Tuesday, January 8, 2008

One Step Further ...

Someone posted a comment here about e2ePay being a bit slow today. I just went to the site and noticed some really nice upgrades to our Referrals area. Go Look! You'll see what I mean. So perhaps the 'cycling' was turned off for a bit during that installation? Good Job Admin Chung!


Happy to see that FastProfitPro had added another avenue for us to play in their HYIP using our e-gold.
You can now transfer your e-gold directly into an STP position in the program.
I decided to give it a try this morning.
It all went smoothly except for one little glitch which should be fixed as soon as Admin reads the ticket I sent in.


Is it just me or does 10dollarswonder and e2ePay seem to pick up speed during the week? Do you think that most folks play while they're at work? or don't have internet access at home so have no choice?
In any case, they're both doing great and e2ePay is still cycling more than 10dollarswonder. I received 120 cycles notices from 10dw during the last 24 hours, and 200 from e2ePay!!
They both take e-gold and Alert Pay.
And if you need e-gold, let me know.


My shoulder is giving me grief so I'm off to baby it with a nice heating pad.
Happy Tuesday,


Ida Ayers said...

Hi Blondie! I enjoy reading your blog. Love hearing about the cats. I have 3 white cats all from same mom and so we have 4 white cats.
I have some questions about tendollarswonder and e2epay...
I do not seem to see all my commissions today and I have emailed support but no answer yet. Do you know if there is a slow down or maybe my emails are slower and I am getting these notices late. Anyway...not seeing the commissions as the emails come in. Thanks

blondie said...

Hi Ida,
Appreciate you visiting my blog :)
2 of my 3 cats are black, and I have 1 tabby. It's a houseful!

I noticed 10dw and e2ePay didn't move this morning either. Seemed like it was 'shut down' for a bit. I just checked and I am cycling again now. Could be that no one purchased or repurchased during that time. Or maybe Admin had to 'stop' things to set up something else. I really don't know but am not worried about it either.

Hope you're enjoying all that cycling on 'normal' days :))

Take care,

HermitJim said...

Blondie...sorry to hear about your shoulder bothering you. Mine acts up now and again, but in my case it's only when I first wake up! Can't be my age...wonder what it is? ( I see that grin...!)


blondie said...

How did you know I was smiling?

NO, couldn't be MY age either :(

I'll be out today so maybe NOT being in front of this pc all day will help? Time will tell.

Thanks for the grin :))