Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Lots of stuff ... & more just added :))

Just got here and realized I'm seeing lots of new stuff today, so ...


There's a new security feature at FastProfitPro where I had to enter my birth date (including year) and a security word. It's good for the program, but not for my pride (hehe, no wise-cracks).
In any case, I AM enjoying this HYIP and am seeing my profit on a daily basis. How long will it last? Don't know but they're sure rockin right now :)

ps, I submitted a w/d request when I started typing here. Already got it!!!


A note to folks who are seeing Referrals in 10DollarsWonder and e2ePay and are NOT seeing referral commissions:
Remember there is the "Trial Position" offer still available. It's a loan from the programs for those who want to Try it first and Buy it later. You will NOT see any commissions from those members.
If you're not sure who's PAID and who's on TRIAL, click the NEW detail link next to your Referrals name on the list. That gives you everything but the kitchen sink.

ps, haven't checked my dollars there yet today but see that I have 331 new emails from these two programs, which means ... Lots and Lots of Cycling! whoo hooo!

WOW! 3 times as many e2ePay notices as 10dw.
Now I'm NOT saying that there is anything Wrong with 10dw, it's just that e2ePay is going 3 times faster right now. Oh and I have some new Referrals in e2ePay also :)) Welcome Guys and remember if you need some e-gold to Let Me Know.


If you're already a member of All-teamed-up then you're receiving their daily email announcements. Just reading them gets me pumped! Definitely sounds like they have some great plans and it won't be long before we get to participate more and make some good money.
They have a Contest going on now to pick a name for their new program release, and there's a $50 Cash prize. But you must be a member to enter your submission. You Game?


Just noticed there's a hole in the bottom of my slippers. Oh well, what do you expect from $5 slippers anyway :))


I'm off to do my surfing at MrsVIP's.
And make a new deposit at FPP.
And check my money at 10dw and e2epay.
I'll be back after that.


"And in the end
the love you take
is equal to the love
you make"



Speaking of the end ... I saw this last night.
Today, I cannot connect to their database, so what do you think about it?

"JANUARY 7 2008

Jimmy Sandell, owner of Sandell and Partners, has disappeared. Witnesses have confirmed that Jimmy has relocated to an unknown destination. It is my unfortunate duty to inform members that this program is now suspended until further notice. Please do not deposit any amounts until further notice. You may notify the proper authorities of your situation if you wish. Any questions can be made in the forum or myself, at

As for accounts, I am unable to continue making changes, as Jimmy confirmed amounts based on his transaction transcripts. I cannot make any more changes in his absence.


As far as I'm concerned, the only pardon that Jimmy Sandell should have for taking money and disappearing is that he's either Hospitalized or Dead. If neither of those is the case ... am sorry to say it looks like we've all been scammed.


Also speaking of the End ...

I had some left over Bean Soup that I had to pitch yesterday. Yes, I put it out for the Skunks last night. (so what will their ENDS smell like NOW?) hahaha!

Enjoy your day and I'll try to do the same,


Awwwwwwww! How nice is this email I just received:

i just wanted to say that i am very grateful to you for having helped me transfer that money from my bank account to my e-gold account. It's quite difficult to trust anyone just like that
and you were most honorable."

A lot of things I'm not ... but honest I am (blush).
I'm one of those strange creatures who cannot tell a lie.
Thanks for the email John V!


Winning Notes said...

Hey Blondie.

I have been busy offline so not much time to check out things. Yes, e2epay is very strong these days.



blondie said...

I've noticed you've been gone Gene. Yes I check your blog too ;)

You're right about e2ePay!
Whoo Hoooo !!!

Cheers to You,