Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Another New Surf Site? Really??

Sorry I didn't post earlier like I normally do. Not sure what happened to me this morning. Maybe I just didn't have too much to say :(


Here's something I just read about. From the Admin himself.
(gosh, why do I love these surf sites so much?)

Well, at least this one will be run by the same folks as another profit share and HYIP that I am currently playing in. (and doing well if I may add) So I trust em. I'll keep you informed on it's progress, but here's what I know so far ...

Hey everybody!

When I mentioned autosurfing at the beginning of this thread, you know I MEANT IT! Here's a short rundown of the new autosurf that's coming to all of you soon (sooner than you think...)

125% ROI for 8 days
Variable Daily earnings:
1st day - 21%, 2nd day - 12%, 3rd day - 14%, 4th day - 16%
5th day - 16%, 6th day - 14%, 7th day - 12%, 8th day - 20%
5% Referral Commission only on upgraded members
Payment done manually after expiry within 24 hours (includes both ROI and RC added together)
8 sites to surf to earn daily ROI
1 unit is $8 and max units total is 1000 for $8000
2 simultaneous upgrades not totaling more than $8000

No 50/50. If you also miss a day of surfing then you miss that day's %age. The rest of the details will be given out as we go along.

And a little more:

Some more additional info about the surf site:
-LR and STP payment processors are used again
-Promote 3 sites if you are upgraded, 1 site if you are non-upgraded
-Many different kinds of banner advertising
-"LAZY" Mode meaning if you set this on, you will earn 50% of that day's ROI if you can't surf. Good for those who'll be gone for a day or two.
-You can promote to your own family members but you can't have them as your downline, meaning multiple IPs are allowed.

Target date is January 10. I don't know yet if we will have a 2-day pre-launch stage. Just watch out for my updates here and the other forums and also thru mass email. "

Sounds like fun eh?
Stay tuned for more info as I learn it.

Oh and if you want to play, but don't have LibertyReserve or SolidTrustPay set-up yet, I would get crackin on that if I were you :))
(and I've found STP much more user friendly than LR)

I'll be around in the morning and very well could be my usual chatty self. So be prepared ... and try to remember where you left those ear plugs :D ha

See you then,
blondie :))

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