Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Windy Tuesday ...

Oh my goodness :(
The wind kept me up all night again.
I might be more normal a little later on.
Maybe after a nice nappie.
Move over Lou dog, and stop hogging all the pillows.


Ok, while my brain is running on half empty, thought I'd kill some time by doing something productive. Surfing over at Trafficera, getting credits, socializing a tad, and having my site displayed to others. Nice, and it's free so why not eh?
I could buy some 'traffic' ... maybe soon. Just getting a feel for the site now.


Thanks for the cute comments you guys!
Nothing like having Family and Friends around when you need them.
blondie aka Judy aka Momapotimus :))
(which has nothing to do with my weight, ok?)


HermitJim said...

I dunno, Blondie...he looks awfully comfortable to me!May not want to share the pillows just yet!

Crazy Lou's Dad said...

SO........THAT'S what my dog is doing while I'm slavin' away at work.....GOOD TO KNOW!!!

Your Loving Son, Dave

js said...

Slavin away at work Dave? Really? Tell us the truth!


J. MO #2 said...

Isn't she sweet! You'd never know she's not allowed on the couch! That little girl gets away with everything!