Saturday, January 5, 2008

Hangin Out ... PLUS just added an UPDATE

Lou dog is spending the day with me today, so we're just hangin out and watching the movie "50 First Dates" for the 50th time! As you can see, I'm enjoying it much more than she is. (but you know how kids are :)


Has anybody noticed my banner to this blog is back up at
BPP? How cool is that? (this pic is not linked cause ... You're Already Here!)

Speaking of BPP, I just did a w/d (instant) and a re-deposit at FPP. It's going great ... for a HYIP you know :)) Have fun playing, just play safe.


I have a new one to post, but am waiting on the confirmation email :(


I signed up for this about a week ago. Wanted to see what was happening in it before I upgraded. Have been really pleased with what I've read and heard so far. Here is my link to All-Teamed-Up!

Go to the site and read all about, ok?
Yes, I do like this one! For a one-time $35 bucks payable through an assortment of pay-processors ... I say "go for it". And that is directed to all of my friends as well. If you write to me personally about it, I'll say the same thing :))

You may have already been reading about this in js's blog, and may have already signed up under him. Please read his post today. I just talked to js and he informed me that his sponsor, Shipley will take care of Everyone in his (js's) downline, all levels deep ... which will include you and me :)) Cool!

I'm especially looking forward to the future programs that will be announced through this company. And they seem to be rocking so far. Go ahead and sign up for free if you like. You'll get plenty of emails telling you how they're doing, then you can make a decision based on that. Cool.


That's all for now. The dog is drooling on me. Not sure what she wants.

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