Thursday, January 17, 2008

Can't handle the Soap Opera's

It's just afternoon here and the Soap Opera's are on TV. I can't handle them, never could. So here I am ...


Am having a problem with PayPal. So if any of you wrote to me about it, know that's why I have not responded. ok?


had to do a 2 day (or more) 'blackout'. Seems Liberty Reserve is still not working so that puts a damper on our fun. Hope they recover quickly. If you're a member, you received the update. Or check their forum. It's all there.


Was just reading js's blog page. I must agree with him about some of the other programs he mentions. The Paid to Clicks are too little money. Some of the other programs can pay off, IF you sell the program, not just work it. It can be time consuming to advertise, and/or costly.

He also stated "
To me it sounds like you should be doing 10DollarsWonder and e2ePay to start making some immediate cash." ... and you know I agree with that!

Had another good day there myself, and it's not too late to check it out. Noticed that 10dollarswonder is over 7,000 members now. Not sure about e2ePay. I think he removed the member count from the site. Can anyone else find it? I think I remember seeing over 8,000 at one time, maybe close to 9? Anybody remember that?

Ok, thanks to one of my readers Karanga, who just reminded me where to find the member info in e2ePay (duh, I feel silly now) it is:
Total members now: 15582
So Whoo Hoooo I say !!! and Thanks Karanga!


I wasn't online yesterday. Was feeling crappy. I'm better today and catching up.

Just checked in over at All-Teamed-Up. Thanks to those who have joined!! Since this is a 'matrix' program, I would hope we'll all be very happy in future months when their other programs are launched. Looking forward to it myself!


I hope js gets his Yellow Mini ... and Soon! I would go nuts without a car.


I gave the skunks some mashed potatoes last night, but today it's frozen solid! It was 1 degree here this morning. Poor skunkies :(

Was funny to hear the weather report today when it was announced that "A cold front is moving into Canada EH?" Did he really say "Eh?" I thought I was one of the few non-Canadians that said that. hahaha



Karanga said...

Blondie I checked count for E2epay it's at 15,582 you get to that amount by clicking on "Place Ad and Earn 2 Million" purchase" Take care Karanga (igotpaid)

blondie said...

Holy Cow, you're right!

I should have remembered where to find that info. duh!

Thank goodness for readers like you!

Glad you got paid!
There is never any doubt in my mind that we always will.

Take care,
blondie :))

blondie said...

Ok thanks again.

I just updated my blog with the info. Check it out :)