Wednesday, January 23, 2008

and Today is a new day plus update tonight

Was kind of a bummer to receive the news about FastProfitPro this morning. The notice to members was sent out last night but I had already logged off.
I'm not really too surprised that it had to close. These games don't normally last very long, so 30+ days was a good run.
Oh and for those of you who don't go to the MMG Forum, here's a note from Dave the Admin, posted a couple of hours ago:

Hi members,
After doing refunds for those who deposited last, the final tally is those that lost $20 or more will be refunded 6%.

Total LR lost: -$27,033.92
Total LR funds: $1,622.04

We will start with LR refunds in a few moments.

And just for the record, I'd play again if and when he opens another :)
Thanks E1 and G for your honesty.


Haven't had time to check my other programs yet today.
I should be back a little later.
Craving Taco Bell and I'm hungry now so I'm otta here :))

ps, Scroll down and enter our drawing.
Top 5 winners will be paid! Enjoy

Updated 6:10 my time:
Entries submitted so far are:

- Nobody gives me shit when I'm dressed in drag working from home. (recently added)
- Smoking whenever I want and blowing smoke rings at the complaints! (recently added)
- Not having to keep up with the time...since I took off my watch the day I retired and don't even wear it anymore! (recently added)
- And for me, the REALLY big one...not having to listen to Christmas music being played on the damn P.A. starting before Halloween and lasting for the next 3 months! (recently added)

Alrighty then,
Cya tomorrow :)

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