Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Just a couple of updates ...

10DollarsWonder has a really long update on the site today. It's in your member area. The main things are:

- No More Cycling Emails: The "you've cycled" emails have been discontinued and are being replaced with a new weekly commission report. Anxious to see one myself. Plus you can always use the "Query my cycle history" if you don't want to wait for the report.
- Revised cycling algorithm: Sounds like it's going to help our 'older positions' cycle a bit faster than before. Which is awesome for those of you that have "active" older positions.
- Q&A about Trial Positions. If you have one, read up.
- Your "Advertising Positions Detail" shows dollars now, not just number of times cycled. nice :)

Also happy to report that between 10DollarsWonder and e2ePay I've earned over $50 bucks in the last 24 hours. Was a slow weekend but is back on track now. Could have something to do with that new algorithm also. Ya think?


Update from FastProfitPro ... seems one of their two pay processors (Liberty Reserve) has been offline for quite a few hours now. Even though money cannot go Out through LR, money cannot come In either to keep the flow running.
So what they're going to do is give 10% Daily ROI for the next 2 days instead of the usual 20%.
Not a big deal at all. I actually think this is a smart move on their part. Waiting an extra day for my 120% ROI won't kill me.


That's all for now.
I have some other things to do today before the next snow storm comes in. Going to be 53 degrees here today, and start snowing this evening.
Enjoy your day and I might be back later!

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blondie said...

Comment to myself :))

js cracks me up.
He keeps commenting on my post from yesterday that said:

"Yeah, I'd like to reply with my foot up their butt!"


I love blogging :))