Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Everybody and their brother ...

I am seeing everybody and their brother promoting this new Traffic Exchange called TrafficEra. So I just joined under the first person who told me about it (Martin) who is currently on a trip to Texas for a Barbershop Quartet Convention. How cool is that? haha
Anyway it's free to join and I'm still waiting for my activation email, but thanks to js's suggestion, above is the link I will be using. So go ahead and sign up if you like and I'll get in touch with support to get me activated. Thanks :)
I'll have more detail on this later, or tomorrow for sure. But it's going to be big, or is big already, and it's now free. ok? ok.


Got a nice plug for my blog yesterday from Dave the Admin of FastProfitPro in MMG's forum. I thought yesterdays 'lack of interest' could have been due to it being "Blue Monday". So l officially declare this "Happy Tuesday" and let's see what happens :))

Also read this in MMG today so if you're interested, it's on a first come, first serve basis: "If you have a current STP request and are interested in getting paid via egold, check this thread out... http://www.fastprofitpro.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=225 "


Speaking of plugs ... I saw another one in "Hermit Jim's" blog promoting All-Teamed-Up and he mentioned 'blondie'.
I read a weeks worth of his blog late Sunday night for the first time. What a nice guy he seems to be and a "hermit" like myself. Keep up the good work Jim and I'll have coffee with ya :))


Still waiting for someone to fess up for sending me this soft body bag yesterday, hahaha! Maybe they know something I don't and wanted me to be prepared?


Can you tell I don't feel like working today?
I'm talking way too much. I'm having one of those "everything is funny" days.

Cya a bit later, maybe, or I'll just crawl into my body bag till it warms up :))


HermitJim said...

Hey...a holiday that I can get behind 100%. HAPPY TUESDAY...and it has nothing to do with politics! Guess I can go sit on the patio and celebrate, since it has decided to warm up to 74 with a lot of sun! Sorry, my little snow bunny!

blondie said...

I'll just be happy to go outside and NOT see my breath. Should be this week :)

Happy Tuesday!