and is a "phishing" attempt at getting your personal Liberty Reserve Account information. Please click on our Important Security Alerts banner below for more information. *** Stay informed, stay safe! ***
**PS: this is odd. Just for grins, I logged into JBP and tried to withdraw via Alert Pay-Payza. Was 5:22 PM my time AND it went through. WooHooo! Now I can sleep in tomorrow.

Safe Risk: if you did not enter your Pay Processor info when you joined, you can do it now. Just log into SR, click on My Profile, then "Update Financial Details". I did that on Monday and received my pending payment shortly thereafter. Good Stuff Maynard.

GBC: always doing fine. As a matter of fact, am about to spend there again today. When I get to a certain amount of earnings, I like to throw most of it back in for another round. Thanks Gord :)

Profiter's Club: will be moving to their new script this week. In the meantime, I'm still earning the 2% daily on my first spend there. And once their move is done, all will be transferred to the new site, plus funding should be working properly. Wonderful. have earned the same amount three days in a row. Now some of those percentages are 'locked in' since my spend was made prior to May 1st. All in all, the site seems to be doing extremely well.

aDailyCash: BONK! Finally ditched them from my side bar. I don't want anyone new joining by mistake without reading my posts about them first.
Checked this morning and last payment proofs are from May 11th. Well that just sucks. Good Night Gracie.

Am still watching the shenanigans over at T2MoneyKlub and Compound150. Latest reports are: No Payments have been made to T2 members... whether members are staying, leaving or have opted-out months ago. No money has gone out for over a month now.
C150 is still running and paying from what I can tell. And since I'm still in the red there, I'll continue to cash out and hope to get my spend back at least.

Alright, I need to go clean out my email box. JSS Support sure sends me a lot of emails that I have to delete often. But am I complaining? No siree. 90% of those emails are telling me I've made fifty cents, a dollar, or several dollars. Now who in their right mind would complain about that? YaY!!!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Over Under Sideways Down, Backwards Forwards Square and Round - When Will It End?

With the Alert Pay change to Payza today, I have been getting a lot of spam about my AP account needing verification. NOT! There is nothing wrong with my AP account and I am not going to click on any of those links in the phishing emails, and neither should you! Be careful out there, OK

Same goes for JustBeenPaid. Lots of folks have received an em
ail saying that they Won $100 from JBP and to 'just click here'. Yes that is another scam attempt to get into your JBP account and clean it out. What a bunch of idiots and crooks they are! Please be careful with those sorts of emails. Delete them as fast as you can!

Open Close Open Close Open Close
I don't know what kind of games Dave is playing over at T2MK, but this changed my mind crap needs to stop and stop fast. Else the few supporters he has left will drop him like a hot potato too.
If you read the latest Update, he said he'll still do the payouts as promised. (now this is after he told you to go get the money from the pay processors yourself.) Makes you wonder how many members have already filed a dispute? And how soon it will be before they freeze his accounts?
I guess at this point, if you have money in your T2 account and want it out, you better get your request in before he changes his mind again.
Hope he keeps his word and you all get whatever amount you've requested. I personally have bowed-out from the 'game' over a week ago, and for good reasons too.

JBP-JSS-Tripler: I love making money while I sleep, don't you?

Safe Risk: the Admin should hire some support staff or someone to help with tickets. I've sent in yet another asking to have my profile updated with my AP and STP ID's. Still waiting :(
PS: I was told that we can update our own profiles now from the member area. I tried and it worked!
Also received a payment right after I did that. YaY! 

ProfitersClub: will be changing to a new look soon and when it does, you'll know more about it too. Remember me telling you that this new Admin has an experienced Admin as his mentor? OK then, you'll see soon enough.

The following is off topic (sort of), but funny as heck.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Would like to wish all the Mother's out there a
Very Happy Mother's Day!
I'll be out this afternoon relaxing and enjoying
good company with my kids, grand daughter
and grand doggies, lol
Hope you all have a Wonderful Sunday!

