Sunday, January 6, 2008

Exchange Funds at FPP

Hey, check this out ...
I was just at FastProfitPro and noticed something new regarding exchanges:


What do you want to sell? E-Gold LibertyReserve

E-Gold Exchange RATES
5% Fee - Direct to FPP Account (as an active LR deposit)
7% Fee - Direct to LR Account

LibertyReserve Exchange RATES
3% Fee - LR Cash Balance to STP Cash Balance

All requests will be processed within 24 hours

So those of you who have extra e-gold and wanted to play here, can now Exchange e-Gold to Liberty Reserve (5% to play it), then when you get paid out, you can Exchange your Liberty Reserve to SolidTrustPay (3% fee).

How cool is that?

Plus I know someone who wanted to play but didn't have STP set-up yet.
So once again, nice job Admin !!


More Good News!!

Was just checking my account at e2ePay and noticed:

active692007-12-26 13:35:461198694138-RP1100

Do you know what this means?

I have cycled the FIRST position that I repurchased on Re-Launch Day 100 times! Which means ... I now have gotten every single penny back from that buy. ALSO think about the other 68 positions that I already had. They have all cycled numerous times as well. So you see how profitable this can be? I sure "Am Lovin It" :))

And 10DollarsWonder is not far behind.

active 70 2007-11-23 15:17:55 1195849062-RP1 90

Definitely two of my biggest money makers at the moment!


Just received a really good Update from All-Teamed-Up! Things are really on the move there now. Check it out if you get a chance. Would love to have you :))
If you DO decide to Join ... PLEASE clear the cookies from your browser first. I had a little trouble last night with someone signing up and would hate to lose anyone else. Thanks a bunch!

Ok, here's a portion of their member news:

"1/06/08 – All Teamed Up Update…

Hello to ALL our wonderful members of the All Teamed Up Community and a HUGE welcome to ALL the brand new members that have joined us over the last 36 hrs!!!

What an amazing 36 hrs we have had in All Teamed Up.

If you have not been watching or checking the “Leader Board” Page, then you have not noticed that over the last 36 hrs, we have had over 300 NEW members join All Teamed Up and over 140 members have upgraded to pro member status!!! What an amazing push we have had and we have not even had our Ad Co-Op Campaigns begin yet…

Do you realize that IF every pro member of the All Teamed Up program just concentrated on bringing in ONE new pro member this coming week, we will have over 1200 Pro members, if we did this each week for the next 6 weeks, we would have almost 39,000 pro members in ATU…Just concentrating on ONE new member each week and helping our NEW pro members do the same! We would also have to open a couple ATU Team Build Programs as well…Truly an amazing beginning to the 2008 Year. As a TEAM we CAN do this. I see the potential in each and every one of you!

Have you contacted your referrals? Are you getting them involved? If you can do it, why not offer to help them upgrade? The ability is right there for you on the “Upgrade” page...

Keep the advertising out in FULL force. We are going to, as a TEAM; bring in thousands of new members to All Teamed Up and in turn we are going to help THOUSANDS of people make money.

Use the advertising resources available to you in your member area. There are over 35 different resources alone listed on the “Advertising” page in your member area. Also, there are 7 different sample Email Ads on the “Email Ads” page, plus under referral URL’s, you will find your referral URL, Splash Pages and Banners.

If you join the ATU Forum, you will find even more resources to use.

We are kicking off the 2008 with a massive explosion. Check out your Cash Give-Away page in your member area and see how some of YOUR ATU teammates are working hard to help YOU succeed. A couple of our members have brought in over 40 NEW pro members to ATU, and I expect this week will be another HUGE week as exponential growth starts to kick in…

If you have not upgraded to pro member yet, do so NOW. I would hate to see you miss out on extra money as we continue to grow the ATU program. It’s only a one-time fee of $35…

It’s time to really kick ATU in to HIGH GEAR…

Let’s go ATU Community!!!!


Gregg Wallmuller
All Teamed Up Admin

PS: If you missed the Saturday Call, visit your “Conference Calls” page and listen to the call back number as I recorded it. Was a GREAT CALL!!!

PPS: Don’t forget to join us on the Monday Night ATU Call…"


I think I'm done for today but if something else comes up ... as Arnold would say ... "I'll Be Back" :))


Oh one more thing ... I guess I'm a bad babysitter. Seems Lou dog got into something here yesterday (maybe skunk poop?) and I sent her home with the shits :o oops I mean diarrhea. my bad :(


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