Monday, January 28, 2008


On the TV news this morning, they mentioned "Starbucks" might be dropping the price of a cup of coffee... from $5.00!

For $5.00, I can buy a big can of ground coffee, brew my own, and have several hundred cups of Java. Even if I added Kahlua and whipping cream, it still would cost less than a dime! (shakin my head)


This is nice :)) Gregg over at All-Teamed-Up helped to get my account straighted out yesterday. Been having problems with my commissions and the weekly cash give-a-way. He quickly fixed my account for both items and I received the "bonus" to my PayPal within minutes. Thanks Gregg!

Also today their Own Pay Processor is up and running and is called "DGNS Solutions". *** But don't sign up for it yet. Was just notified of a few glitches. No big deal.
Was surprised to see that they are located here in Colorado. I did not know that before. Guess I should be more observant.

So if you haven't joined yet, you can join for free to check things out. If you're already a member and Free, why not do the one-time upgrade? It's not too expensive and it will better position you for all of their future programs.


The Sun is not up yet.


Received a promotional email from someone today that said For only $10 bucks a month, you can give away free stuff and earn lots of money from your referrals.
That may be true, but can you Promote?
Can you get the needed 5 referrals, who must all get 5 referrals, who get 5 referrals and so on, in order to do well in the matrix?
NO? Me neither.

Maybe that's why I like 10DollarsWonder and e2ePay so much :)) You don't have to have ANY referrals to earn. Some of the members just keep purchasing positions and are doing very well. Others have a few positions and a lot of referrals. Others have a lot of positions and a few referrals.

I guess the point I'm trying to make is ... it doesn't matter how you choose to play in this cycler/advertising program. You CAN make money. Whether you're active or passive. And don't forget you can Promote the FREE Position for anyone who wants to "try it out" before they buy. Workin like a Charm :)

*** Was just notified that the Number of Times Cycled "Reporting" has been corrected in e2ePay ... so I had to go see:
My total times cycled is 8054
Yup, looks right to me :)))


It was 63 degrees here yesterday. And will be 34 tomorrow :(


How many of you are really into the Social Networking Sites?
What about a Social Networking Site for Investors?
You would think if it's centered around "investors" that you would do well with what ever you are marketing. But then again, they all want you to join THEIR program as well.
So does that make it any better than a Safelist?
Comments are welcome.

(the reason I am asking is I was approached a few days ago by a program investor to market his program ... where you Pay something up front, then if you don't get 8 paid referrals in 3 months time, you need to start over?)
Can you all do that? Get 8 Paid referrals in 3 months?
I don't even think I could. And if I did ... I would also feel obligated to help my 8 get their 8. Your thoughts?


Was watching Animal Planet on TV a couple of days ago and the episode was called: "The 10 Most Annoying Animals on Earth".
And who do you think came in 9th and 5th on the list?
How can this be? and Who made this list anyway??

The above pic is dinner time on my patio ... and there is nothing annoying about it in my book :))


I am talking too much today.
Let me take a mouth break for a few minutes.

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