Thursday, January 31, 2008

Crazy Lou is fine :)) and SPP in pre-launch!

After an entire day at the Vet, poking and prodding, blood work, urine analysis, and who knows what else ... Am Happy to Report that Crazy Lou dog is Ready to Rock!

They thought perhaps she has an Allergy? really? Didn't know puppies/dogs had allergies.
So I'm glad she's OK (and also glad that I don't have to pay the bill ... yikes!)
ps, that's a puppy pic.


I can't think of anything new today, business wise so ...
might be back later. okie dokie then :))


Shoot, I no sooner posted the above and WHAM!
A super-duper email message was sent to me. Check it out ...

SurfProfitPro (or SPP) is currently on pre-launch already. What is it? SPP is a 'straight-up autosurf built with longevity as the main focus. Careful planning will make us different from any other autosurfs out there.' Official launch will be on Feb.04 where Ad Packs purchase and autosurfing will be enabled. I will also administer this program together with Gotenks as my programmer.

Come visit the site and be one of the early members.

Exist1 and Gotenks"

Well I'm in for sure!
These two fella's did a great job running FPP and now they're back with something a little different.

SurfProfitPro is just that, a new Surf Site.
Pays 14% daily for 10 days = 140%
SolidTrustPay and Liberty Reserve for deposits
Ad Packs are $5 each / 1,000 units max per account

Ok, that's enough for now. Going to read the rest of the FAQ's. Gimme a holler if you have questions.


This is a very cool song, unless you don't like The Beatles, in which case you should not open it. ok? ok. Enjoy!

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HermitJim said...

I'm glad to hear Lou Dog is up to snuff! Always sad when babies and pets aren't feeling well cause they can't tell us where it hurts!