Sunday, January 20, 2008

Hello :))

Everything is back to normal at FastProfitPro! Yay! My 20% earnings have been hitting my account all morning. Did two withdrawals yesterday and made a new purchase today. Reading in the MMG Forum, looks like everyone is having great fun and the member count is up to 988. Not too shabby for being one month old yesterday.
Just remember it's a HYIP and is a gamble. Don't spend your rent money, food money or vodka money, har ;) and have fun!
Oh and it'll be at least a couple of weeks before they find a new exchanger to exchange our e-gold to STP.


Just read a good update at 10DollarsWonder and I checked the new links. Nice job everyone! Here it is:

News update 01/20/08 - First "Weekly commission report" email

Our 1st "weekly commission report" email will be sent out tonight. The report will contain your up today commission, balance, total referrals, total positions info and brief news update.

We have now over 738,000 times cycled in 57 days. This number is real. When you or other members make a purchase or re-purchase, 70 times is added. Thank you and great job everyone!

Two new info pages are added:
A "Top 15 positions members" report and "Top promoters blog" pages are added to the "site statistic". Please spend a few minutes and check out these 2 pages. "


And of course e2ePay continues right along side 10dw. No new reports or updates there today but the Cycling never stops. Works for me ;)


While I was writing here I heard an email click. Was notified of a new referral in All-Teamed-Up. Thanks Roy ;)
If I get 2 more Pro's before midnight tonight, I'll qualify for the weekly Pro Cash Give-Away. Wouldn't that be nice :))
Speaking of nice, here's a nice long update they just sent out:

A couple quick notes for you on this beautiful Sunday morning…

First, I want to remind you that the Weekly Pro Cash Give-Away ends tonight at Midnight EST. It only takes referring 5 pro members in one week to qualify for the 100% Matching Bonus of your referral bonus. That means if you are a pro member at All Teamed Up and you refer 5 new pro members in that week, you not only make $25 in referral bonus, I am personally going to send you an additional $25. Plus remember, each pro member you refer increases your income earning potential by an additional $1,936.

Next, if you are not a pro member yet, now is the time to get upgraded to pro member status. Upgrading to pro is ONLY a one-time fee of $35. One-Time! You never have to pay a monthly fee to be a pro member and you are a pro member for life. Imaging a few months from now what that one-time $35 membership fee could potentially make you…$3,872. Now that is what we call a great investment. Should you wish to do so, members are allowed to have 2 pro memberships in All Teamed Up. And we allow you to register that second pro membership through YOUR OWN referral link so you not only will make an additional $3,872 on that second pro membership as we all work together to fill the ATU Company Matrix, you will also earn the 50% matching bonus on the second position, so in total, 2 pro memberships (for $70) can earn you $9,680 WITHOUT even referring a single new pro member in to All Teamed Up…

PLUS, 2 pro memberships also gives you 2 pre-loaded positions in EVERY ATU Team Build Program we open and we plan on opening 5-6 new programs this year. If you decide you want to get a second pro membership, please read the ATU FAQ on how to go about doing so…

We have several different processors you can choose from, SafePay, eGold, eBullion, SolidTrustPay and Google Checkout (credit card only), for those that need it, you can upgrade using paypal by visiting .

Now, we will be opening up our very own Payment Processor Gateway this week. Right now we are looking at around Wednesday for this to happen as we are working to get all banking taken care of as well we have to run multiple tests on the system. This system will be set up to accept PayPal, AlertPay, eGold, eBullion, Credit Card, Mail in Check, and more. PLUS we are still going to keep SafePay, SolidTrustPay and Google Checkout as available options from your member area. Once we open up this new Payment Processor Gateway, every member of All Teamed Up will need to register for an account. There will also be an affiliate program in this new Payment Processor Gateway (6 levels, unlimited width on each level). Advertise it, get other companies to use it, and you will make a very nice extra income with it as you will earn a % of any fees your referrals pay in the new gateway. Exciting stuff for sure!

All Teamed Up is all ABOUT Team. We build ATU as a TEAM, We help each other earn money as a TEAM, and we will find success together as a TEAM…Total Team Concept. You are definitely in the rite program for 2008 and we are going to be turning heads (we already are) as others see how WE as a TEAM find TRUE Success Together!

I hope you are enjoying your weekend. I look to hear you on the Monday Night Conference Call. If you missed Saturdays call, you can listen to the recording. It can be found on the Conference Calls page in your member area…It was a GREAT Call!!!

With that said, I want to thank you for being a valuable member of the ATU Community!!! Great things for us all are knocking on our ATU Doors…


Gregg Wallmuller
All Teamed Up Admin"


Ok, I guess that's all for now.
I have a busy day today. Besides doing my 'thing' online, I need to get ready for a small Birthday party.
My Son's birthday is tomorrow so he and his wife (and Lou dog of course) are coming over for dinner. Will be pigging out on some of my wonderful (if I do say so myself) Beef Stroganoff, wheat rolls, salad, and of course something sweet to put the candles in. Should be a good (and fattening) time.
So you all have a Great Sunday and I'll be back tomorrow.
See ya later,


HermitJim said...

Hey Blondie...pigging out is allowed. I have been doing a little of it myself for 2 days now! Always happens when I bake bread! If I'm not careful, I'll be shopping for a scale that can read 4 digits instead of 3...have a good day!

blondie said...

That fresh baked bread will get ya every time :)
Love the smell of it all through the house.
Don't even mention a scale to me :P

Thanks as always for the Smile :)