Thursday, January 3, 2008

Here Comes The Sun ...

"Here come's the sun (do n do do)
Here come's the sun .. I say ..
It's Alright!"

Was singing that song this morning, then the sun went away. Hmmm I thought.
Well, let's plug in The Beatles and see what else they have to offer me today.
Found it. Best Song of the Day. Maybe I was a bit inspired by js's blog page yesterday? Don't know. But it sure feels good to be here today.

Oh and if you're at work, and listen to this, Turn it Up REALLY LOUD! Everybody needs a break from working once in a while. yeah !!


gotta put some bucks into FPP
blondie :))


js said...

Just a suggestion.

You can use the embed code on the right of the video at Youtube to actually embed the video in your blog, instead of just posting a link.


HermitJim said...

Man...I am so glad to find some more Beatles fans out there and to think, they just happen to be folks that I read every day!How cool is that? Great way to start the New Year...with good music and a pile of memories that follow. Just gotta LUV it!