Thursday, January 24, 2008

Good Morning :)

Slept good, covered with my "body bag" last night. It's nice and furry on the inside so the cat kept wanting to get under the covers with me. Not sure if he ever did or not. I was zoned out :))
And I must say THANKS to my good friend Paul in Hawaii for sending this to me. I guess he felt sorry for me with all this cold and snow while he's enjoying "Paradise" on a daily basis. Oh and here's a funny clip he sent me about Hawaii's weather. (poor Pauly ... might have a cloud hovering over his head today) hehehe


Still doing GREAT over at 10DollarsWonder and e2ePay! Cycling never stops and membership grows every day!!!
In 10dollarswonder:
My total times cycled is 5839
That's just from Nov 23rd, cycling at 10 cents per pop!
The 'total times cycled' in e2ePay looks light, so I won't share that one.
I know how much money I've made and the times cycled seems off.

Still waiting for that option to buy with SolidTrustPay though.

Speaking of STP, has anyone had trouble getting in the last few days? I'll go check again now. Hope they're ok.


Was doing some reading in a forum this morning which made me really feel bad for the Admin of FastProfitPro. You know how it is, when you're handing people money, everybody's your friend. And when things are not so good, you then know who your friends really are. Not to say that all the members were 'friends' of the Admin, but the back stabbing that I've read was just atrocious.
Well you know, folks should not be spending more than they can afford to lose in a "Game". And the one's pointing the fingers are NOT NEW to this arena. They just think they should get special treatment because they spend more than others. No One twisted their arm to do that. Ridiculous!


Ok on a happier note ... Our contest for the "Best Reasons to be Working Online From Home" is still running and will be for about a week? Here's a funny post from js's blog:

By the way, one reader thought that my saying that I put on makeup was just gross. I guess the guy needs reading glasses or something. I clearly stated that the list was a compilation and brainstorming session between myself and Blondie (Judy), so obviously there is one female amongst the two of us and you can guess who made that particular statement! Can’t you? Or maybe the guy was just pulling my leg?"

So Send in your Entries Now!


I've been getting a lot of SPAM for a new cycler called PiggyBankRefill.
A lot of my spam comes from program owners of programs that have failed (or Scammed us) in the past, so they try to come back with something new and exciting to scam MORE of your money, but NEVER sign their name to the email or admit to who they are.
I did a little investigating on this one and will NOT be playing. That's all.


Just read this (second-hand) from STP. I did NOT personally receive it, and hope that it's legit. Here goes:

"Dear Members,

Yesterday, at 2:00pm EST the STPay site began to experience an unusual slow down Our tech team thought it was a server issue, so began to check resources and do updates. We re-installed and upgraded the main server areas, but the issue continued. At 3:00am EST our webhost determined that a massive DDOS attack was suspected and preventative measures brought to full readiness. At 2:00pm EST today the largest DDOS attack that our webhost (RackForce) has ever seen was launched against SolidTrust Pay. It began in Indonesia but is now centred out of Bucharest, Hungary. Via various proxy servers, attacks are coming from other areas most likely by a large network of interconnected computers. Our webhost has blocked all access to the site until the attack can be stopped. The attack is so huge that it has affected the Shaw cable main trunk line (an ISP provider serving all of Western Canada).

As soon as we have determined that the attacks are completely blocked, we will open up access to the site again. We are working around the clock with RackForce and Shaw Cable to bring this attack to an end. ALL member accounts are completely safe. We ask for your patience and understanding while we deal with this onslaught of hatred against us. All major companies come under such attacks....we have been fortunate in avoiding a DDOS thus far and this one will be severely dealt with.

Any merchants needing assistance or any members with questions are welcome to use the following email addresses for communication.We do ask that only truly necessary emails be sent. You are also welcome to pass this message along. (xplornet is our ISP internet provider)

SolidTrust Pay Support"


Off to eat my Wheatie's ... Breakfast of Champions :P


Ok, it's almost 3:00 PM here and I just gotta rant about a few things. I'm sure I'll feel better after I get this off my chest, ok? ok.

- There are people who should be Sponsors, and others who should not.

When you sponsor someone into a 'program' that you are in, you should take care of them. Answer their questions, give them any help they need, even to the extent of helping them to fund a program (especially if they're new and not familiar with all the different funding options). Those who don't want to help "the hand that feeds them" are just plain selfish and referral whores in my book.

ok next ...

- Support

As you may or may not know, I used to be "support" for 10DollarsWonder and e2ePay. I logged in every morning and answered every email. Sometimes I logged in again in the afternoon and/or evening and answered every email again. So ....

I have written to two (count em TWO) different program "support" email addresses recently. One on the 21st and one ... I dunno ... several times over the past 4 days (forum and support actually) ...
AND do you think my support tickets OR forum questions were answered or taken care of in any way ??? NOOOOOOOOOOOO
So WTF? What does one have to do around here to be HEARD???

I just don't understand why programs and/or sponsors of programs expect to do SO WELL when they can't take care of those supporting THEM!

Ok ok ok ... I just had to get relieved of that and now ...
I need a drinkie before I have a heart attack.

Vodka on the rocks ... coming up!
blondie :))

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Hey Girl...pour me one of those, if ya don't mind! I will even forgo my evening coffee to join ya! Got a few things to say tonight myself, but I'm gonna calm myself down before I unload. Gotta stay in balance, ya know? Hang in there...