Saturday, January 12, 2008

Saturday & more added at 6:30 pm mst us ok? ok

Good Morning :)

Nice to see I have a new referral in All-teamed-up today. Not sure if it was a reader of my blog or if J. Shipley's rotator did the trick. They are a Free member right now, and that's ok. Maybe once they read the site they're realize this is a Team Effort that should earn us all a good buck or two, they'll Go Pro.


She's still here and didn't wake me up till 1:30 a.m.when she joined me in my sleep.

Ooops. Just heard her get her butt kicked by one of my cats. Hissing and lots of yelping. um-hmm
She's sleeping it off now. I think it was embarrassing to her (giggle). But there's no blood on her or the cat ... so it's all good.


A slow night for 10DollarsWonder and e2ePay. Well maybe OTHER folks have better things to do on a Friday night? Still earned $10 bucks in each account. Can't complain about that. So I won't.

Well wait a minute. My friend who has 1/2 the positions that I do, earned the same thing in the last 24 hours. So maybe it just wasn't "my turn" to cycle. Ok, that makes more sense right? So if things seem slow, Not To Worry.


Used FastProfitPro to transfer some e-gold to pay for a new position there. Now, once that position pays out, I'll withdraw it to SolidTrustPay where I can get to it more easily than using an e-gold exchanger. Plus I've made money in the process. (who ever said blondes are dumb?) hehe

Added late in the day ... a great update from FPP Admin Dave:

"Hi members,

I hope you are having a wonderful day! I know I am! On to some news...

1. Another record is set! $26600+ worth of deposits in one day yesterday Jan.12 server date. I know you can easily break this and the next records you are going to make.

2. Just in case you do not know it yet, FPP has it's own forum also found at If you are a member of FPP, you can use your registration info on our forum to log-in. Please visit it every once in a while and post your payments there too. And discuss our program also.

3. For those who do not know it also, we have an auto-vote feature on our site also. If you get paid, please take time to vote for our program as it shows those who are still watching in the sidelines that our program is healthy and strong.

4. We currently have 789 members. Let us target 1000 by the first anniversary on Jan.18. My challenge is for each one of you to invite AT LEAST ONE new member to our program. Share your joy to family and friends and online friends. You will then reap the rewards by getting 5% ref comms on all your downlines.

5. The only change happening on Jan.18 is the $1000 increase in daily deposit limit per member. As we grow, we need to make some changes that will benefit our program for the better. We have more than 30 active deposits of $1000 now and I am hoping that it will grow more and new records will be broken daily.

6. Our program is ROCK SOLID STRONG right now and will definitely stay that way for a long time. Let us target what 12DP has achieved and more. My new goal is to get $1M worth of deposits by early next month. We are still far away from that but I know with everybody's participation, we can easily achieve that!

7. Again, I would like to reiterate, promote our site and vote at the monitors! Those two are very important! We already made it very easy for you to do both.

Now, on to greater things! To the future! Cheers!

FPP Admin"


A couple of my friends/readers have sent me a few programs to look at. And I apologize that I haven't have time yet. With Lou dog here and having to play "referee" with her and the cats ... MY time is cut short. I'll get to it soon.


Have a good weekend,

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