Saturday, May 12, 2012


I was out for quite a while yesterday, and I've come to the conclusion that working with the government, particularly the DMV (dept of motor vehicle) is like talking to a wall. They are right, you are wrong, and at their mercy. No matter how wrong they are, they will never admit it and you are the one who has to bend over. Really frustrating to say the least :(

JBP-JSS-Tripler: listened to Frederick's call from Thurs night. With regards to the Restart... they are in no hurry for it because the cash flow is really strong right now. And they're still working on the programming that does the restart. So it could be another 1-2 weeks before it happens.
- He also confirmed: "ALL JSS-Tripler positions bought on or after 4/7/12 will NOT be affected by the Restart. (This date will not change.)"
- 'JBP Living' is coming, but confidential at this point as to what it really will be. Although it will help to extend the timing between the restarts and will also bring additional income to the program.
- 'Traffic Exchange' addition will be launched within the next month or so.  
- Premiums are filling in 42-43 days.
JBP2: meaning Level 2, not sure how long before opening.
That's about it for now. Lots of newbie questions on the call today so I got my questions answered early on. Thanks Dom (today's speaker) and JBP and Frederick.

Speaking of nightmares...
T2MK and C150: Dave just announced this in a couple of forums: "I am closing both programs down as of NOW, and i will leave it to the processors to distribute the funds."
Hmmm. I need to think about that for a minute and will add to this post later.
PS, if you recall, I quit this program a week ago. I wrote a blog post about it and that was that. Done deal. Also was hoping to see members who requested their funds get paid. Obviously it's not going to happen the way Dave told you it would. Terrible.

SafeRisk: stuck my neck out last night and purchased a new position with STP since it's now available. Still trying to get my pay processor info into my profile, but they're not so good at responding to support tickets. So I sent in another today and hope to see it get done sooner than later.

GBC: got my weekend profit share already, thank you Gord. Now I need to decide to either buy more or cash out. Will probably do both :)

ProfitersClub: is changing scripts and current active members will continue earning during the process. Will keep you updated on that. nothing new to report. Just collecting my daily % every day, which is always a plus in my book.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bold and Blue and Blonde

Blondie: I've been a member of the MMG forum since January 16, 2005. I currently have 5,748 posts there. (Not that many considering how many years it's been.)
I read a lot, post a little, learn a lot, go there when I need to get info on something important, search for new programs to see 'how it's going', have made quite a few friends there over the years, and have learned a lot about people from how they post. Especially Admins. Sometimes their 'program updates' don't really expose their true personality.
Anyway... after seeing my friend "treebartt" take the plunge a few days ago to become an "MMG Supporter", I got to thinking about it too. I DO use this free forum every single day for updates and news. I do appreciate them always being there when I need them. I love this forum, the Admin, the Moderators, the whole bunch.
So yesterday I decided to put my money where my mouth is and upgrade to "MMG Supporter" myself. Yep, it costs a few bucks but less than you may think. And it's the least I can do after all this time to show Yippee and the staff how much I appreciate them :)
So from now on, Blondie will show as Bold and Blue to all those who visit MMG. About frickin time eh? LOL

JBP-JSS-Tripler: checked my account this morning and it still looks the same. Meaning no restart yet.
OK Frederick, I'm ready when you are.
Also, people are still snatching up those Triplers at a crazy rate! Well, I've done the same. I have more Triplers active now than I've ever had during the entire 13 months that I've been in it. Smiles.

Safe Risk: someone just wrote in the forum that STP is now available at Safe Risk. (see how handy that forum is?) Let me go check.
Yeppers, there it is in living color. I might just have to add a little more via STP. Will decide later.

The Profiters Club: last I heard they're having a horrible time with the script. I did manage to make a spend several days ago but it's an On and Off thing now. So I would say, do NOT try to purchase at this time. Let's wait and see what Admin decides to do about the problem. is doing excellent. I did purchase two more Spectacles yesterday after deciding not to take the Premium plunge. Don't think I'm quite ready for that commitment yet, but might change my mind later. I'll continue to keep a close eye on it. Or maybe even both eyes. hehe

aDailyCash: has turned into a joke. I hope everyone who joined, got in the same time as I did and is WELL into Profit by now. Everyone is having a hard time trying to "catch" the withdraw button. Must be a slippery little sucker, LOL.
I'm in profit so I gave up on it. I RE-spent $400 yesterday and another $100 today. I do hope those in the Red can get their funds out quickly. But I'm not going to compete with you for that withdraw button. It's All Yours!!

Feeling silly today and not sure why. Perhaps it's because I'm happy with who I am, and that I'm not like some other people.
I visit a lot of forums, read a lot of posts, get a lot of emails and blog comments (which I mostly love). But every so often I end up shaking my head and saying "Idiot".
Well, to each his own. So be it.

On that note, you all have a wonderful day.
I'm still debating on whether or not to mow the lawn today before it rains. Ahh we'll see.